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Ehsanl About Funding, Writing email to professors asking for funding

I have completed BSc. in chemical engineering on October. I want to pursue my higher education in petroleum engineering in a US university and am planning to apply for Spring semester. I have queries on following points:

1. I have read the article titled “Got Reply from Professor – Disappointing!”. I propounded the questions stated in this article before myself and got positive answers for all of them. My question is how much is the possibility of getting funding if i apply for a MS leading to PhD program instead of applying for only MS or only PhD program? I ask this because i prefer MS over PhD after completing BSc. But at the same time, it is crucial for me to get admission for Spring 2011 semester with funding. Please do not get me wrong thinking that I only want to do PhD because it will help me getting fund. I have a strong resolve for doing research work and I plan to continue my studies after the completion of MS degree.

Chances of getting funding wen you apply for MS leading to PhD is same as applying for MS. You have better chances to get funding if you apply for PhD (within first 2 semesters or with admission).

2. What is the right time to contact professors? Is it before applying to the university or after applying? I have read the articles titled “Right way to contact Professor’s during admission process” and “When and How to Contact Professors?”. The first and second articles suggest to write to professors after (or during) & before applying respectively.

You can write to professors anytime. If your first email is about funding, most of them will not respond to you. First you have to ask for chances of admission and working under them. For which you should be aware of research work they are involved.

3. My undergraduate thesis, project and my jobs were not related to petroleum engineering. I have no paper published, but I have my thesis work published by a German publication in the form of a monograph. I only completed 2 courses of petroleum engineering in my undergraduate program. What should I do to increase my chances of getting admitted into petroleum engineering program of a US university? I suppose, I do not have sufficient time to start to work on & finish projects or papers related to petroleum engineering.

When you don’t have research background, I prefer to apply for Masters and PhD. If you get admission for Masters, then after getting Visa and reaching USA, you can convert your degree to PhD.  Couple of research work you have completed will definitely increase your admission chances.

4. How long an email written to a professor should be? Should it be like the one exemplified in the article titled “Email Template to Contact Graduate School Professors” or like the one in the article titled “Right way to contact Professor’s during admission process”?

Keep it short and it should show you know what  you are talking about. If your first email looks like this

” Hi Professor, I’m applying for admission to your university for Fall semester, I’m want to know if you can give me funding?”

Most of  the prospective students are writing emails just to ask for funding. When you talk to professor, you have to show/prove

  • how you can use useful to them and
  • ways you can contribute to their research


After reading your comment, it clearly shows that you have read all the related articles about writing email to professors. Now you have to do something similar when writing email to them.

Visit professors website, read about their research work, check if any of the research matches the paper you have presented. Have that as common point to convey your interest.

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