Travel, Housing and Cost of Living in Ireland for Indian Students

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This is Part 2 of Study in Ireland Article from Adnan Awes. In this article, he talks about his day to day life in Ireland like cost of living in Ireland for Indian Students.

This article includes following topics

  • Travel and Transportation
  • Housing and Accommodation
  • Cost of living in Ireland ( Dublin, Ireland )
  • Indian Grocery Shopping and Food Items


Enter Adnan..


Public Transportation

Well public transport is very expensive here in Dublin, Ireland.  One month pass for the bus is €105.00 for students.

biking in dublin ireland

Ireland Bike Week. Image by Flickr

That’s why most people including me travel on bike (cycles).

Everyone here rides a bike, even some of my senior professors travel to the University on cycles.

There are separate tracks exclusive for cycles and you can get a decent bike for €120-160.

My personal advice coming to students here, prepare to ride a bike for at least, 8 km a day, or pay for  approx €105.00 per month for a bus card, or find an accommodation near the University.


Coming to the accommodation, it is HIGHLY recommended for prospective students to come at least 15 or more, days prior to the joining for the college.

Most Universities have the academic year start in the first 2 weeks of September.

It should be made very clear that the accommodation scene gets very messy here in August to October as thousands of international students come here and there are literally no places to move in.


A friend of mine lived for one month in a hostel (bread and breakfast) since he could not find a place. The prices in these months are sky rocketing as students are willing to pay anything to find a roof.

Secondly, the closer you find the place to the University, the more expensive it gets.


Here’s What my expenses look like per month.

  • Stay at 2 double bedroom apartment
  • It’s located about 4-5 km from the university
  • House rent is €1200 per month
  • Plus bills like internet, gas,electricity etc
  • Total which is divided among 5 of us (~€240/month/person)


If you need cheaper, you’ve move in to a place which is either in the middle of the city between noisy clubs/bars or an unsafe Junky area or in a very crowded house.

On-campus accommodation is (filthy) expensive, starts from  €600-800 per month, includes bills but no food. Even these fill up as soon as the University publishes on the website.

I could write loads more into the accommodation like the place I suggest you can live, what places not live, etc. But I can only talk about Dublin and not other city universities like Maynooth, Cork, Limerick etc as I have no idea about them.


Food and Grocery

Coming to groceries, you may not find Indian priced stuff here so you have to think twice before purchasing anything.

You get all the stuff you need, all sorts of vegetable, Masala, dhaal, spices, Halal meat and everything.

The prices are fairly expensive but you have no choice.

Lots of Asian stores here with Indian buffets, foods, restaurants, shops etc.

So you wont miss anything relevant to food, except if you know how to cook it (restaurants are expensive).

I had no clue how to even flip a egg in the frying pan when I came here. I can now make dinner for up to 10 people 😀



Do you have any questions about Studying in Ireland?

Post your questions in the comments section. Adnan will answer them in the next blog article.


  1. Hi adnan,
    What is overall cost of living and tution fees in Ireland. Also which is the best college for data science in Ireland.

  2. Assalamu alaikum Adnan
    I am from india my sun like to study B D S in ireland .To complete this course how much indian rupees needed. Including living cost .we are from very poor family

  3. Assalamu alaikum Adnan
    I am from india my sun like to study B D S in ireland .To complete this course how much indian rupees needed. Including living cost .we are from very poor family

  4. hey, I am planning to do MS in Artificial Intelligence in Ireland. can u tell me about the job opportunities in Ireland?

  5. Hello ! I have actually received a conditional admission offer from UCD. However, I plan to settle in Ireland permanently. Can you give some information regarding jobs availabilities or opportunities ? Do Indians get enough job opportunities ? Thank you !

    1. Hello Khadija- The Applications for sep 2017 intake has already been started. Please google out for Ireland Universities

  6. Hi,

    I am coming from Mumbai to Ireland for Mid Jan Intake course MSc in Data Analytics .My college will be NCI (National College of Ireland). Contact me on 9773836241 , we will plan for accommodation together.I am OK with group stay Male/Mixed.

  7. I want to come for post graduation in accountancy. Don’t really know if there’s much scope there. How do I go about, searching for a place to live, part time job? It would be great if you post your sincere comments.

  8. Hi dude.
    Im planning to do MBA in Ireland.
    Will I be having good job opportunities after my education??

    1. Could you pls provide me moredetails about the same. even i wanted to join mS course in ireland.

    2. hi Venu
      Where ur going in Ireland? We are going to Drogheda.
      My son will be doing his Bachelors degree from Ireland. My husband got a work permit so he is going next week. Want to Know in which college u r taking admission.

  9. How do I find other students to share a room with? How do I find others who go to the same university even before I reach there? Please shed some light on this. Thanks.

  10. You said you pay 1200€ per month and called university accommodations filthy for charging 600-800€. Was there any typo or you meant it vice a versa?

    1. Dear Rrd,

      Here in the article he meant 1200€ for 5 people if he is staying Off-Campus. Where as On-Campus it is 600-800€ per person.

      I hope I made the point clear dear friend.

  11. I am willing to come Ireland for post graduation ..But I don’t know even one person there ..please help me with that ..

  12. Hi, Am Arun from India. I want to stay with an Irish family during my studies in Ireland so what about the cost & other important things to consider while staying with an Irish family ? Please replay me as early as possible

  13. I wanna some help regarding postgraduation study in ireland
    i m thinking about MBA (IB) or (HR)
    I completed my graduation in Non med
    can i apply for this course?
    will it be benificial for me?
    what about part time jobs during studying?
    which institute or college will be best for me?
    is my future is secure in ireland after this course

  14. I am going to pursue masters in international business from Ireland…do u think its worth it?
    Could i get a good placement there and what about the part time job and payment criteria?

    1. I am also going to dublin for mba in international business…any Chance’s of getting a part time job…

  15. Hi,

    What about job opportunities in IRELAND. After some research i saw that IRELAND was on a bit of downside until 2015 and is picking up recently. So when recession hits again is this going to be the same situation.

  16. Hi adnan I am Prabhat I am planning to do MBA in Ireland can I get any part time job there how much I earn there is it sufficient for my living there I am from India small city I am little bit weaker in English

  17. How’s National College of Ireland for Masters in international business?
    Is it worth for an Indian graduate to study there?
    Is there any future scope after postgraduation?
    Pls Revert me asap as i am about to take admission..

  18. Hey, Can you tell is studying masters in international business in Dublin worth or not? And what will be the overall cost (fee+living expenses) for an year?

  19. Hello Adnan,
    Your writing is very informative and friendly 🙂
    I will be studying in Dublin Business School (Dublin 2)from January 2017 last week. MY MAIN CONCERN IS ACCOMMODATION. You said “you could write more dublin accommodation” and I would love to hear your inputs regarding it.
    Meanwhile, can u suggest me a sure shot place to stay which is € 200-300 a month, 4-5 kms distance from college, etc. Pretty much the same of what you mentioned about your accommodation situation.
    I would really love your input, please please reply it’s urgent.


    P.S. : I have booked myself a 1-week stay at a student hostel called The Avalon House, I will land in Dublin on January 10, 2017.

    1. Hi Aman,

      As per your post you are now in DUBLIN already could you please share your living expierence
      about food, expenses, college, life etc.

    2. Hello

      I am coming to Ireland in a month or so to study and will be in the same situation where I will need to find a job and accommodation…

      If you could help in any way or even give some advice that would be so great.

      Thank you

      Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  20. Lovely! All the three posts were very informative and an eye-opener sorts. It helped me gather few needy points and I have made a note of it. I wanted some information on NCI. It would be really great of you, if you could help me with it.

    Thanks in advance.

  21. Hi . My name is Lovepreet Singh
    Very soon I’ll have interview of ireland. I choose Griffith college in Dublin. With the course of BS C in computer science. I want to help me for this interview. Give me tips and best ways to clear it. U can send me question answers if u have. Plz plz plz help me. My future depends on this interview. And i got refused by canada. Plz help me

    1. Hi rahul …. have u applied for DBS? I received offer letter for DBS for jan semester

  22. Hi I am Nitesh .I have completed my graduation .I am a civil engineering student ..planning to enroll for MS in civil engg. in Ireland.
    I would like to know about life in Ireland n the job opportunities there for a student.
    Thank You

  23. Hi Adnan,

    I would like to ask about NCI University in Ireland.I plan to study my Data Analytics course there.
    Also as my experience and qualification goes, I have 3 years of IT experience and a Masters in Computer Application.
    Do you think my profile uptil now will be good enough to find a part time job.
    Also if you have friends in IT in Ireland can you help me connect with their approval to get the real picture.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Meenal,

      Have you got admission and your Ireland VISA in NCI. Because my Daughter Aparna from Chennai is also joining the same program commencing in Jan (23rd ) 2017. NCI is certainly good and let me know your contact details so that we can discuss, I am living in Middle east -Abu Dhabi and my Daughter at chennai

  24. first of all thanks for sharing these informations,
    i want to pursue MBA in ireland .so, can u plz tell me about the job opportunities after mba in ireland and i googled and saw that ireland universities rank between top 250 to 500 in world ranking
    so,is this a right place for doing MBA

  25. Thanx for giving all details i have one question can you tell me in ireland there are job opportunities for international business management

  26. Hey ,
    Thanks for giving an insiders view !!.
    I would like to know how are the job opportunities in the field of IT?
    Is it very hard to find a job after graduation in IT?

    1. mohammed.
      hi.. if ur planning to do ur studies regards to IT then go on, cause ireland is a place for IT
      The opportunities are great for IT graduates in ireland

  27. I would be obliged if you woukd throw a light on the following:
    1. Placement senario in ireland for mba students
    2. A minimum rough idea of earnings in part time jobs
    3. The scope of.earnings after doing mba

  28. Hi,
    I am about to complete my graduation and hence i am looking forward for mba in ireland. I do not have any work experience. By having a look at all the information in your article it seems that ireland is a good study destination to opt for. But i really have a few confusions and doubts. I would be obliged if you woukd throw a light on the following:
    1. Placement senario in ireland for mba students
    2. A minimum rough idea of earnings in part time jobs
    3. The scope of.earnings after doing mba

  29. Hi, I am Planning to do my MBA in the field of HR in Ireland. I want to know the job opportunities after the completion of the course please let me know

    Thank you

  30. Hi Adnan,

    First I’d say thanks to you for sharing these details.

    I want to do MBA from Ireland. And also I have got offer from IBAT Dublin. I have 1.3 yrs of experience in Software testing field.

    Can you suggest is IBAT college is best or is any other university is there for better education as well as Job after degree.

    Please share the details.

    Thank you. 🙂

  31. Hi Adnan
    I am thinking of joining UCD for a MSc in Food Safety and risk analysis. Is it a good option to study in Ireland ? I would like to get information regarding future employments as well as continuing my education in the same field. Is there any chance of settling down after a few years? Please let me know.. Cheers.

  32. hello bro
    can we earn much in ireland?
    or can we get a part times or else a permanent job easily?

  33. Hii Adnen,I am an MBBS student in India and planning to work as a doctor in Ireland.What are the requirements for an international doctor to practice medicine in Ireland and what about the job opportunities?

  34. Hii Adhan,I am an MBBS student in India and planning to work as a doctor in Ireland.What are the requirements for an international doctor to practice medicine in Ireland and what about the job opportunities?

  35. hey !! i am practicing interior designing in india and it has always been a dream for me to go to Ireland so i wanted to joine a short term course there in the same field so that i learn as well as have a chance to live there for a while !! what do you suggest ? where i can pursue designing course in ireland ?

  36. Hi, I am planning to come to Ireland to pursue my masters in English literature. Do you think Ireland would be the right country to pursue an English course? Also, what is the part time working scene in Ireland?

      1. Hi Adnen

        Really good information you’re giving. Very useful.

        How about the climate in Ireland? Can Indians survive it? Never mentioned about it.

  37. Hi Adnan,

    First of all thanks a lot for sharing the valuable info.

    I’ got an offer letter from UCD in M.Sc Computer Science (Negotiated Learning) starting from Sep, 2015. I’m having 7.5 years of IT experience with major IT companies in India. Also i’m a married person.

    Now, my concern is if you could give me any idea about the probability of getting a job after completion of the course considering my background.


  38. Hi! Have a small query, hope you could help me out. Well I got offer letter from DBS in masters of business administration (project management stream). Coming to my questions,
    1-Is it good choice to move in?
    2-Possibilities of part time?
    3-Any idea how is he scope of jobs towards this stream?
    Inspite of your busy schedule, please do spend couple of miniutes to answer these by May-21st..
    Pre thanks..

  39. Hi Adnan,
    Sudish frm India, planning to join NCI Dublin. How much money do you think that I have carry while I’m landing in Dublin fr mr to survive b4 getting a PT. I cannot afford to spend a lot in accommodation n food. Wts th possibility of surviving tr with a PT job ?

    1. Hi Sudish,

      To which course you are looking for in NCI? can you let me know?

  40. Hi.
    I am looking forward to join a film school in Ireland and I am from India. I have experience in Film making and music. What are my job prospects according to you? And which Institute should i join for doing this course?
    1. (Dublin Institute of Technology)
    2. (Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology)
    3. (Dublin City University)
    4. (University College Dublin)
    Your suggest will be of great help.

  41. Adnan, your blog is informative. My daughter is holding a BTech in IT from India. She wants to do a PG course in Dublin. What will be the total cost of study and the recommended university. She has work experience with Amazon and ICON an Irish company in India. Your suggestions please.

  42. Hi Adnan,

    I’ve got offer to do masters in computing in DCU. I was wondering if you could share some details about the university and also about post study job scenario.I’ve got 3.5 years experience in IT.Thank you

  43. Hello Adnan!!

    I am planning to take up MIS in UCD in sep 2015! Is it a good option?
    Can you tell little bit about the part time jobs available in dublin? How much do students earn hourly? And what kind of part time jobs are preferred there?

  44. hii, adnan m mohit tyagi from Delhi, India. m looking for phd in forensic psychology, or any way to join phd via msc or diploma, so can u suggest me good universities for my degree in dublin.

  45. Hi Adnan
    i m lookin for Mba programme in Feb 2015 in Ireland.
    Which unversities r good for study their.
    Do students get the placements after the cimpletionof their course.

    Please reply.
    [email protected]

  46. Hii, how is the job scenario for IT there? please do mention it in your next blogs too..

  47. your blog is really helpfull Adnan!!!!! can you please tell me how is the griffith college of dublin for studying computing ????? and do the graduate student get job there ????

  48. party job are there in ireland i have so many backlogs and i have less percentage i got the application in ireland university please reply and Australia is better for me are ireland

  49. Hi, I have completed Diploma in Mechanical engineering after completing 10th standard. Now I’m working in a private company. It would help if you tell. What are the details about educational requirements.

  50. Sorry guys, could not answer all of your comments individually, New blog coming up now, hope it has answers to some of your questions related to visa requirements and jobs. More stuff in upcoming blogs. Cheers!

  51. Hi Adnan,
    Your blog was really helpful!!..Thank u for the effort.Can u tell me,what’s the job scenario after graduation. Thank u once again.

  52. Hi can you tell me about scholarships and various other forms of financial support to Indian students applying to Masters?

  53. Hi Adnan,
    can you please tell me, how many weeks/days does it take for student visa processing? I will be filing my visa application within 2 days

  54. hai adnan,
    all my procedure completed to fly ireland is there any chance for part time jobs and what about the cost of leaving,,,here the consulates says there r plenty of part time jobs in dublin and the university is GRAFITH dublin and also i heard that the facebook,google,ibm,hp,microsoft are making dublin as there abministrative hub and they are spending 100million euros for the growth of I.T sector in dublin and from the consulte am fling is prosper overseas,,, ameerpet and they said there r plenty of job oppurtunities and per hour 18 euros as they said and now what do u suggest.

    1. Hello Aziz, I cannot answer every question you have asked as it would be very long. I would instead be including these topics in the next blog. All I can say you now is:

      1. DO NOT come here if your aim is part time jobs. There are literally NO part time jobs.
      2. Whoever said 18 euros an hour, its ridiculously wrong. The minimum wage is 8.65/hour. Many people do work for as low as 5 per hour too.

      Keep an eye on my next blog.

  55. hey adnan,
    i m from a middle family. I want to go to a foreign for high earnings. how is Ireland compared to Australia?. Going Australia or Ireland, which is better? i m totally confused.

    1. Hello nadeem, I would recommend you to travel to a different country than Ireland if you want to come here just for earning.

      1. Hi Adnan, very nice blog. Thnks fr all the info. Just wabted to knw the post job scenario and how does the permanent residence thing works there. Wt all is required and how does it take to get a P.R?

  56. hi adnan
    i am forward to go to ireland for making money. Is it possible for indian students to make while learning? Are there any hyderabadi students who have come there recently?. what are the work opportunities there?

    1. hi avenger, well the money earning scenario is very messed up here, specially for international students, I will be writing a blog very soon about the post-college work scenario here in Ireland. Stay tuned. And yeah i’m myself from hyderabad and there are decent number of people from AP if not hyderabad.

      1. hi Adnan,

        How is the post-study work scenario in Ireland for international students.its it as bad as the UK?
        Also is it easier to find employment with indian work experience

  57. Hey Adnan , I would like to ask you about DCU? I am from Saudi Arabia , and my major is finance “bachelor degree” , thank you so much.

    1. Hello Khaled, yes €1800 a month is more than sufficient to live in Dublin, in fact you can easily live for 2 months with that money. I hope this info helps.

      1. And what about DCU do you have any info about it ?
        Thank you again .

        1. I cannot say much about DCU but I sure can say that its a well recognized university in Ireland with a large campus. I cannot say more.

      2. Thanks Adnen for the answers , can you help me to apply for UCD ? If you can please tell me since I have studied 3 semesters in The US and I’m worried about loosing the credits “courses” , if you please can help me, and if I get my acceptance letter with you’re help I am going to pay you for you’re time , 🙂
        Thank you so much .

        1. Hello Khaled, I’am myself born and bought up in Dubai and I understand your plight, and would like to help you, however, I have no idea what your academic background is, what your chosen career field is, what module and credits you have from the US, what course you are actually looking to study at UCD etc. Its a complicated and long list, yet is resolvable. The next blog I will be writing is about the basic admission process at most Universities here. (And Iam not sure if you are confused but UCD and DCU are totally different universities) let me know if I can be of any more help. Cheers!

  58. Hi Adnan, What do you have to say about the university of lemerick ?

    1. Iam afraid, like I said, I cannot say anything about University of limerick as its in a different city

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