This is How Much Students Can Earn From Part Time Jobs in Ireland. Bummer!

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Hello everyone. Well I never knew that there would be an overwhelming response to people  wanting to know more about Studying in Ireland.  Thanks for the pleasant comments.

part time jobs ireland students

In this article I will cover about Part Time Jobs in Ireland for International Students ( and Indian Students ).

Part Time Jobs in Ireland for International Students

Here comes the biggest topic of all times from the blog comments and the of-course the primary reason to why students want to come overseas.

Before I go through the post study job scenario, I would first cover the Part Time Jobs in Ireland for Indian and International students topic as that is the most asked question.

  • DISCLAIMER: This is in context to my personal experience, my close friends and many people who I know well.

This may not be a situation for each and everyone but for most of the Indian  students. So please do not pass negative comments here or via Facebook messages. I could accept compliments though 🙂

Straight and blunt, no beating around the bush, DO NOT come here if you think you can do a part-time job and recover your college fees.

Part Time jobs are really hard to get here. I repeat, Part Time jobs are really hard to get here in Ireland for students.

I do not mean to dishearten people, but that’s what the truth is.

I do not want students come to Ireland with false hopes created by the highly commercial educational consultancies of India.

They which have fancy dressed ladies behind the desks who inform students that there are plenty of Part Time jobs in Ireland. Plus, you can earn your living expenses with ease, and in fact can save money and send home to cover up loans. This is not true!

I repeat again, do not come to study in Ireland if you think you can easily  get a Part Time job and survive yourself with ease.

Part Time Jobs in Ireland – Experience Required

Most Part Time jobs here in Dublin, Ireland require at least ONE YEAR of experience, be it either a bar tender or a cleaner or a waiter or whatever it is.

You can of course get good jobs if you have recommendations and reference from your friends who have already worked at that specific job or from a person of the same  community.


Personally, I have a year’s experience working with Amazon,  yet I could not find a job as the IT companies do not hire students for PT jobs. They have full-time job vacancies though.

Frankly you wouldn’t earn enough to send back money home.

Please understand that Ireland is a small country unlike the US. So, number of Part Time job are very scarce.

The minimum wage here is €8.65 per hour and students can work legally up to 20 hours a week and 40 hours a week during vacations (the vacation periods would be mentioned by the respective colleges  and Universities you are enrolled in).

Part Time Jobs Options – Tutoring

One smart way of earning money here is via tutoring.

Be it Maths, Statistics, Chemistry or just plain English Language tutoring.

If you believe you are good at a specific subject(s) you can find many students who are willing to pay good sums of money to learn from a Tutor.

You can also earn from writing and assisting in assignments and thesis reports.

Again, if you are brilliant, professors would pull you in to mentor undergraduates which also pays decent money.

The bottom line here is:

I humbly request students to make up financial arrangements before arriving here in Ireland for Higher Education as an International Student, in case you do not find a PT here.

I don’t want students to come here with high expectations and later experience hard ships and ponder over their decision to coming to Ireland.

And now since the blog has become really long now and as I do not have a lot of time due to my  Masters studies, I have to sadly conclude here and continue with the post job scenario in the next blog.

Keeping posting questions and suggestions, I will try my best to answer them.

I would be more honored,  if I can get a few words of acknowledgements for this blog.

Would really appreciate me and also motivate me to write more blogs and helps students out.

Thanks and good luck!

While I cannot answer all the comments as it very hard to address each one which, in some way or the other, is connected to a different one. So instead I would be writing a blog answering all the common questions and some random and exceptional ones individually.

Study in Ireland Blog Post Series


  1. Hi

    It would be greatful to me if your suggestion.
    I have worked in food industry – MNC in India for two years. I have my 6 month exchange programme in dublin, so I am looking for a part time job. So is there any opportunity to get a job in small scale industry.

  2. Hey please help me
    I’ve applied for ireland for undergraduate course and my consultant told me that i can have better part time job nd earn upto 1.5 lack pr/month. I am from middle class and they cannot send me money there for my fees soo what should i do now?

  3. Hi there,
    My question If someone has the tuition fee in his pocket than can he earn a little money for his living expenses?
    I am genuinely concerned and any kind of help or feedback would be appreciated.
    Thank you!

  4. Can i get a parttime job in dublin.
    I am from india
    I have 2 years of expirience in a BPO industry as a customer care representative.

  5. I want to pursue MBA and have offer letter from cardiff university,UK and Dublin business school,Ireland. Which one should i go for considering the job opportunities after mba in d respective countries. M confused alot. Plz help.

    1. I got offer from DBS, Ireland. Msc in Information systems. Is it good ?

  6. Hey Adnan!

    I have received a conditional offer from UCD for the sustainable energy and green technologies course (the same as yours). I would like to know whether there are ample opportunities for students with a Environmental Masters degree. I’m from a middle class family and I cannot afford to spend such a high amount of money and not get anything in return. Since I have applied to the same course and university as yours I think you can really help me out here.
    Please reply as soon as possible. I hope you are doing well there! 🙂

  7. Hi Adnan!

    Can you pretty please give me an insight on what it’s like for media students? I currently work for a reputed radio network in Bangalore city. I want to do my masters in Digital Media at NUI Galway, but a whole lot of people say Canada is a better option. I’m super confused. Please help!

  8. I am very sad to read this, I am planned to do a master degree in Ireland. Actually I planned to pay the total amount about 7.5 lacks of Indian rupee to a consultancy by taking loan from Bank. They assured me that you will surely earn this money with in a mnth. University assistance Wil help you to get part time job in there. I can earn €10 per hour. Please guide me. What should I do. Can i continue with my plan or not.

    1. I planned same bro.. Bt he’s telling part time jobs r difficult tp get.. So what should we do now..

      1. same here. dunno what to do now. Indian from Malaysia, looking to do MBA in Dublin.
        Also not too sure of the demands in the sector for MBA grads.
        ~ confused 9javan

  9. My question If someone has the tuition fee in his pocket than can he earn a little money for his living expenses?

  10. Hi Adnan,

    Can you provide me insights on NUIG and UCC, as i have recieved offer from both Universities for MSc in Business Analytics. I am not sure which one should i consider as this course is new in both Universities!

  11. Hi,
    I want to study MSc. Biotechnology in Ireland and I was wondering which university would be better, UCD, NUIG or UCC. I have a fair idea of the level of research in these universities but I’m not sure which University degree would be preferred in the real world when i apply for a job, whether in a research position or later in an administrative position in a bioscience related company. Could you please help me out with this? I know it isn’t your field of expertise but maybe you can find out from a friend or two who may know? Thanks.

  12. what is the job apportunity after completing study in computer science.whether i will have to wait for job or i will get easily ?

  13. hi…i m intersted in pursuing msc in sports and exercise science frm University of Dublin.I jst wanted to know the scope of sports and excercise branch in Ireland.

  14. hello
    I am planning to do MBA from Ireland. Can u please help me by guiding about the job scenario after completion of the course and its that we cant do party time job. please help me

  15. Hi
    This is Mrithika from India .I completed B. Tech IT and working in an IT firm(one year experience) . And now am interested in doing MBA HRM( coz am a people oriented person and getting bored of the machine life).And only in Ireland the fee is reasonable I hope. so can u please guide me further.

  16. Hi !!
    I am planning to do my undergraduation in International Relations and History from Ireland. Would i be able to get any jobs in the public sector in Ireland ? And also what is the status for a 50% scholarship ? Would i be able to get a scholarship with 90% and above ?
    Any kind of help and feedback would be appreciated.
    thank you !

  17. Then how did you survive without the part time and full time job are your course

  18. Hi , I’m Surya from Hyderabad too and my question is , what is the fee structure for MBA in IRELAND and what is VISA flexibility post to MBA , and the job opportunities too thank you once again for valuable blog.

  19. Hai sir iam planning to study my pg in ireland ….im in dilama about living cost and partime jobs …how many euros require per month ….plz answer my questions

  20. Hi Adnan,
    Actually I want to move from my country because of my domestic affair, and want to settle in another country like Ireland with my daughter. Could you please guide me if you have any idea about an easy way to survive there? I want to restart my life again with my daughter. She is now studying in Class 10. Is there any possibility to join her in college after completing her exam and what kind of job can I get there.

  21. What are the part time jobs condition in Ireland? If i get student visa? Can i get part time job easily for survival.

  22. hi Adnan,
    i am planning to pursue my MBA at trinity next year.
    my brother is based in Australia .he says chances of finding a job post study is extremely difficult in Ireland and that people from Europe are all migrating to Australia.what do you think the reality is going to be? Do Reply as this is really a crucial factor for making my decision.Good Luck to you as well! Tc!

  23. Yeah part time jobs are really good .

    I think every one should do this part time job, In this you don’t need to go out for office also ,
    Just think without travelling is you can work from home then its really amazing,

    You will live to work from home and also you’ ll get the best results.

    Thank you for your kind informations

  24. Hi Adnan,

    Nice piece of information, I am from IT sector with around 2 years of experience . Will I be able to secure some related job to get the earnings ?

    I am thing to get admission this September for Ms c Cloud Computing NCI.
    will it be beneficial ?

  25. Can I get part time job to just get those wages which can fullfill my daily costs ??

  26. hello 🙂
    i am going to Ireland for undergraduate computer science.
    i would like to get part time job there..will i be able to survive for 4 years there?
    thank you 🙂

  27. hello 🙂
    i am going to Ireland for undergraduate computer science
    i would like to get part time job/jobs there. ? will i be able to survive for 4 years there?
    thank you ! 🙂

  28. Thanks for useful information..really worthy to consider all your points before planning to go to ireland

    1. hii this is Santhosh , i have 7 years of pharmaceutical industries in india , i have done Master’s in pharmacy in bangalore, i wanted to do Msc. in ireland what is the sceniro in ireland for pharmaceutical profession.

  29. Hi , I hv planned to do my Master in NCI. Bt I’m totally depended on the bank loan & some part tym joins which are available tr. is it possible to get a part tym job within few weeks as soon as I come tr. n also can I afford my expenses n also able to pay my loan back home . Some one pls do help me with this:)

  30. Friend , i have offer letters from maynooth university and WIT . After looking your article, i am depressed please tell me, Will it be a better option to for me to have ME in electronics from ireland on education loan. I am totally dependent on loan so will that be a wise choice. I am afraid that, it looks i will not able to cover loan with interest after my master. I want to know whether I will get job after studies here in ireland to cover all loan and earn extar money ? or should i move USA ? but again USA deals with high cost of education so what i should do!

  31. Hello,

    I am planning for MSC in Human Resource from UCD. Can i get part time job? And please suggest the accommodation!! Should i take hostel or should i take other accommodation available?

  32. Hi there, if we get a part time job can we able to send money back home after all the expenses,u said not to think abt sending money back home ,I just want to conform

  33. hello there,
    i am going to Ireland for undergraduate studies.
    i looked into many sites n blogs n stuff n yours stood out to me.
    i would like to get part time job/jobs there. according to your blog, u said that not to think about being able to send money back home from the part time jobs. but what if i am not going to send the money back home going to keep it for myself for future use? will i be able to survive for 4 years there? i am genuinely concerned n any kind of help or feedback would be appreciated.
    thank u!

    1. Hello Jenny
      Yes you can survive with ease(depending on your lifestyle) if you secure a part time job that pays the minimum official wage here. I hope this helps.

      1. Dear AwesAdnan
        Are you in Ireland??? and are you a student. As i am coming to dublin for my Masters from ISB. and i have a lot of ques, your name looked familiar that is why i asked these que

      2. sie what is the scope of electrical and biomedical jobs in ireland iam totallly depend on loan pls tell me i dont want to take risk , please suggestme pt jobs are available and how is nuig and dit both instittue

  34. nice blog sir. open and Frank, need more informative blogs like these.

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