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Here’s How to Complete DS160 Without Last Name in the Passport

Do you want to know how to Complete DS-160 visa application form if your Last Name in your passport is Empty (or blank)? Here’s one reader’s experience (& lessons learned).

Before we look at the readers’ experience, I can’t stress the importance of having a Surname in your Passport if you are planning to live in the USA. I have seen 1000’s of questions about problems faced by Students, H1B, H4 Visa holders who get their U.S. Visa in their passport stamped with FNU (i.e. Without Surname in their Indian Passport)

surname last name empty blank indian passportSome Terms to understand if before you continue to read this article:

  • Surname = Last Name (or Famil Name)
  • Given Name = First Name
  • FNU = First Name Unknown
  • LNU = Last Name Unknown

Here’s a couple of articles about potential problems without Surname

Now, you have an idea about them, we can look at what happened with one reader who completed DS160 without a surname in the passport.

Recently my dad went to the US Visa Interview and he did not have Sa urname in his Indian Passport.  Hi, I’ve gone through similar situations (Completed DS160 with LNU) for my father and will share our experience in detail.

OFC Appointment

  • OFC Appointment = Sunday, 05Feb2017,
  • Consular Appointment = Monday, 06Feb2017,
  • Location – New Delhi, India

Here’s the Background

My Father had First named = XXXX but no last name in his Indian Passport and applied for B2 Visa (Tourist Visa).

His DS160 Form had the First Name = XXXX, Last Name = LNU and booked the appointment. This was incorrect.

On the day of OFC Appointment (Finger printing/Photo), the OFC Officer did not accept his DS-160, because we filled up ‘LNU’ in the Last Name field.

They confirmed that the correct way is to fill up First Name = FNU, Last Name = XXXX on the DS160. He asked to correct DS160 and then come back for OFC.

My Father came out of OFC center and I immediately filled up new DS160 form (since was not able to edit existing DS160 once it’s submitted) as suggested i.e. First Name = FNU, Last Name = XXXX.

I submitted it online and then took the print out of this new DS160 confirmation page from an internet café outside the OFC Center in Delhi.

  • After 2 hours, my father again went inside the OFC office with new DS160 confirmation page and asked the officer to replace the old DS160 number from the new DS160 number. He did the same and then OFC was completed successfully.

The next day was my dad’s actual B2 Visa interview at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, and it went successfully and his B2 Visa was approved. We received passport in 3 days.

  • The U.S. Visa had First Name = FNU, Last Name = XXXX.

Therefore, if your Last name is blank in the Indian Passport, write your First Name in the Last name while filling DS160.

And in the in the first name just put FNU. Later we also found it on USTraveldocs site about FNU.

Additionally, there seems to be just one visa category ‘B1/B2’ given regardless you choose B1 or B2 or B1/B2 while filling DS160. We selected Visa Category = ‘B2’ while filling up DS160, But we’re given “B1/B2” Visa on the passport.

Hope this helps, All the best!

  • Fact – It’s pretty common for people to call you using your Last Name here in the USA. For example, if you go to Doctors Office, they would call you using your Last Name. People often refer tot Last Name of athletes when addressing the media.

Action Item:


  • Do you have a surname in the Passport? No
  • Are you planning to Apply for US Visa? Yes
  • Are you planning to work or study in USA for long term? Yes


  • Get a new passport with Surname (Yay!)

Question: What should be my surname?

In South India, at least in Tamil NAdu, Surname = Dad’s Name

Other Part of India, Surname is a Family Name like Patel, Nair, Reddy, Raval, Singh, etc. They are common Surnames

If you have multiple names in your First Name, then you could split that First Name.

Question: I have a Surname, but my name is really long. Would that cause any problems in the USA? 

Yes, people could struggle to fill the entire names. My recommendation: Make to Shorter if you can by all means.

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  1. Hi,
    I have to apply for my father’s B2 (Tourist Visa).
    His passport also do not have surname but given name is ‘Parveen Kumar’.
    He has Surname ‘Gupta’ in his other IDs except for passport.
    Do we still have to fill Surname as ‘Parveen Kumar’ and Given name as ‘FNU’ in DS-160?
    If yes, then how do we have to book his flight ticket?

  2. Dear Admin,
    I have two issues regarding entering names of my two sons in i-864 affidavit of support. Plz suggest how to write in their First name, middle name & Surname.
    1. Sheikh Yahya Rehan (Sheikh is his cast, his given name is Yahya and faimly name is Rehan
    2. Muhammad (His only name is his given name having no surname and faimly name)

    These name are in their births certificates and on their academic record. I have not made their Passports yet.

    1. Name can be written in two ways.

      Surname, First Name (note the comma)
      First Name Middle and Lats Name

      And how you write depends on how the name is on the Passport.

      For Muhammad, I will get a new passport with Surname.

  3. Hi Raghuram,
    I need your help to review below scenario if my details are correct as I am going to appear the OFC Appointment tomorrow.
    I have filled my DS-160 Form with following name:
    Passport Name : POOJA(First Name Only)
    As per DS-160 Form : POOJA, FNU
    Please correct me if this is incorrect.

  4. Yes I have a same case . But putting FNU in ds160 leads to loads of problems in US. Your SSN will contain fnu as well which will be a big problem while getting ur driving license which is the only proof that we have over here apart from passport. I am still stuck and was refused a driving license because of fnu in my name.

  5. hi,
    I have a question for you sir in parents section of DS 160 Form.There have two section for filling name, First is Surname and Second one is Given Name, But in my case my parents have no surname so that’s means I will fill name in given name Section or Surname Section.

  6. Hi, I recently got a new passport since the surname field was blank in my older passport.
    I have submitted the DS-160. In that form, I didn’t mention the surname addition. There is a section in DS-160 about the name change. We are asked to fill old surname and the new surname. Since I didn’t have an old surname, I skipped the whole section. Is this ok or should I resubmit a new form and enter old surname as NA?

  7. 1. I have a passport without a surname.
    Passport has given name as annappa vijaya
    2. I got my visa with surname as Annappa and given name as Vijaya
    3. Visa is a tourist visa
    Please advise if this will be a problem when I travel to the US. Can I get my passport corrected with surname as Annappa now? Am traveling in a months time

    1. I have never seen this situation. It’s hard to say what problems you will face. I doubt you can actually find someone who can really help. You created this problem for yourself by applying for a visa with Surname! You should have got a new passport, then applied for Visa.

    2. Hi, Shewtha,

      Could you please share your experience becuse my given name was also divided..

      Farouq Gaines is my given name
      Now they put farouq in given name and Gaines in last name…

      Please please help and share how you got it sorted out

  8. Thanks for the detailed info. It helped in ds160 for my parents. What should be done for flight tcikets as it says it must match with the passport.

  9. I have a unique situation. Both my parents don’t have a surname in my passport. They don’t have their passport. I’m planning to apply my B1/B2 visa which requires my parent’s surname. What should I fill in my DS-160?

    Father’s surname = Father’s given name
    Father’s given name = FNU

    Mother’s surname = Mother’s given name
    Mother’s given name = FNU

    Please help me with this.

  10. You must had needed your father’s name while you filled your DS160. What did you fill in your DS160 in father’s given name and surname?

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