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Why Study in Ireland (not USA or UK or Australia)?

Trinity College DublinOk so this is my (Adnan Awes) first ever blog on Why Study in Ireland, so I’m not sure how its going to be for the audience, but I’ll try to be as helpful as possible and provide the best information I can.

My personal background:  Born and bought up in Dubai, did my schooling there, then intermediate in Hyderabad and then my graduation from Osmania University in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Production.

Currently pursuing my M.Sc. from University College Dublin, in Bio-System Engineering, Sustainable Energy and Green Technology.

Why Study in Ireland?

Ireland is emerging as the “new” preferred country for students to pursue their higher education. There are a various reasons for this.

My reason was , everyone goes to the US, Australia, Canada, UK etc.

I said, I wanted to go to a different place, where no one has gone, where I’ve no friends ( I traveled to Dublin alone, had no friends from India, made a couple on Facebook :P) or family members. My main aim was to be an example to others.

Anyways, to start with, Ireland is voted as the one of the “most friendliest” country in the world. This implies that, unlike the US, Australia, Germany etc, here in Ireland, there are negligible chances that you’ll get bullied. By the word “bully” I mean, there are hardly any instances where you are said “oh ok so you are an Indian” in the most disturbing tone. This literally never happens in Ireland. People are friendly, deep down to the core.

For example, on my second day in Dublin, I lost my way back to the hostel(where I was temporarily staying till I found an accommodation). There was this pregnant lady who was walking 10km to her yoga class (!!) noticed my confused look and approached me to provide help in finding the way back. She walked me to the hostel and left with a smile.

People will help you in all aspects here. Unlike the other countries where there is an obvious tone in the people “I can help you but…”, in Ireland its more like “I’m sorry I can’t but you can do this….” which of course is more pleasing.

More than 100,000 Indian students travel overseas for education every year and around 1,000 of these come to Ireland.

Indian Students have a “strange” mindset about education in other countries apart from USA, UK Australia etc. The first thing you hear from them is “Why Study in Ireland?”

Universities in Ireland

Also, there are about 4 Irish Universities which come under the top 1% universities in the world. This may seem a small figure for most people but it sure is considerable. The list of top universities in Ireland is as below:

  • Trinity College Dublin (Estd 1595, Oldest University In Ireland With About 17,000 Students)
  • University College Cork (Estd 1845)
  • University College Dublin (Estd 1854, 25,000 Students Of Which Over 5,000 Are International Students)
  • Dublin City University (Estd 1975)
  • Nui Galway (Estd 1908, 17,000 Students Of Which Over 2,000 Are International Students)
  • Dublin Institute Of Technology(Estd 1978)

There are various other universities with good recognition and infrastructure. I shall be writing more about each specific university.

Second reason to come to Ireland, is that its a English speaking country and the Irish dialect is very understandable compared to British and Australian English. Indian students will not have much difficulty with adjusting to the language here.  More detailed information about education in Ireland coming soon! I hope this helps!

Let me know if you have any questions about  Why study in Ireland or other aspects of education in Ireland.

Part 2 – Travel, Housing and Cost of Living in Ireland for Indian Students.


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  1. Hi Adnan,
    How is Griffith College for Msc in Accounting and finance management ?
    I am particularly looking for ACCA and they are providing 9 papers exemptions by completion of this course.

  2. Hi,
    Please throw some light, if a candidate wants to pursue ms in data analytics from top 1% universities of Ireland,Dublin with bad academics like less than 60 % in class 12 and in bachelors degree.

    Is there any scope for such candidates to get admitted in Ireland for ms in data analytics?

    If I have an experience of 3 years as a software developer, will that help my profile to boost and get admitted to any such universities?

    1. Hi,
      You won’t get the admission for your conditions, unless you are very good at mathematics and have attended national level competitions and have few certificates of DA and related course and your 3 years experience in DA

  3. Hello,
    I am admitted for Msc Finance from the following universities in Ireland.
    1. Dublin City University
    2. National college of Ireland

    and there is a pending decision from the following universities…
    1. University college of Dublin
    2. Dublin institute of Technology
    3. Maynooth University

    I have a few basic questions and they are….
    1. how competitive are the job opportunities in the field of finance? – my basic interest is wealth management, fund manager, financial analyst, corporate finance
    2. Is it really worthwhile to do Ms in Finance from Ireland Vs USA, Australia and other countries? due to the reason that many Indians are flocking to these common destinations and crowding for the job opportunities.
    3. What are the chances of getting part time jobs, when I select from the above universities?

    I have to take a decision by 30th January 2019, as DCU has told me to secure seat by then.
    Any honest opinion is appreciated.

    1. I realise this is late but I have the exact same question as you. Planning to do an msc in finance. Haven’t applied for colleges yet but will do shortly. Did you get the answers you were looking for? If you did, I’d love to hear about the job market for msc in finance there. Any help is appreciated.

      1. Hi Keshav
        I am planning to do the same course and i am just researching on that please get in touch with me in fb Fuad M Saneen

        1. Hi Fuad, have you joined your course as I’m also planning to apply in few colleges for masters in Accounting.

    2. Hi,
      My son is facing the same confusion like you. He has been selected in UCC for corporate finance but we are completely in the dark when it comes to the available job opportunities after the completion of the course.
      I have been trying to research but so far I have not been successful.
      Please do get in touch with me on my mail i.d. in case you get any useful information. The education consultants are giving a vague reply. It will be better if we can get information about the previous batch placements from some source.

      1. Hello Krishnan – In Irelands, other than IT, jobs for international students will be tough to come by. That’s why consultancies who are promoting this don’t have a clear idea or commit to it. In general, studying abroad should be viewed as a way for the student to get better and use that to grow (anywhere in the world). Unfortunately, Indian parents (including mine) and cultural norms dictate different views. I’m investing X and I want ROI of 3X in 3 years after studying abroad.
        Instead, look at this way. Invest X and ROI are spread out for the rest of person’s life. And a person with a degree abroad will definitely do better in life and career compared with those who are not educated abroad. If you think ROI is even 1X in 3 years after education, you could be in for disappointment even in the USA.

  4. I’m interested in msc marketing, can u please tell me how is Dublin business school for masters comparing to other public universities.

  5. Hello i also want to do Msc in sustainable energy and green technologies can you tell me how is the program?
    I have no prior job experience so is it possible to get in the program please let me asap as i am very much interested in the course

  6. Hi Adnan,

    Please share me your email id, I want to take take my family to Ireland . I need some info.


  7. Hi , I have completed engineering in electronics and communication from RGPV University Bhopal . I got 7band in IELTS . What are the job opportunities if do a master’s program in business analytics ?

  8. Hi iam from Hyderabad does Ireland offer diploma in hospitality management and does an international student get part time

  9. Hi,

    I am Nikhil, I have offer from Georgian college, Canada for Post graduate Certificate in Big Data Analyst program and Msc Data Analytics from DBS , Griffith college and National college of Ireland.

    Anyone with any information regarding the colleges, Job market, cost of living there , please share.

  10. hello,
    I am venkatesh from Bangalore
    i got offer from DBS Ireland and awaiting to get offer from NUI Galway and UCC
    what should i do ?
    Should i accept the offer from DBS or Should i wait for other university?
    It is already June, and DBS has given me deadline of 20 June to accept the offer
    If i do not get the offer from any of the two universities then i miss the deadline of DBS and also VISA
    Please anyone give some suggestion on this
    I am really confused

    1. Hello Venkatesh,
      If you are still going to Dublin, then here’s me going to Dublin business school this year 🙂

      1. Hi Poulami

        I have offers from DBS MBA in HMR , Ncirl and UCC Masters in marketing and management.
        Could you suggest me which is the best option. I am running on a deadline to accept the offers.


  11. I am really confused to choose between ireland and USA for Maters in Data Analytics.
    Kindly suggest me

  12. Hlo. I am chanderjeet yadav, m an Indian. I have one question in my mind that I have given ilets exam and I got 6.5 overall band score and minimum is 5.5 in listening. Do I get admission in Ireland in masters course

  13. i have done BCA 2013…and diploma in cooking . i got 5.5 band scores in ielts and doing job in restaurant as indian cook asince 2013 . Am i eligible to go ireland for study .plz give me quick response

  14. how can i get a PR in ireland. now i have completed my intermediate in india. And what can i do for that

  15. Hello sir I am karan rao from india I want do masters in health care administration what about job opportunities after completion of my course is there any jobs in Ireland in field

  16. Hey,

    I am an Indian and looking for a MS program in computer science or related field.
    I have already done a ton of research and found a few places suitable.

    1 Dublin institute of technology
    2 waterford institute of technology
    3 limerick university

    all of them have a good attractive MS program(considering my budget) suitable for most of the IT field personnel.I am just confused in these plus a ton of things related to life in ireland, if anybody can answer it will be great .

    1 Job scenarios for IT(i already have one masters degree from BIT birla and work expierence)?
    2 part time job scene
    3 which university to choose
    4 any comment on vegetarian or indian food in ireland?
    5 does it make any difference if i choose institute if technology over university?
    6 what are other costs apart from food,apartment,transportation,phone,tution fee,insurance.?

    1. I am answering for future students. It does matter, Trinity, UCD, NUI, UCC are ranked good than other universities. Institute of technology is ranked on lower side.

  17. I want to study in Ireland , I’m looking for a masters program in food science which are the good universities ?.I heard about innopharma they are providing corse in msc food business management and technology is this a good option for me ? And what is the required score for ielts

  18. Ireland is a land of opportunity specially for the techies.So I would encourage students from India to come and study here.

  19. Hello. I am Sanjana. I am a prospective student to apply in Dublin School Of Business, University of Limerick for Masters in Marketing. Could you share the information in respect to the job opportunities after the course as I have the long term plans to stay back and work in Ireland.

  20. Hi, My name is akshay. I completed my mechanical engineering in pune university.
    I got 6 bands in IELTS
    Can i apply for the master degree in Ireland…

  21. Thanks for the post.
    I am thinking of doing my masters in telecommunication engineering at Ireland.
    What are the opportunities of getting a good job ?

  22. Guys! Thinking of studying in Ireland is probably the WORST choice you could probably make. There are many reasons for this.
    1) The visa system is totally screwed up in Ireland. Not only is it very difficult to extend your work visa, most of the companies are reluctant to give you a job in the first place. Since Ireland is a member of the EU, every company can only recruit you if the position cannot be filled up by an EU citizen. And believe me, there is a lot of paper work related to that, so most of the companies here avoid employing Non-EU citizens like Indians and Chinese. Most of the students in my batch couldn’t even land a job within a year and unfortunately had to return back home.
    2) The weather here is the worst I have seen than any other country. True, Ireland is a beautiful country. But 360 out of 365 days in a year, the weather is too harsh to even get out of your house. Its almost raining all the time and the winds are so strong that it can blow away a puny person.
    3) Even in the unlikely event of you landing a job here after your studies, the tax rates here are painfully high. Just imagine, shelling out 40 % of your hard earned money for facilities that are not even that great.
    4) Travelling here can be a big problem. Ireland, even Dublin, has the worst transport system than even a developing country like India. The connectivity is so hopeless that you will end up walking 50% of your time, unless you own a car which is a very expensive affair.
    5) Ireland is a very expensive place to live. I costs of living here are surprisingly similar to that of London( where the salaries are much higher)
    6) Employer here literally pay you peanuts. The salaries are very very ordinary here. Needless to say, with low salaries, high taxes and a high cost of living, the savings here are close to zero.

    So its up to you to choose wisely. I’d rather suggest you better place like Australia, Canada and USA, where they really need immigrants and the opportunities are much higher. Ireland to be frank doesn’t need nor want any immigrants. Best of Luck on your decision.

  23. Hi Adnan,
    I got admit for Univ of Limerick and DCU in MSC in management program.I have 12 yrs of IT work experience.Wanted to know which university to accept and how is the current job market for IT Managers.

  24. I have completed btech in civil engineering. I want to persue masters in structural engineering in ireland. What is the scope for structural engineering there? how much is the time period for student visa?

  25. Hi Adnan,

    I have done my B.Tech, (Computer Science) in India, and I also also have 5+ years of experience working in IT. I am planning to do Msc – data Analytics course from NUI Galway.

    Can you help me with following questions :

    1) Is Msc – Data Analytics is good course from NUI Galway?

    2) Since I have prior experience in IT and I am doing a analytics course, will this help me in securing a good ob over there, which can lead to a PR?

    3) For how much duration after my course I can stay in Ireland in search for a work sponsor?

    Thanks in advance.

    Aditya Mittal

  26. Hi,

    Thank you for such a helpful post. I am an Indian Female with 5 yrs of exp in project management. I was planning to pursue MBA from Trinity Dublin. Please provide your guidance how are the job opportunities in Ireland post MBA. Will really appreciate your response.


  27. ?Hi,
    I am Aalhad. I have done Post graduation diploma in Business Enterprise(level 8) in NZ. I want to perceive what are the prospects of getting job in Ireland? Will NZ qualification make me eligible to get job in Ireland?
    I will be thankful if some one guide me on this query though.

  28. Hii Everyone,
    I’m able to get admission in DKIT(Dundalk Institute of Technology) for B.Sc in Sustainable Design Engineering, I’ve completed Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in India along with that I had 4+ years exp. Is it good choice to go for it?
    And what is the scope of mechanical engineering in Ireland?

  29. Hii Everyone,
    I’m able to get admission in DKIT(Dundalk Institute of Technology) for B.Sc in Sustainable Design Engineering, I’ve completed Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in India along with that I had 4+ years exp. Is it good choice to go for it?
    And what is the scople of mechanical engineering in Ireland?

  30. hello this is priyanshi and I have done B.tech in Biotechnology.
    I want to do masetrs in food or environmental engineering from Ireland.
    Can you please tell me how are the job prospects after doing mastres from Ireland.
    and which course has better option MBA oir masters

  31. Hi
    I am planning to do Ms Computer science ( Data Analyst) in Ireland what is the chance of job opportunities right now

  32. Hello adnan, my name is varun bhatewara and I am applying for ireland for master of international business, college is not fix yet but thinking for national college for ireland or Dublin college university, can you guide me about the dublin city and also the jobs after the course, I have a long term perspective over there, soo please guide me sir.

  33. hello Adnan,

    I am sowmya. I have finished my B.E in electronics and communication engineering and have two years of experience in IT field. And i wanted to pursue masters in management information systems in Ireland. What is the scope of job opportunities in Ireland for my specialization? the chances of getting a job after my masters? I heard many telling that u dont get a job there after your masters. so am really confused. It will be really great if u could guide me. Thanks in advance

  34. Your blog is excellent and useful for many toddlers.

    Hi, my daughter has got an admission into BA – Accounts and Finance in Dublin university. can I send her alone since she is only 17 yrs old, pls tell about the safety issues
    and also tell whether she will get a permanent job in corporate company (Finance) after
    her graduation and also advise about part time job she can do as a girl.

    my daughter has also got 65% scholarship to do her BBA in Japan – APU Ritsumaiken university, now this is confusion for us to select Ireland or Japan pls give your valuable comments on this.

    If you reply is Ireland can the parents visit her twice in a year if yes means how long I am allowed to stay in Ireland with the visitor pass.

    1. Hello Shangeetha, Ireland is pretty safe. I went there alone though much older, but I was pretty sheltered at home and did not know anyone, so I can understand your concern as a parent. The field that she has selected Finance has really good opportunities. But most of them will required her to do a ACA or ACCA (3 years) to establish a career in Financial institutions; most of them (EY/Deloitte) will hire her on as assistant and sponsor her ACA education as well. I am sure your daughter is smart so should be able to manage that like many Indians are able to.

      As for part-time jobs, I would say do not bank on that. As some of them seem to get it but not all are able to manage that. It is best for her to go with the complete finance to for living and education as well.

      Japan is also a fantastic country, but they do not allow any citizenship like perhaps Ireland would offer (after a 5 year work visa it is possible to apply for residency). Also in Japan communication might be difficult if she does not know Japanese. Ireland is a english speaking country so it will be a lot more easier I think.

      You can come on visitors visa to Ireland, the maximum you can stay will be 3 months. But that is always decided once you enter the country. But many parents I know have been able to stay for a maximum period of 6 months in Ireland on visitors visa.

      There is group on fb for former students to help new incoming students – Study in Ireland – Community Help. You can connect with a lot of former students there, that might alleviate your fears a bit.

      1. Hi Rebecca
        I have an offer from NUIG for M.Sc in Business Analytics. I’m a 2015 Comp. Sc. graduate and have 1 year if work experience in IT. I have been busting my head for the past few months if Ireland would be the right choice in terms of getting a job in analytics, given my lack of work experience. If you could provide any sort of insight, it would be really helpful 🙂


        1. Hi,
          I have done It engineering and currently working in MNC in SAP technology. I am planning to go for 1 year MS program in fall 2017.
          I want to go to Ireland but to everyone i ask they are telling me go to US and other countries.
          So i just want to make sure that is there any difference of having degree from Ireland rather than US.
          Is there are job opportunities in Ireland after completing course.
          And does Indian MNC accept the degree of Ireland like Us degree ?

  35. The information was useful, though i would like to ask one thing. I am not sure if ireland has this policy, but i have heard of some cases in newspapers about Indian students not getting jobs in UK after their MBA as their policy doesn’t allow it. And i saw some news which said that many students were forced to leave the country once their education is completed. Is it true? Please enlighten me on this topic.

    1. Mayuresh, Unlike UK, Ireland still has the 1 year third level graduate scheme. You should be able to atleast work for a year in Ireland or even bag a longer term if you are in the right field in Ireland.

    1. Sir, are there any universities offering admissions with out letters of recommendation, because our College is not giving LORs, where students got placement, from this year onwards they put the condition, and i attended got placement.
      Now i wanted to study ms in us. But the College management refusing to give LORs.
      Hence i request you to provide me the list of universities accepting admissions with out letters of recommendation.
      Thanking you With Regards Ram mohan reddy annapureddy

  36. Hai adnan I am Nagaraj (Indian) I graduated in mechanical engineering. I want do masters there,let me know how good is Ireland for mechanical engineers…… Job opportunities

  37. Hi Adnan,

    I have really liked your views on helping the students getting the right kind of information.

    My query to you was that what is the scope of an indian student who has done his B.Tech and has an IT experience of about 2yrs and planning to do a Msc in International business from the reputed colleges in Dublin. Also do such students get any opportunity to get placed from within the campus.

    1. There are no campus placements. There are a number of career fairs that happen, but that is only to promote the openings the companies have with them. All students will have to do be diligent and start applying for graduate openings for the next year in the first semester itself. You have a technology background, what is your career plan with International business? You can perhaps get a role in IT itself once you finish your course and later on use the management degree to grow in the company. But many ask for at least few years of experience for you to be able to get a tech role as well.

  38. Hi Adnan

    I have got an offer from Smurfit Business school for MSC in International Business Program – Sep 16 intake..
    Im a bit confused with the job scenario after the program, and also for settling down in Ireland, which I would like to.
    If you could guide me a little whether settling down in Ireland is a good option or not

    Have got offers from Canada also, wherein settling down is rather easy compared to other countries.

    Waiting for you reply

    1. Rohit, International business is a bit more generic, marketing field is a more difficult to crack in terms of jobs, but there are graduate programs which you can perhaps join. Some of them select financial modules and apply for financial institutions graduate programs, perhaps you can try that.

      Ireland is a small country so the opportunities are limited and in limited fields. Finance, IT seems to be doing great. But then again it depends on your ability to network and get the right job too as some manage to do that. Canada might have larger opportunities, but as per my friends its better to check which fields are more in demand there as well.

    2. You will have to keep in mind few things when you make decision based on that:
      1. Job market size and opportunities – Canada is much bigger than Ireland (but I am not sure of the fields, you might want to check that)
      2. Areas of hiring currently open for internationals as well – Ireland has IT, Finance mainly and business graduate programs are limited number
      3. How long will you need to apply for residency & what is the criteria? You will need to be working in Ireland for 5 years to apply for residency & not many are able to get a job that will let them work beyond the 1 year third level graduate scheme. Work permit sponsorship depends on the job opportunities available for international students only in specific areas.

      1. Hey Rebecca, thanks for answering several questions here in the blog about Ireland. Could you help me understand about the roadmap to green card for non-eu students in Ireland.

        Student Visa – Finish Degree – Apply for 3rd Level Graduate Scheme ( valid for 6 months) – Then apply for Critical Skills Work Permit.

        What happens next after Critical Skills work permit is issued? How long is that valid? How does one go from that to Green Card?

        1. Green card is actually a critical skills work permit not residency like many assume. Green card just gives you additional privileges than work permit, like getting your spouse on dependant visa.

          You get a third level graduate scheme visa for 1 year and after that get a job for a period of next 4 years (on work permit sponsorship) and complete 60 months of working in Ireland. Only after 5 years you can get a Stamp 4 visa that will enable you work with any company and based on that you can apply for Long term residency.

          You can check more details on the inis.gov.ie site

          1. So, Long Term Residency comes after working on Stamp 4 for 4 years or 60 months?

            To Sum-up:

            Complete School 1 year Thrid Level Graduate Scheme 4 Years of Critical Work Permit Apply for Stamp 4 Apply for Long Term Residency Permit

          2. Yes, 5 years of working – that is 1 year of grad visa + another 4 years of work permit or if they have worked before in Ireland that counts towards the stamp 4 is what I heard. A total of 60 months working before you can apply for Long Term Residency.

  39. Hi,

    I am Ram from India & I have 2 years of exp. in IT. I am planning do my MBA from Ireland.

    Can anyone plz let me know the below details.

    1. Percent of getting a job after MBA & what would be the average salary.
    2. Will I get a part time job while study & how much I can earn as part timer.

    Thank you in advance.


  40. Hello..
    It is very interesting to read your blog and got lot of information.
    To study MBA in UCD . Will there be time to do part time job ?

      1. When there was a question raised by MALE – NO RESPONSE but when female does IMMEDIATE RESPONSE!

        Much appreciated Mr. VISHAL


    1. Haripriya,
      There are part time jobs available, but be cautious that many apply and very few get selected ; applicants ratio is higher than the university jobs. Very difficult to bag part-time white collar jobs. However many students use their network to do jobs in stores/hotels etc.

  41. Want to study bachelors in ireland from colleges.what are the part time job condition in ireland ,how much a student can earn and can he earn his monthly expense and which city is suitable for study?Thanks.

  42. Hi,

    I have completed my Masters in Production Management and have 2+ years of experience, Now planning for MBA, but sceptical about applying in Ireland cox I have already completed my masters n holding degree in the field of mechanical engineering, I dont see any big mechanical based firms for future growth as the experience is in relevant field. So what wud the prospects of getting job for my kind of profile after completing MBA

  43. Hi sir I am akhilesh from Hyderabad India , I completed my graduation in b.pharmacy and now I want to do ms related to pharmacy in Ireland. could you give me a right and better suggestion thanqq sir..

  44. Hi Bro,

    Its really interesting to read your blog and the way you reply with all factual information are so impressive.

    Well, i do have a question to clarify. I’m holding a bachelor degree majoring commerce and accounts completed in 2006. Later, i started working in Dubai in an admin level jobs since 2007 and now would like to pursue my masters in the field of international business management from any one of these colleges like Dublin Business School, Griffith College or National College of Ireland.

    Planning to enroll for Jan’16 intake, so, could you please guide me about the reputation of these colleges? Is there any admission takes place for the winter intake? Will my work experience helps me out in finding jobs right after my graduation?

    All your feedbacks and suggestions would be highly appreciated!

    Thanks, Siddiq

  45. Hi Adnan,

    Thanks for sharing this information .
    I have met one of the representative of National College of Ireland.
    Can you help me whether is it worth to take admission in NCI for MSc in Cloud computing.




  47. sir, i want to know the chances of getting job in ireland after doing ms in electronics. being a b.tech student in ece field can i do ms in computers field if high scope is there??

  48. Hi Adnan,

    I am very interested in doing master in computer science in Ireland. I got the following offers , but I am confused which one is the best program.

    1. MSc Computing Science in UCC,
    2. MSc Computer Science(Negotiated Learning) in UCD,
    3. MSc Computer Science(Distributed Systems) in TCD

    Of the above options which course will have the maximum job opportunity. I already have 4 years of experience in Software Engineering. Thanks in advance.


  49. Helllo sir, actually I am planning for MBA or MSc from Ireland and I want to know should I go for universities or colleges? Is there a big difference between degree of Uni n college in terms of value?

      1. Hey Adnan,

        I have heard that Biotech is a really booming field in Ireland. I was just wondering if you can shed some light on people doing Biotech and Business courses from Smurift Business School.

        Just wanted to see if there were good job prospects in that arena.


  50. Sorry guys, cannot answer all of your comments individually, New blog coming up now, hope it has answers to some of your questions. More stuff in upcoming blogs. Cheers!

  51. Hello Adnan,
    I really want to appreciate for what you’re doing.
    I’ve 4 options and I’ve to choose one,

    1. MSc Sustainable Development in DIT,
    2. MSc Supply Chain Management in DIT,
    3. MSc Energy Management in DIT,
    4. International Business Management in Project Management Stream in DBS.
    Of the above options which course will have the maximum job opportunity, what will be the average salary for a fresher. Thank you in advance.

      1. Thank you so much.. But I’ve prepared my SOP for Supply Chain Management. What do you think about jobs for supply chain management ? Thank you again.

  52. Hi Adnan……
    Iam an Indian Student….iam also interset to Study in Dublin,Ireland for completion of my Msc…..in all countries this course takes around 2 years…in Ireland also it takes 2 Years or Not?……in which Month i apply for the Universities……I clearly know about how much Money needed to completion of one Semister including College Fees with Scholarship and without Scholarship,Accommodation,Food,basic needs like Soaps,Paste,Shampoos,Hair cut and shave etc and weekend enjoyments……….any Job Opportunities are available or not after completion of my Msc so estimate amount roughly and tell me….this my Request so Plz kindly give Fast and Accurate Answer……….

  53. I’d be choosing MSc in business management at NUI Maynooth. Is it a good choice? When it came to choosing the country I thought the same way as you did. But still not convinced if I am on the right track. Help me out. Also in the list provided by you NUIM was not listed.

  54. hy adnan
    i a b.pharm student in india and i think to join ierlad for further study related to pharmacy field how the job oppurtunity after study and what is demand for pharma studnet please provide me relavent information
    and mail me on [email protected]

  55. hi,i have completed my BE in Information Technology.I am planning to do my masters in marketing at Ireland,after studies what are the job opportunities in Ireland for International student if they pursue there masters in management field.

  56. Hii adnan, I have completed BE in electronics and communication. Now planning to pursue masters in marketing at Ireland. Could you ease tell me about the part time jobs availae and the chance of getting a job after graduation.

  57. What about the GOI Scholarship Eligibility in Ireland for Indian Students.I want to pursue MS in Computer Science or in Cloud Computing.What about the Job opportunities,Work Permit after this course.I don’t wan to stay back in India like most of the Indian students did in UK.Can you please provide me some more details regarding the same.

  58. Hi!!! Thanks for the post. I would also like to know what is the job prospects in Ireland itself the placements. I am currently thinking about doing my MS ( in Computer Science ) from there.

  59. Hello everyone, I apologize every one, including Mr Raghu Sir, for not responding to your questions. I’ve harvested a good heap of assignments and projects thats keeping me busy. I WILL get back to all you guys really soon will the best answers I can provide!

    Best Regards

  60. Dear Adnan,

    I am an Admissions Manager for the Business School at UCD in Dublin, Ireland. I am currently in India meeting new students for our class of 2014. I would be more than happy to meet with students to answer many of the questions above.

    Please take a look at the schedule at http://www.smurfitschool.ie/events/november/indiafairs/

    Students can meet me at a fair or contact me directly at [email protected]

    I would be more than happy to write and article on Why study in Ireland for this blog. Just let me know if this is helpful! Thanks for your good feedback on UCD. We have 100 indian students in our postgraduate business school.

  61. Can you tell me the job prospects for management field like International business ? I am planning to pursue Masters in International business. Do the Indian students face any racism in Ireland while getting or doing jobs ?

  62. How is Ireland for undergraduate programs like automotive engineering .l went to consultant he said you have gap in education so u can’t get Canadian or us visa once my us visa is rejected do u think lf l have gap 3 years i cant get Canadian visa.. And what will be the total expense to study in Ireland for undergraduate engineering or business degree…

  63. Hey what is the scope of cloud computing? After completing masters in Ireland..and what about the colleges??National College of Oreland is good or not for masters..??

  64. salam adnan awes bhai,
    thanks for your efforts . i would like to know in which stream are you pursuing masters & what is the criteria to study in ireland as i am also pursuing mechanical engg from osmania university & will be done with it in may 2014. i would also like to know how is the value of masters from ireland & the most importantly the deeni mahaul. if i am not wrong you were a student of mjcet or dcet.

  65. Can you please tell me about direct PR chances for the experienced people.As I have 2.5 year of experience in Software Quality Analyst.

  66. hello sir,
    I am suraj from india Completed my bio medical engineering so i want to know about master course in biomedical engineering

  67. since i have completed B.tch in Aero Engineering what is the scope in ireland to do masters in aero. could you please let me know which college is best and scope of job after studies. thanks and regards, siddarth

  68. As non-EU citizen, post-study work is limited to 6 months. There are additional restrictions. Note that since Ireland’s economic crisis of 2008, when Ireland nationalized its banks, unemployment in Ireland has risen to very high levels and as many as half of those graduating from Ireland universities cannot find work. As an Indian (since EU rules require jobs first go to citizens of that country, then to citizens of other EU-member countries), plan to return to India immediately upon completion or termination of studies. Nobody is spending money on foreign workers, including PSW students’ visas. Costs too much & jobs are too scarce.

    You want a job while studying, too? Irish students are having the devil’s own time trying to find jobs to work their way through school. Visa limitations on foreign students’ hours are strict, but you simply cannot compete with all the locals who have loads of cultural knowledge you lack, better language skills, knowledge of the local market, and no restrictions on employment. Well, no restrictions except the lack of jobs in an abysmal economy. . .

    You are required to prove you have sufficient funds for all school + living expenses, plus your return transportation to your country of citizenship, without working!, to apply for a student visa.

  69. Hi Adnan Awes,
    Could u please suggest some of the best universities for Masters in Aeronautical Engineering in Ireland? and how about scope for aeronautical students in Ireland?

  70. Hi,

    I knw this post is about ireland as a destination for students .If its not US,UK how abt Canada , is it any better ?? .I mean whether even canada can be a better destination if its nt US or UK ??

    regards 😀

    1. Hey prs,

      I would’ve helped you with that but I’m not sure about which course you are interested in.


  71. what about PR status in ireland .how we get PR and how many years of work permit is there ,if i apply for masters degree???/

    1. Hey Manpreet,

      PR is a little complicated here as there are various factors which conclude to it like the company you join, your pay scale there etc. I’ll be discussing about that soon in my later blogs! Keep visiting!

  72. Hey Hi!!

    I want to know the scope and the job opportunities in the field of Computer Sciences in Ireland after MS in Ireland??

    1. Hey Harshal,

      The scope of jobs after Computer Science is pretty good here due to the fact that there are various many major companies located here who hire freshers/graduates almost every year. More information about the companies and job prospectus will be updated soon!

  73. What about Newzeland related to PhD in Comp Sc and jo9b opportunities in academics/industry?

    1. Hey Shubhrangshu,

      As I’m studying in Ireland at the moment, I’ve no clue about the education system in New Zealand, however, if I’ve any relevant information, I’ll keep you informed.


  74. Lots of comments to know about Ireland. I will let Adnan answer them. Stay tuned for more info about Ireland in Coming Days. Target is One blog post per week for next few weeks to cover all important topics – Cost, Work, Visa, Education, etc.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  75. Adnan Awes- I agree that Ireland is a friendly country and has a lovely culture (inspired by movies) and YES I always want to be different from others and try something new, but what about fee structure?
    1) UK is expensive when it comes to education. What about Ireland?
    2) which part of Ireland education are we discussing, UK Ireland or
    The republic one?
    3) I was told to opt US as it is less expensive compared to UK, but in my opinion Europe is best for research especially in my case (pharmaceutical), what do u suggest that I choose?

    Please reply, I am still planning for my masters (after B.Pharmacy) in abroad.

    1. Hey Koushik,

      As Ireland is a European country too, you can expect similar fee structure here but relatively lower than the UK.

      The degree obtained here is of course internationally well recognized. I’m discussing about the southern part of Ireland(Republic of Ireland), where all the major cities like Dublin, Cork, Galway etc are located. The Northern part is literally deserted in terms of education.

      US is no doubt relatively cheaper when compared to Europe but the research here is very intense and engrossing. In fact almost all the Universities here jump up positions in the world ranking mainly because of their research program. Ph.D. is encouraged from all the professors of their respective fields from their masters students. They have intensive programs in fields of research.

      However, please do your homework before planning your masters, irrespective of the place you are going. All the best!


    2. Hey Koushik,

      Since Ireland is a European country, the fee structure is pretty much the same but not as high as Europe. I’m discussing just the southern part of Ireland as the northern part is literally deserted in terms of education. And yes, its growing massively in terms of research(, Ph.Ds) and developments. Stay tuned for more detailed blogs!

  76. Every Thing is fine, the reason why Indian students fly to the US,Canada,Uk is the career opportunities , You can expect a job(more or less) after finishing masters in those countries, Do you have the same situation there? I heard finding a job is tough in small countries like Ireland, Prove me that you can expect the same kind of opportunities(payscale included) there in Ireland and I would be in the list of the next 1,000 students flying Ireland for masters 🙂

    1. Hey Rakesh,

      As you know that Ireland is an upcoming country in terms of economy, jobs and education, the careers opportunities are comparatively less than the giants US, Canada and UK due to their long domination and economy, but definitely not lagging. There are major companies who hire students directly from the campus. Jobs are pretty much available here, however you need to have the exact required skills.

      Most companies do not look for similar education background(like graduation in civil and master in civil too) but different yet relative background(like graduation in civil and masters in structural engineering). This will reflect you as more skilled person for the particular position.

      I hope this information helps. All the best!

      1. Thanks Adan, sure I will visit your blog for future updates, I always wanted to do masters in small countries like Ireland and Sweden, should see the possibilities.

        Thanks for this post and your reply 🙂

    2. Hey Rakesh,

      I understand that the job prospectus in the Europe is pretty low compared to the US(due to his long dominance) but its definitely not less. For example a friend of mine was selected soon after his masters for a package of about €30,000 which pretty good for a fresher. I’ll keep you and others informed in my future blogs.


  77. This is a good beginning Adnan. Somewhere along the way I hope you would mention that some of the greatest English writers are Irish – from Sean O’Casey to W.B. Yeats, from James Joyce to Samuel Beckett. More students looking to do postgraduate work in Literature should consider going to Ireland.

    1. Hey Sreekumar,

      Thanks for your kind words. I’ll surely be adding more details about specific fields and information in my upcoming blogs. Thanks again for the suggestions.

      (P.S. The library in my University was founded by James Joyce in 1908 and so its named after it 🙂 )

  78. Happy to see that you are a mechanical engineer. So how is the post study work scene in Ireland? I mean is it like the UK, where they just about nearly kick you out after you complete your education. And also could you please provide more info about the industries and job opportunities there?
    I’m a mechanical engineering undergrad and not yet decided on where to do my masters.

    1. Hey Ben,

      Like I’ve mentioned in one of the above comments, post study scene pretty much good here but not a cake walk. There’s high demand for Renewable Energy students( as Ireland, along with rest of Europe, is working very hard on recycling etc) and IT/Computer Science graduates. I’ll keep updating the information in more detail in my upcoming blogs.


  79. Hello adnan,

    Nice piece of information u have shared for us. I am also a mechanical engineer currently working since 2 yrs. Now want to do masters.
    I would like to have some details related to the cost factor, i mean the tuition fee and the cost of living and any chance of finding a part time job,

    And what abt the chances of getting a fulltime job after the completion of studies.

      1. Dear Adnan,

        When it comes to government jobs and academic positions (lecturer), one year master’s degree is not recognized in India.


  80. I disagree on the part about Indians/foreigners being treated badly in other countries. I’ve lived in the US/Germany/Japan and people in general respect you if you’re Indian as long as you are polite.

    1. Hey Sushoban,

      I was expecting a reply like this at least from one person. Anyways its all about personal experience and about what the majority of people have experienced. I’m not talking about exceptional/rare instances but yeah, as long you are polite and clear with them, you wont be get a negative response.

  81. This sounds good. I think the prospective students would be interested to know more about what benefits they would get rather than to hear about “good to have” things.you have mentioned in your mail. The most obvious topics that would interest the prospective students atleast form India would be:
    1. How better is the education and research facilities in Ireland when compared to the universities in other countries?
    2. What kind of cost it would be to do a masters in Ireland and how does it compare to that of other countries? Tution fee + living expenses? any scholarships? etc…
    3. what are the job prospects in Ireland?

    India being a developing country, Money matters are really of high interest for every (at least most of the) student. We are very adoptable and are willing to learn hardest of the things if we really see benefit from doing that. people learn German Language and get a diploma in it to go to Germany to pursue higher studies there because they see value in it. Though UK is an English speaking country, applicants to UK have reduced drastically in the last two years due to the highly regulated Visas there. I just feel that the reasons that you have mentioned in this article are not appealing enough for any student to consider Ireland as a preferred destination for their higher studies…

    1. Hey Rajesh,

      Thanks for your comment. As I cannot reply to all the questions in this little box, I’ll be talking in detail and covering all your questions in my future blogs. Stay tuned!

  82. Thanks
    its very relaxing i already set my mind to come to ireland on working visa
    probably i would try to get PR

    1. Hey,

      I request you to please look up for a similar question’s reply in this thread. I’ll be talking more about Computer Science soon!


  83. Nice post. I think US, Australia, Canada are giants in education as well as technology.But, still Ireland is not a slouch in education and technology. Hey, what about New zealand ?

    Students are also concerned about stay-back option after their studies.

    1. Hey,

      Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I cannot comment about New Zealand’s education system as I’ve neither been there nor do I know anyone there. However, if I’ve any relevant information, I’ll keep you informed.


  84. I considered studying in Ireland for a while but I came to know that post-MS job scene in Ireland is not good. Can you emphasize on the job scenario in Ireland for international students after they complete their MS?

    1. Hey Tarun,

      Thanks for your question. I’ll be writing in detail about post study scene in my upcoming blogs as I cannot explain in the tiny box here. Hope you understand. Stay tuned.


  85. My name is Karthick. Even I have studied, finished my school in Dubai , my parents are there currently. I am studying B.Tech in Mechatronics in India, I would like to go to some other country to do my masters, will be great to you if you can guide me

    1. Hey Karthick,

      I’m a little unclear about post Mechatronics scene here, however, I’ll do some research and inform you in my upcoming blogs.


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