Average Revised GRE Scores for Admission

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Answering couple of questions from prospective students about Average Revised GRE Scores and minimum revised GRE Scores.

I’m searching for Average Revised (New) GRE Scores. Universities haven’t updated their admission requirements page with Average Revised GRE Scores or minimum Revised GRE Scores required for  graduate school admission.  Can I use the  Revised GRE correspondence table and convert them to New GRE Score to and use them as Average Revised GRE Scores?

Average Revised GRE Scores

Average Revised GRE ScoresHere is an interesting data about Revised GRE Score (not available in the GRE Website).

  • Average GRE Score Verbal  – 151
  • Average GRE Score – 152
  • Standard Deviation – 8.75
  • Total Revised GRE Test Takers – 145,000

I got the above True Average Revised GRE Scores from ETS – Revised GRE Webinar. Above Mean GRE Scores was based  on 145,000 Revised GRE Test takers after August 1, 2011.

In above links, you can find Average GRE Scores, till colleges update the admission requirements page, use the correspondence table to guesstimate the Revised GRE Score averages.

You can contact respective departments to learn about Average Revised GRE Scores.

Minimum Revised GRE Scores

Here is a snippet from ETS/GRE Site

Since the level of skills in verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing abilities required for success in graduate school varies by field or department, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing scores should not be combined into a single score.

What does the above statement mean?

If you happen to see in many university that has minimum required GRE Score as 300, without individual section scores, ETS is advising against using such metrics.

Instead, universities can have minimum Revised GRE scores for admission for each sections. Also, ETS is suggesting to list 50% Average GRE Scores than a specific GRE Scores cut off.

Like 75th and 25th percentiles scores of admitted students.

Florida State University – Math Department Revised GRE Score 

FSU Math’s Revised GRE admissible Quantitative  minimum score is 155 (based on current published ETS score concordances). A high Verbal Reasoning (V) score is also desirable. The department will expect Revised GRE scores Verbal >= 140; for a student with a Verbal score at the bottom of that range, the department will look for a very strong Quantitative  score.

Average New GRE Scores?

If you are looking for Average Revised GRE Scores for specific universities, post a comment with following details

  • Name of the college or university
  • Department
  • Average Revised GRE or Minimum Required GRE Scores

I will try to find the GRE scores required for admission and add to this page.

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