1. Hi,

    I want to attempt GRE subject test in 2010 session so I'm requesting to you please tell me whats the date for GRE subject test in 2010?

    Thank you

  2. Hi,

    I am a final year B.Pharmacy student, my gre score is 1290 (quants 740; verbal 550; analytical writing 4.5) & my percentage upto the 3rd year is 68%

    Will I be able to obtain an admission into the MS program in pharmaceutics? Pls advise

  3. My gre score is 1310(800+510). My aggregate upto 5th sem is 70.5%. Plz suggest me some good universities where i can get aid/ part time job etc.

  4. gre=1250 (quant=790,verbal=460)

    toefl=104 (25,24,27,28)

    cgpa=9.4 (out of 10)

    where do i stand?any chance of scholarship….?pleeeeej suggest smthng…..

  5. Hi all,

    Nowadays US Universities accept IELTS score also as an English language test.But TOEFL is their standardized test.It is a common thought that scoring 7.5 in IELTS is easier than scoring 100 in TOEFL-IBT.Will a student be prefered for having good TOEFL Score than a student having good IELTS score.

  6. Hi,

    My GRE score is 1150 (800+350) and my TOEFEL score is 91 (21,23,23,24). Please suggest me some good universities where i can get aid/ part time job.

  7. My score is exactly 1300. You may have to include "less than or equal to" or "greater than or equal to" option.

  8. HSB

    it is good to see the poll

    and it is also nice to see 21 % of people have scored

    more than 1300 plus

    a good for Indian students

    let this young people do much better in their chosen field of studies and corner glory, name and fame

    i wish all these young people great success

    and also i thank you for your time in doing this poll

    thank you HSB



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