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Interview With Anuj from Rutgers University – Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Rutgers University’s Chemical and Biochemical Engineering department offer a specialized program – Masters in Pharmaceutical Engineering.

I spent 15 minutes with Anuj Varghese Prakash who is doing M.S. in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at Rutgers.

He talks about cost of living, funding opportunities, jobs and student life at Rutgers University.

Rutgers University – Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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  1. What is the material science PhD program like at Rutgers? I’m interested in applying to this uni cos of their research group in Advanced Polymer Materials. Do they offer polymer specialization in your dept?
    Do they offer RAship / full funding?

  2. Great to see this video. My Son Guruprasad is going to RU CE Dept for Fall 2013. Very much impresive and useful.

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