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Study in H4 Visa or F1 Visa? 3 Options with Pros and Cons


H4 visa holders in USA can attend college U.S.A. they have three options based on visa status to attend the college. They are

  1. Study in F1 visa ( H4 to F1 Visa )
  2. Study in H4
  3. Study in H4 and F1 Visa

Following question is was posted in the forums and this article was inspired buy this question :

 I have 3 years Bachelors degree from India. So I have to do a bridge course along with my Masters degree. My main confusion is to study in H4 or in F1.

Everyone says changing to F1 is better because of scholarships TA, RA and OPT. But the Fees for International students, F1 Visa stamping and approval are the risks involved.

I have a 2 year old kid and there is no one to take care of her. There is no one in India to help me. I think it is better to study in H4 (As Resident fee is lesser than International student fee) and then apply for H1B though I’ll lose OPT and wait till H1B.

My concerns are money (considering the bridge course too), my kid and the processes involved.

I have not come across even a single person/blog saying its better to study while on H4. I’m really confused. Can you suggest me what would be better for me? I really could not come to a conclusion for almost a year so please help me.

Answer to your question depends on the your need and wants. Let me explain the pros and cons of  3 options I have listed above along with my recommendation.

Study in H4 or F1 Visa?

Here’s some factors you need to consider before deciding to attend college in USA in H4 visa

  • Visa Status
  • Finance
  • Career Goals

So, answer to your question depends on the visa situation and financial impact due to in-state and out-of-sate tuition fees and your career goals.

1. Study in F1 Visa

To study in F1 visa, you have to get admission and then apply for H4 to F1 Change of Status.

It’s simple process to apply for H4 to F1 Visa. You can do in online in 30 minutes.

Why are you going to college in first place while on H-4 visa?

If the answer could be one of the following

  1. Get a job (  Not get stuck in H4, but find a job in USA )
  2. Just get a an education to help your family business
  3. Other Reasons

If your primary goal is to get a job in USA and H-1B Visa, then studying in F1 visa should be way to go.


Getting H-1B from H4 visa is a pain and cumbersome process.

H4 visa holders who have applied via consulting companies know what I’m talking about.

Here’s the path you can take to study in F1 and apply for H1B Visa

  • H4 to F1 Visa
  • F1 Visa to CPT ( if you want Internship)
  • F1 Visa to OPT
  • Job with OPT
  • OPT to H1B

2. Study in H4 Visa

This is pretty straight forward option. You can start attending college ( Full-time or Part-Time) in H4 Visa status.

Here’s few instance when studying in H4 will be beneficial

  • You already have H1B visa counted under cap, then converted to H4.
  • H4 for EAD rule gets published, then you can study in H4, then use the EAD to get a job.

But, if your goal is to get Full Time job and H1B visa, then I don’t recommend this option.

Reasons Not to Study in H4

Finding a job, then applying for H1B while in H4 visa is close to impossible.  You should already know this by know. Plus, getting a direct full-time job from H4 is also tough.

I doubt you want to invest 1 to 2 years of your time and money and end-up not finding a job or H-1b Visa.

Here’s an example  :

  • Graduate  in May 2014 (example).
  • H1B cap could be over by April 2014.
  • So, you have to wait till April, 2015 to apply for H1B
  • Start working from October 2015.

Other than consulting company, you are less likely to find an employer who can hire you before April 2015, apply for H1B and wait till October 2015 for you to start working.

3. Study in H4 and F1 Visa

This is hybrid option. You can start studying in H4 Visa,  then change your status to F1 after 1 year or so.

It again depends on your preference and university rules with respect to CPT and OPT rules.

Trust me here. Before you take this approach, talk to the university’s International Office where you plan to study. They can be a pain some times. with all the rules on when you can apply for CPT.

If you want to apply for internship via CPT, then university will have established rules on when you are eligible to apply for CPT.

  • Should you complete 2 semester in F1 to be eligible for CPT
  • Should you just complete 2 semester in college  in H4 visa then change to F1 and then get CPT?
  • Or you may be willing not to do internship and spend almost entire course in H4, then convert to F1, so you can apply for OPT?

That’s why I said earlier, choice of converting from H4 to F1 visa depends on your need and wants.

What is more important to you?

  • Getting F1, Internship via CPT, then OPT and then job and H-1B Visa? ( you will pay of out of state fees )
  • Study in H4, Pay In-state fee, then change to F1 just before graduation.
  • Complete entire course in H4 with in-state fees and take risk with job and H-1B visa?

So, you know all the options. There are pros and cons for all the approach.

My Recommendation – Study in H4 or F1 visa?

I would go with Study in F1 visa or Study in H4.

  • F1 visa
    • If your goal is to get a job and H-1B Visa.
  • H4 Visa
    • If your spouse is close to getting green card
    • you already have an H-1B visa counted under the cap
    • In-Sate Fees is more important than job.
  • H4 and F1
    • In-State Fees while in H4
    • Out of State fees for while in F1
    • Apply for OPT and then get a job

I have made some assumptions here :  You are eligible to get In-state fee in the state you live. If you have been in a state less than 1 year, then you may not be eligible to get In-State Fees.

University will ask you to provide proof for residency requirements ( like State Tax filing, Drivers License, etc).

Your Scenario :

You have a 2 year old kid. Which means, you have to send the child to the day care ( if you are not already doing that). That’s an added expense for you when you go to study in college ($1000 per month).

You need to ask the following questions

  • Can I afford to pay $1000 per month and still pay out of state fees in F1 Visa?
  • Should I study in H4 for 1 year and then convert to F1 Visa? This will save 1 year worth Out of State fees.
  • Should I study 1 year degree instead of 2 year program?
  • Can I find 1 year degree program near your home?
  • What if  1 year programs are in different location and you have to move to new place?

Don’t jump into conclusion. Ask tough questions, write down the questions and answers.

You have to have to clear understanding about the plan, financial impact and risk options.

Then make an data driven decision, not based on emotions.

Hope, this helps.

Share this article with your H4 Visa friends circle.

Let me know if you have any other questions on attending college in USA on H4 or F1 Visa.

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  1. Hi

    I am in h4 visa and have h4 eas I have a 3 year bachelors degree from India BA. I want to study for sometime to get back my confidence and then look for job. Where do I start ? How to approach for colleges what courses (bachelors /masters/ something ) which I must do for me to kick start ?

    My goal is to get a job and do work here in US.

  2. Hello,
    My case is my fiancé has h1b approved ..currently I am working in Australia with 6+ years experience…I have to travel to us with h4 visa …I want to continue my job in card process has been started but it might take another 6 years.. I have to apply for EAD after coming to us…

    Can you please suggest which option would be better …whether to study by converting h4 to f1 or wait till my ead gets approved and start my job ?

  3. Hi Raghu,

    I am currently working on H1B visa in USA. My project is going to end and I may have to go back to India. My son is in High School (Senior) and he wants to complete his 12th Grade in USA and he should be here in USA for 6 more months. Can he apply for L1 visa and what is the process.
    Please help.

  4. Hi Sir,

    My daughter has been studying in California on H4 from 9th standard until 12th standard. But as parent I have been working at Texas and paying the state taxes at Texas. In such case, while my daughter has been studying at in California – will she be considered as In-state student ..?

    1. Murthy – Please check with CSU/UC college. They will have to decide if she will qualify for In-State. What grade is your daughter in now?

  5. Hi Sir,

    I am currently on H4 pursuing my masters in a university, soon to apply for Change of status from H4 to F1, as the process is changed to online. Is there any guideline to the new process?

  6. Hi Raghu,

    Currently I am on H4 visa (no EAD) and staying with my husband in US. I have already wasted 1.5 years in the US. Now I want to utilize my time here. My main concern is that we are only for 5-6 years in the US and then we will move back to India. I don’t want a gap in my career because that will result in difficulty in getting a good job in India. I was enrolled in a Masters course till date in a Mumbai university college but I have finally graduated from there. I want to utilize next 3-4 years here in US.

    I would greatly appreciate if you kindly give me the best suggestion considering my situation.

      1. Hello,
        I am living with my husband in US for 5 years and we have a one year old son. I now want to work on h4EAD. However, it’s been quite long since I last worked in India. Please suggest should I study first on f1 or h4 and then apply for h4EAD..? I am highly confused. Please suggest.

  7. Hi Raghuram,

    I am not sure you still update here. My problem is that whether I can study while in a status transfer from F2 to H4. My husband’s H1B has been approved but mine is still in the process. Can I enroll a full time MA in H4 pending?

    Thank you very much!

  8. Hi
    I’m presently on H4 status and came to India after extension. I don’t have H4 stamping after extension. Now I have applied for universities for further education and got admission. If I go for stamping for F1 visa and got rejected ,do my present H4 will also get cancled?
    What is best visa option for my present situation?
    Thank you

  9. Hi Raghu,

    I am in H1B with EAD approved and waiting in line for GreenCard.
    My wife is studying in H4 and before she joins her major want to change her into F1.

    What are the chances and what should I do for the change of status from H4 to F1(she has confirmation on her major from A grade school). She is in USA for last 3 years in H4 and worked 1 month only on H4 EAD.

    1. 2 Ways to change to F1 right? COS vs Stamping. COS takes 15 months or so in Vermont. So, you have to pick on based on the timeline. And, run this with an attorney and tell them all about you.

      1. Hi Raghu,

        Not sure if you are still update this blog. I am on H4 and have studied for one year now. My wife’s university ISO told me I must using F1 for 2-semesters to be eligible for OPT. As you mentioned, now change H4 to F1 in US will take 12month or so, and travel outside of US is not an option. Any other ways to get OPT?
        However, my university ISO said I do not need to be F1 if you have already studied on other visa for 2-semesters. As long as my F1 approved before my graduation, I will be eligible for OPT. Who should I believe? Did you see any case like this before? Different university has different polices?

        Thank you!

        1. I know exactly what you are talking about. You have to trust tour DSO, they are the ones who will issue the OPT I-20. You have no other choice. If you want to know the options or talk to me, you can schedule a call.

  10. hi
    Im currently on H4 and will attend the student visa F1 interview in dec.
    My main concern is to answer why not study on H4, why only on F1?
    will you utilize CPT/OPT ?

  11. My daughter is a Freshman in US Highschool. I am understanding that F1 is the best option after reading throught the blog and comments. What are the additional requirements apart from SAT. They would be applying for colleges in Senior year and how and when the visa type need to be converted? Is there any resource to look through?

  12. Hi
    I am presently working in H1b (valid until July 2021), while my wife with 6+ years of experience in Software industry in India
    is on H4 staying with me in US since last 10 months. I have not yet initiated my Green card Process.
    My wife wants to pursue masters in Computers in Spring or fall 2020(preferably Spring 2020-already got admits) and
    later find a job in US and work. But, her admits are from universities which are not in states where we are residing now.
    So in-state fees doesn’t apply to us.
    I want to know what will be a wise option for us-
    1- Study in F1 Visa from beginning, after obtaining the i-20
    2- Study partially in H4 and transfer to F1 prior to graduation to avail OPT( no CPT is fine)
    3- Apply for a change of status from H4 to F1(how beneficial and feasible is it) considering the school start date.
    4- Any other advise you see fit ?

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Hi
    I am pratima &my daughter amritha we have H4 visa my daughter just joined Co llege. But my husband just layoff from his job.
    If my husband H1 visa (no status) after 60 days, he go back India.
    Can my daughter and I stay without him(h1 holder) because she have to continue her education.
    H4 valid up to Dec2020. Without him can we stay. His I140 approved.

  14. Hi,
    My son is in H4 and is high school sophomore here in US .He wants to join a college with a 5 year BS/MS program in the home state .When he starts college he will be just shy of 18. We recently applied for green card and are from India. What visa option will be best for him if he plans to work in the US after his studies?

    1. After 21, he will age out of H4, so he would have to convert to F1. Then use OPT and get H1B to work on the USA.

  15. Hi, I have H4 visa and currently in India. I m planning for masters in spring 2020, my husband’s H1 is valid till 2021 feb. GC not yet filed. Should i apply for colleges on H4 or get F1 stamped here in India? I have 4 years of career Gap, i moved to USA in 2015 and not working since then. Have 5 years of experience. Tried for H1 but no luck. We have Visa only for a year. Am i even eligible to study on H4 while my visa is vaild only for a year? what are my chances of admission? how should i proceed?

    1. I would try to get F1 from India and then start school on F1 instead of H4 then F1 via stamping.

      1. Hello
        I’m on H4 visa till 2021. But my husband is having psychological issues and he is abusing me physically mentally and all the ways possible. I thought of leaving him and going to India. But his parents have gone to my native and created bad rumors about me. So I can’t leave to India or live with him. I would like to know if I can change to any other status and live independently. Since my EAD is approved I can go and work but not sure how long the situation will let me live on that status… Are there any cheaper colleges that can be suggested to convert f1.

  16. Hello,

    I am a senior at a US high school. I have been here on an H4 Visa for the past 4 years. I am going to apply to college in the US in the fall. I hope to go to medical school in the US in the future. However, I also want to do many internships (unpaid is fine) and research in college. Which Visa path would you suggest as the best for my specific scenario?

    Thank you so much in advance for any advice!

  17. Hi,
    I just finished my masters in the US, unfortunately I was on J1 status, I had to return to India. I am hoping to go back to the US for another masters , need some consulting on the same. Is there a way to arrange a call?

  18. Hi Raghu,

    I would like to schedule a consulting call. Please let me know the process.
    My case: I was on H4 visa for 3 months. Visa got expired. I am in India currently. I have applied for F1 visa and I have my interview scheduled on July 2nd.


      1. Hi Raghuram
        I have an admit from USA university for MBA course and I have H4 but reading all blogs and reviews need to apply for F1.
        Request you to please give me appointment for consultancy call.

  19. Hello Raghuram.
    At present am on H4 and I want to convert it to F1.
    Can I do this by joining a community college if yes what type of course.
    If no what are the courses available for a year which can convert my Visa. And ya at a lower cost. Will online courses be of any help.

    1. Hello Divya,

      I have created a guide just for H4 visa holders to find an easy way to get their Career Going.

      Several H4 Visa spouses are joining colleges without plannng the next step – F1 Stamping.

      Easier College Admission with REsidency Courses = Difficult chances of Visa Approval.

      So, the choice of college plays a huge role in your future plans.

      Please go through the guide (3 Guides in One). Each guide was sold for $20, but I combined them into one and lowered the price.

      Community College is probably not going to help you.
      Good Luck.

  20. Hi Raghu,
    I moved to New York on H4 visa and I am planning to apply to college. My husband is working here for the past 3 yrs. My question is what is the best option to transfer from H4 to F1.
    Can I apply to college with H4 and transfer it to F1 visa or go back to India for F1 stamping.
    Suppose if I go back to India for F1 stamping and my F1 visa gets rejected, is it possible to travel back to the US and continue by studies under H4. My priority is I should continue my studies and work without any delay. Thanks in advance for your reply.

    1. HI Raghuram,
      My scenario is just the same as above(Yamuna’s scenario). Please tell me how i should reach you to get answer


  21. Hi Raghuram,
    First of all thanks a lot for this discussion and your patient reply to everyone.
    I am in H4 visa for 10 months staying in USA.I am planning to apply for masters.I am interested in studying and then working under cpt/opt and H1b.I got to know that h4 to f1 transfer will take 7 to 8 you think it is safe to apply F1 visa and go back to India for stamping before joining college or study under h4 and change the status to F1.Suppose if my F1 visa is rejected ,is it possible to study under H4 visa.

  22. Hi, If I have a H4 visa and I am going to get a F1 visa by going to India and in case it takes time to get the passport back due to RFE/221G or something and then after a few days I get the F1 visa but by that time the college started and I had to withdraw my admission and then I can enter on H-4 visa? What will happen with the F-1 visa ?

  23. Hey, I’m currently studying in a h4 visa and i need to transfer for my spring semester.
    I am in the process of applying to some colleges at the moment and I’m sure that I will be accepted in at least one.
    Most people here seem to be adults with some experience… I don’t want to be a burden on my parents in regards to the visa.
    When do I apply for the f1 visa? How do I apply for it? Is this something I can apply for only after transferring?
    Also are there any states that will consider students on a h4 visa instate?

      1. Hi Raghuram

        I am in a similar situation. I have completed 2 semesters for MS, since my spouse is in US i have a valid H4 visa, right now i’m in India and planning to get converted to F1 for Fall 2019. My interview is scheduled for next week. I would like to schedule a consulting call with you ASAP. Please get back to me

  24. My wife attending college now on h4 visa.

    What do you suggest in below two options

    1) convert h4 to f1(heard that it will take 9 months)
    2) take fresh f1 from college and go India for stamping

  25. Hi Raughuram,

    At present, I am L2 visa and would start my MS this September at the University of Washington. I am planning to move to F1 visa after completing 9 months. So that I can work as an intern which would typically start from April 2019( I can’t do that on F1 until June 2019). I have to move from L2 to f1 by end of the first year of my college as my L2 will expire before my college ends and I won’t be able to work after that. What do you suggest me in this scenario? Is there any risk staying on L2 now or shall I move to F1 now itself? (which will not give me an opportunity to work before June 2019) My classes are designed for professionals I can work during daytime and attend my classes in the evening.

  26. Hi Raughuram.,

    I am currently working on h4-ead ., my h4-ead/h4 is going to expire in august after that i will not have any visa to stay in usa and i am planning to do masters(day 1 cpt ) ., do u think i have any other option apart from masters please help me out

  27. Hello Raghuram,

    I am currently in India and I have a stamped H4 visa but I have not travelled back to US. I have applied for Masters in some universities and I would like to study on F1 visa. Do I have to go for change of status procedure or Can I apply for F1 visa interview?

    1. Hi ,

      Here two options available.

      1. You can apply for F1 Visa interview and after cracking the interview , continue studies in F1 status
      2. Visit USA in H4 status and join to the college with H4 status. After that you can apply for change of status from H4 to F1. ( This process will take 7 to 8 months)

  28. Hi Raghu

    I am getting married this July and my Fiance is on HIB with his I140 approved.
    I come from a marketing and sales background of 4 years and am worried whether getting a job would be easy in NYC since these verticals usually hire local resources.
    Studying is an expensive options as all good schools cost a bomb for masters.

    Would you still recommend studying to be a better option considering it would help me network and get some leads OR with some patience I could really grab a decent job?

  29. Hello,
    I have been selected in UIC for MSBA course . But I have a situation , I am getting married this March and my spouse is H1B visa holder and he has been staying in Chicago for past 4 years. We are planning to apply in college under H4 and then get it converted to F1 for OPT and etc. FYI currently I hold no visa and will be applying for H4 once we get married. Can you please suggest pros and cons of my plan?

    1. Hi jivisha I have the same issue could u tell me how you went about ?
      Will the visa authorities questions because by taking F1 instead of H4 it looks very obvious of you going to settle in USA

  30. hello ann,
    i am also in the same boat as yours. let me know if we can discuss and share our knowledge on joining in fall

    1. Hi Deep, I am also in the same boat. Trying to get more information and start MS in the coming fall.

        1. Hi Raghu
          I will be applying for a master’s course in US . But I have a situation , I am getting married this November and my spouse is H1B visa holder and he has been staying in Chicago for few years. FYI currently I hold no visa and want to apply for a F1 visa
          But Will the visa authorities question me because by taking F1 instead of H4 it looks very obvious of me going to settle in USA

          1. You have to prove your case to why F1 and why not H4. So, prepare for the interview expecting those questions.

  31. Hello

    My husband is on his h1b visa now and it will take him few more years to get his green card. He has not been there in that state where he is working now for more than 6 months. So can u suggest me if i can still study on my h4 visa or not in that state.

  32. Hi Raghu,

    I completed my opt and stem in December 2017. Since my H1b did not get picked I came back to USA on H4 visa on jan 1st 2018. I am currently enrolled to university of Cumberlands on H4 visa. I am planning to apply for COS TO F1. Mean while my company has agreed to apply for my H1B in April 2018 even though I am not working in the company.

    Please suggest me you inputs and let me know if iam goin in right path.

    Looking forward to your reply. Really appreciate your help

  33. Hi Raghu

    I am currently on an H4 visa and have been staying in the US since April 2017. I plan to apply for MS for Fall 2018. I want to study on F1. Would it be possible for me to apply for a brand new F1 when I already have an H4, or will I need to do a Change Of Status? Also, I read on a blog that sometimes F1 gets rejected when we already have an H4? Does that commonly occur?


  34. Hi Raghu,

    Its been an year staying in US on h4 visa, and my husband(H1-B) is been trying to get his green card initiated but no luck yet. I had a plan to write GRE/TOEFEL and pursue MS but I am currently 7 months pregnant. I am still looking forward to appear for GRE and probably get admission in any in state college. Are there certain Universities/Colleges which provide part time MS in such scenarios? And if we can still get OPT? Please help. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. Its great news when there’s going to be new baby in the family 🙂 First talk to colleges nearby and decide what you want to study. Then find out requirements and then prepare.

  35. Hi Rahgu,

    I am currently on H4 visa and carry 8+ years of work experience in IT industry and my husbands green card process and is still in initial stage(i.e in process of labour) . Given the current situations, is it advisable to join a college and get day1 cpt and start work(this will be my first masters and i have a 4 year bachelors from India)or wait for EAD to start working. Please advise


  36. I have H4 visa. Is GRE or TOEFL scores are necessary for pursuing certified financial analyst (CFA) course?

    1. Talk to the universities you are planning to apply. They will let you know if GRE is Required. TOEFL would be required for non-native speakers.

  37. Hi Raghu..
    I am on H4 visa and in India now. I am travelling to USA in Sep 2017.

    I wanted to know the various options available for me to study and find a job in USA.

    I have a Masters degree in computer Science and Engineering from India. What course can I join and what visa ? Which is more applicable?
    Please advice.

    Thank you.

  38. Hi Raghu,
    I am on h4 visa currently and my husband’s h1b along with my h4b extension is in progress right now. I am studying here in US from spring 2017 and I am looking for COS from h4 to f1 as i will be graduating soon. For COS, which option is better, whether to submit application from here itself in US or go back to india and get the stamping done from there.(Planning to go in august, h4B valid till 3rd august) Considering the fact that our extension applications are in progress for current visa status.

    1. Hi Anubha,

      I am in the same situation. Let me know, did you plan for COS from H4 -F1 here in US or going to India and get stamping from there. Even our extention is in process.


  39. Hi Raghu

    I am in India and am currently on H4 visa and I am planning to pursue my education from Jan 2018 on H4.Could you please tell me by when I need to apply for colleges?

    Thank you

  40. Hi Raghu – My wife is on H4 currently expiring on Dec 31. She has been accepted for Fall semester starting from Sept. I am applying for H1/H4 extension, but if we do not get extension by Dec 31, does she needs to stop study or can continue her studies with the 240 day rule (8 months grace period) pending decision. Any inputs will be helpful.


  41. Hi I am on h4 I want to change my visa status to f1 my husband will get i140 on next feb so which one is good for me h4 or f1 visa usally in opt how much we will get as a intern

  42. Hi,

    I would really appreciate it if you could help me with the following question:

    My husband is on H1B and will get his I-140 this fall. I am on H4 and want to pursue a master’s degree. My question is – I might get my EAD by the end of this year, can I study on this visa status and intern rather than changing to Student Visa? I ask this because the field I am entering into has lesser options for international students and I was hoping if I could retain EAD while studying and interning, I could find jobs easily upon graduation without the sponsorship hassle. I really look forward to your reply. Thank you.

      1. Hi Raghu, can you share your contact number? I would need to discuss more about options to study in US.

  43. Hi Raghu

    I have h4 visa and want to go for f1 study visa. However, due to family conditions I can only do weekend classes or part time courses(preferably online). Can you suggest if it’s possible. If yes which institutes consider part time courses and how much will be approx fee.

  44. Hi Raghu,
    I’m on H1B, with approved I140, priority date Aug 2013, EB2. My son is in 8th grade now and will go to college after 4 years. He is in H4.
    Can he go to a college in H4? How about his fees? Scholarship? Will he be eligible under my GC application?

  45. Hi Raghu,
    I am on H4 visa but come under H1B cap exempt too (My petition for H1B got expired on 07-Jan-2017 and I didn’t travel on my H1 even once).
    Given this scenario , do you think it would be wise to move to F1 or shall I pursue some consultancy for H1B sponsorship ?

    Please Advise.


  46. Hi Raghu

    Advanced Happy New Year 🙂

    Please help me with my visa issue.I was on H4 and filed for H1B with COS. I got my H1B approved last week but also got admit from a top college for MS program.I would like to pursue my MS but filing from just approved H1 to F1 seems risky.Please let me know what would be the impact and if I can proceed with H1 to F1 filing.

  47. Hi Raghu,

    My wife came to US on H4 visa while I have started with my GC process. Now shall we follow the route for H4 study as I would be expecting to get I140 by max in 2 years ?
    Also, she is from commerce background so what study options you suggest going forward ?


  48. Hi Raghu

    Thanks for all the information.
    My scenario is my wife got H1B and she is in states now.
    I have 9+ years of experience in IT.Currently i am working in Sweden as an Delivery Architect and holding an Permanent Resident Card of Sweden.
    Now I am willing to travel to US and My goal is to get H1B.

    Should i apply for F1 or H4 or Should i find employeers who can sponser my H1B. Please adivce.

    Thanks in advance!


  49. HI,

    I am on H4 visa i want to do some six month or one year course in management, as i come for management back ground please help me .

  50. Hi,

    I’m currently in US in H4 visa status. I have applied for my masters and received the admission confirmation and I-20. For the process of Status change, during the I-539 application, college asked me to submit an financial affidavit and bank statement with funds of my 1st year course fee as mentioned on I-20.
    But the issue is I have 50% of the fee in my spouse account and for the rest 50% we tried for loan in US it didn’t workout as few of the bank was asking for US citizen as the cosigner.
    So kindly advice whether it is good to apply for change of status with 50% of fund as a current balance with the financial affidavit which will explain my spouse earnings and capability to pay the rest of the fee or the loan approval document is necessary ?

    Kindly do the needful.


    1. I think your school shouldn’t have issued I20 without 100% sources of fund. For COS, you should be able to apply without proof if funds. Funds is typically required only by the school to give I20.

  51. hi,
    i am 49 years old . i have done 03 yrs full time course in Mechanical engineering and having 20 + years experience can i will get admission at this age.

  52. Hi Raghuram

    You have mentioned that you do not recommend the option of studying with H4 visa if the goal is to get a job with H1b.

    My wife is currently studying in H4 visa but she has the EAD card till Aug 2019.

    Can you please explain why it is difficult to get H1B visa with the H4 EAD option?

    Thank you very much.

    1. Please don’t ask questions that have HUGE impact on your careers in blog comments! I don’t know anything about you, your risk taking potentials or future plans and without ZERO background, I can’t help you. And one shouldn’t be making life changing decisions based on my answer in the comments section. At least I wouldn’t do that. Follow the Comments Policy.

  53. Hi, I am planning to start my bachelor’s in (Fall 2017). My father is an software engineer who moved to U.S.A 3 years ago and I moved as well from India with him. He currently holds a H1-B visa and I hold a H4 (dependent visa). I will be graduating from High School in Ohio this May 2017. We have been moving between states and we moved to Ohio in October 2015 and still residing there.
    All I want to know is :
    1) Will I be getting In-state for state of Ohio?
    2) Will I be eligible for Scholarships/ Financial Aid?
    3) Can I do internships and several other programs like my American-born friends?
    4) Do I still apply for colleges just like my American-born friends (ACT/SAT SCORES, ESSAYS,GPA)?

  54. Dear Mr Raghuram, your answers are really to the point & will certainly help the aspirants to pursue study/career in US.
    I may need some guidance for my daughter’s issue regarding H4/F1 & will look up to your valuable inputs.

    With WarmRegards!!
    GM, INDIAN OIL , Mumbai

  55. HI Raghu,

    Background – I came to USA on H4, got my visa converted to H1B, worked in IT for 1 year, back to H4 after birth of baby.

    1. Can I study on H4 visa and use my H1B visa to find a job after I finish studying?
    2. I want to study journalism (I had applied H1b for an IT job, so will it matter?)
    3. Will it be advisable to study as a resident because I hold a previously applied H1B?


  56. Hello,

    My wife is currently on H4 and planning to go to school in Fall 2016. She has received amazing scholarship and also plans to work on campus. I am on H1B and have already received my I-140, so we can apply for my wife’s EAD too. What’s the best option for my wife:
    1. Stay on H4, get EAD and apply for change in status? While the status change goes through (which can take 4 months), will she be eligible for availing scholarship? I am assuming on campus jobs will be ok because she will have EAD.

    2. Apply for F1 and get it stamped from India in August. That would be the standard path but has risk and overhead.

    Our main goal is NOT to miss out on scholarship and on-campus opportunities.

    1. Hi Raghu,
      I am on H4 visa and my visa got extended last week. I started my bachelor’s in Fall 2016 and will be graduating in July 2018. I am planning to change my visa to F1. How long have I to be on F1 visa to be eligible for OPT? Also, I have a plan to travel India on my H4 status and after coming back apply for F1 by mid-August. Would that be too late to apply for F1? Should I postpone my travel and apply for F1 as soon as possible?
      Please advice


  57. Hi Raghu,

    You article is very informative. Thanks for helping the community.

    I have one question – after converting from h4 to f1, after completing of education, what if one doesn’t get a job (or cannot do the job due to changed circumstances)?

    I believe once converted to f1 which is independent category on its on, you lose your h4 benefit to “stay” in USA as long your spouse with h1 is working. Can it be converted back to h4 without much hassles? Is there any other way of staying over without job?

    I would appreciate your thoughts on this.


  58. Hello,
    I m aiming for spring jan 2017 for masters in Biotech,US but my major concern is that I’ll be getting married to H1B visa holder in December.should I apply for h4 or f1?how long will the visa procedure be if I opt for H4?can I apply immediately after marriage for both h4 or F1 visa?Also I read for studying on h4 visa I need to be residing in states for atleast a year which doesn’t make me eligible for Jan 17 intake on H4 it true?

    1. “Also I read for studying on h4 visa I need to be residing in states for atleast a year which doesn’t make me eligible for Jan 17 intake on H4 it true?”

      You are eligible to study on H4, but not eligible for in-state fees.

      Also, make sure to go through your university policies on H4 visa. Some Universities do not allow H4 visa students to start in Spring semester.

    2. Yes to get residential benefit you need to complete 1 year (As mention in you id card does not count from your arrival date ). I will suggest go for F1. In H4 you will get benefit after one year.

  59. Hi,

    I am on H4 Visa currently and my husband is on H1B Visa. We have 3 years of Visa but i am not sure till when we will stay in US (as it depends on current project of my husband). I want to earn money, basically to be financially independent. Are there any 6 months or 1 year courses available which i can apply for and earn simultaneously? Also what is the approximate fees to convert H4 Visa to F1 Visa?

    It will be of great help sir, if you can guide me.


  60. Hi Raghu,

    As I told you earlier I want to apply for my Visa as I want to travel in the month of April .
    I checked for the list of documents for applying visa, there was this document income tax return slip
    and my husband went america on H4 in october, and so h is not having income tax return, is this the mandate or important document for applying visa or i can apply without this also. Kindly help me with this


    1. I’m not getting the context of your question. Please post questions specific to your situation in Q&A page. It maybe better to schedule a session with me to get things sorted out for you. There’s only so much I can answer here in comments area.

  61. Hello Raghuram,
    My wife has a H4 to F1 conversion( no stamping yet ). She’s in the final sem of her course and just got an internship and has initiated to get her CPT authorized through a 3 course credit Independent study.

    She’ll graduate end of May depending on the internship duration. Can we travel to India next month and get her visa stamped stating that she needs to complete CPT course needs to be completed to graduate? Would it be easier to request F1 stamping stating the intent of H4 to F1 was to complete an internship required to complete the course.

    What do you think we can do ?

    1. Hey – Please post this for Attorney Murali Bashyam. There’s pros and cons.
      After you submit the question, I can add options and Murali can comment on it. Thanks.

    2. Hello Harrish,

      I am Subhashini. I am planning to start my Masters from Spring 2017. I have already received the I20. I am married and my husband may have to travel in October to the US on H1B (which means I may have to travel on H4). I plan to change my status to F1 while I am there(no visa stamping). I am guessing this was the scenario with your wife as well. Was she able to work on-campus? Was she authorized CPT/OPT? Please let me know.

      Thank you very much,

  62. hi
    i have a question. my friend is planning to marry a h1b engineer guy in june and come to usa in jan next year. she is planning to do a 2 year course there and join next april. . its an expensive medical course and the instate fee comes to around 70000 dollars for a total of two years. will she get an f1 visa or a h4 visa? should she apply for f1 visa or h4 visa? after her course she may take a break of five years before she begins to work and earn cz she may have a child after her course. so which is better? f1 or h4? or is it advisable to do the course after five years? to qualify for instate she will have to wait a year after reaching there? is it better to apply now and get admitted and then come there in jan and start the course in april? will she get an f1 visa since she would be married by june this year ti that h1b guy

    1. Have your friend watch the H4 Visa Options Course. I have cover in-depth about various options and which route would save money.

  63. Hi Raghu,

    Your Blog really helped in solving few of my queries. To introduce myself, i am pooja, a chartered accountant working with a mnc in India. I am getting married in Dec 2016 and my fiancee is in H1B visa working at Chicago. Can you please guide me regarding when to apply for H4 visa so that i can go along with my husband immediately post marriage and i want to work there too, after studying CPA so will i have some exemption since i am holding CA qualification?

  64. Hi Raghu,

    I m pooja , my husband is on H1 visa and he is currently working there. I have to go to America in the month of April on H4 visa , so I have a question that when should I start the process for applying my H4 visa so that i can travel in the month of April.


    1. Hello Pooja,

      I guess I replied to you in another thread. I know an employer who can apply for H1 for qualified applicants. Send me an email using the contact from in the blog.

      1. Hi , I am a lawyer by profession working here as a legal advisor. I wat to know how much time it will take for completion of the process and getting H4 visa, as I want to travel in the month of April.

        1. H4 Visa process is pretty simple. Schedule the interview, get visa approval and visa would delivered in next 2 to 3 days ( provided there’s no 221(g) and you can fly anytime after that.

  65. H-4 to F-1 in middle of semester :-

    BACKGROUND : Currently,I am doing MS from UWM in H-4 status. So far I have completed 12 credits and I am in the 3rd semester now (Spring’16) . In this semester, I have opted for 3 courses/9 credits out of which only 1 is classroom course .

    There is a likely chance that when I’ll be in middle of my semester 3 (Feb’16) my husband may go out of status , meaning that his H-1B visa may not be valid . This in turn means that I’ll also go out of status.

    I do not want to initiate I-20 request before knowing about my husband’s visa status because if I do, then I’ll have to un-necessarily take courses in Summer semester which are not relevant to my MS. I will accrue additional fee of at least $12,000 on this.


    1. How should I proceed for obtaining an F-1 ? Will university provide me I-20 in middle of semester ?

    2. If above is possible in Feb’16 itself and then I mail the I-20 to USCIS for COS , will I be considered in-status until my application is approved ? How do I manage the timing for this eventuality ? For example, let’s say that my husband’s H-1B becomes invalid on Feb-15-2016 and I obtain the I-20 on Feb-16-2016 and mail it to USCIS on the same or next day, which will eventually reach to USCIS in 2-3 days. Will I be considered out-of-status since Feb-15-2016 ?

    3. F-1 mandates 2 classroom and 1 online course only however, I’ve opted for 1 classroom and 2 online course in the current semester. Will this be a problem for Change of status?

    4.What is a better mode for F-1 application in my case – Going out of country for stamping OR post the application to USCIS while being in the US ?

    Please guide me.

    1. Hi Sweety Garg,

      Im Joanna. Even im form wisconsin. I’m currently on H4 and i’m planning to purse my MS this year.Can you please guide me the process that you went through.

      Appreciate your quick response.


  66. I am from india i want to go USA . I have completed master of social work in 2014 how can i apply
    Which is good way for me to go USA .

  67. Hi Sir,

    Im currently residing in Denver from March 2015 on H4 visa. I have an MBA degree from Madras University and 4 yrs of experience in HDFC Bank. Now I’m planning to do MS at colorado business school in fall. As my husband’s green card is getting processed in EB2, my motto for studying MS to get H1B. Kindly clarify my below doubts.

    1) Can i study MS marketing and get a job in banks in USA?

    2) Can i write GRE/TOFEL in US itself and change the visa from H4 to F1 or do i need to go back to India for attending GRE/TOFEL tests and changing the visa status.

    3) In case of above things happening from US itself, can i go to India with my F1 visa during this 1 yr course period?

    4) Is it possible for me to join on H4 (to avoid out of state fee) then change to F1 within this one yr course duration?

    5) After my course completion i would preferably work in any bank. Do the banks in US sponsors H1B?

    1. Hey – I would have to talk to you via a Skype call to help you. Career impacting decisions can’t be discussed via comments section. Alos, check the H4 Visa Options Course first. It will give clarity.

  68. Hello Sir,

    Thanks for your detailed information of blog, which is very helpful. My situation as below,

    My Wife currently is in F1 status (STEM period expiring by Dec) with F1 Visa expiring on June 2016. Now, she will be going to India and planning to come back on H4 in January. She have been accepted from a university for her Doctorate course to Summer 2016 intake. The questions are, can she study her complete Doctorate course as full time student being on H4 ? or Does she need to be on F1 mandatory to do her Doctorate as full time student? I know people who have done their Master’s on H4 as full time students, but am not sure of the case on for Doctorate. Please advise.

  69. Hi sir
    Your write up was a soul curry for This H4 holder wid 6yrs of exp in brands/retail industry(currently messed up vid the non working status).I am planning to pursue a course from FIT-NY…wud like to know further on below points
    1)what’s the duration for h4 to f1 conversion.
    2)planning to go for a certificate course under non credit program which wud last only a semester.will I still be eligible to get OPT if pursued on f1?
    Look forward to ur guidance here.Thanks

    1. Namrata – You have to find answers to the following before you enroll for the certificate course.

      – Is your school allowing F1 Visa for certificate course most schools will not give I-20) – COS is not taking really long time. Like 5 to 7 months.

      I created H4 Visa Options Course just t address lot more questions you will run into. Check it out.

  70. Hi Raghuram,

    I came to US on H4, and converted to F1 for studying. I now have a CPT and want to travel to India. In all this time from H4 to F1 I haven’t travelled to India even once. I understand that when ever I fly to India and want to come back to States, I have get my F1 visa stamped. I was scheduling for an appointment for the same. One of the questions ask me – “Do you have a previous F1 visa ?” Should my answer be yes or no ?
    This visa was issued to me in US and there is no stamping on my passport for that.
    Also I still have 6 months more to my studies, is there any chance of visa rejection or any other complications that you can see ?

  71. Hi Raghuram – This is an excellent blog!

    My green card is currently under process under EB3 and might take a while before we have EAD. My wife moved to the US last year and is currently in H4 VISA.

    She has 7 years of experience in India. What is the best way for us to get her working in the US?

    We have moved to another state and may not be eligible for the in-state fees. I wanted to get your feedback before we proceed.


  72. Hi Raghu,
    I came across your blog and found it intresting and i hope you would help me in figuring out some of my queries.
    I am on H4 visa since this march. I will be applying for MS in this fall. Once my application gets selected i will have to convert my visa to F1 visa . I need to know primarily from you:
    1. Can a apply for conversion of H4 to F1 visa staying in US?
    2. Do i need to come back to india for F1 visa stamping or it can be done from US counsulate in US?

    1. Hello Trikom, I have done a detailed analysis of the options and how to save money while studying in H4 visa or F1 in H4 options course.

  73. Hi Raghu
    I want to pursue my Masters course in U.S. And I am on H4 VISA. My spouse is on H1B. I am staying in U.S. for past 17 months but I recently moved to a different state and haven’t completed a year in this state. Will I be eligible for the in state tuition fee if I go for my masters course here?

    My spouse’s company is likely to apply for his GC within 6 months of time. I was thinking of pursuing a full time course by which his I -140 will be approved and I will get my EAD after which I will have an option to work according to the new work permit rules for H4 VISA holders. The only constraint is that will I be eligible for the in state fee?

  74. Hi Raghu,

    My wife has got H1B last year Oct 2014 from one desi consulting company in US, but now due to lack of work and due to issue with employer she has to convert to H4 visa until she finds potential employer. Now we are exploring option if she can go for study (FT/PT) from Naperville,IL College. I would like to know if she should opt for any other Visa for Study or she should go with H4 Visa considering she has already passed the road of getting H1B. The final objective is to get a job in US. She doesnt want to waste time sitting and looking for job, rather she can study to utilize time in fruitful manner if thats going to make life easy. Whether we should apply for FT/PT using H4 ? Is this route is cost effective and going to ful fill the objective?

    Appreciate your help.


  75. Hi Raghuram,
    I am a BE-Computers graduate with 5 years experience in IT from India.
    I have h4 visa and would like to pursue further studies in MIS (Master of Information Systems).
    My question is,if I am interested in doing MIS from a university ,is it a mandatory requirement to give GRE and TOEFL or some universities accept the application without GRE?

    Thanks for any suggestion/help on this.

    1. Hey – Check out the course H4 Options. If required schedule a consulting call. There’s lot more to discuss that just GRE and TOEFL ( and how to get waiver).

  76. Hello Sir,
    I have a query regarding my study on H4 Visa. As i have moved to US couple of months back. I have completed my in IT want to pursue Masters in Technical Course but don’t have GRE scores , So is that possible to get admission in any colleges which provides technical courses along with F1 Visa with CPT/OPT.

  77. Hi Raghu,

    Could you please let me know if H4 visa with work authorization can ONLY be applied for spouse of H1B who is applying for Green card or even a normal H1B visa holder planning to go back to home country after the H1B visa period is over?

  78. Hi Raghu,

    Just signed up to this website and I can see that it’s really helpful.

    I have few questions regarding finding a course of my choice. I have done Masters in information security from symbiosis University, India and now I am in States on H4. Now I am looking for community colleges who can provide me a low cost degree as well as F1 visa. It would be great if you can guide me on how to find such colleges? Do I need to clear any exam to get into these colleges?


      1. Hi Raghuram,

        Would it be possible for one to get H4 to F1 Approved for a certificate program ?

        Please let me know if it is only possible if one enrolls in Associate Degree ?


        1. I don’t think so. You need to enroll for Masters Degree or Bachelors (with college starting in Associate Degree).

  79. Hello sir,

    I am on H4 visa and really interested to study in US, I also have 6 years of work experience from India.I would be glad if you could suggest universities where in I can apply for further studies.And would like to study on H4.


    1. Hello sir,
      I am recently married in may. Going to US on H4 visa in december along with my spouse. Really interested to work in US. According to the new regulations can i work in US or do i need to study to get a job?


  80. Hi Raghuram,

    Iam currently on H4 visa..residing in Jersey city..and having 5 years of accounting experience in India. Now i want to work in USA.

    Please sugggest me.


  81. Hi..I have a question about studying on H4, via online universities.
    I came to US on L2 visa , gotL2 based EAD and worked on that for 1.5 years (non- IT) . Then became H4 as my spouse’s company started GC process. (As part of it they applied H1B since L1 was expiring)
    Now as the H4 EAD rule is published, the entire scenario has changed for H4 holders like getting EAD and job through it.

    So my question is , is it advisable to study some certification courses on H4?? for eg:-HR certification programme by online universities ?? Will there be any administrative (visa) constraints for it ??
    Will it be expensive as we are international -non student visa holders ???


  82. hello.,
    Hi this is hamsa dharani under H4 visa. i have completed my B.E (ECE) and MBA( HR AND FINANCE) . Then i got married and came to Columbus,Ohio before a month.i am a fresher i dont have working experience. i wish to either study or to work. plz let me know the procedure to study…..

    1. I have helped several H4 visa holders come up with a plan. Please schedule a coaching call to sort what will be best course to study and where.

  83. Sir, I just came to US(Columbus,Ohio) with H4 visa to stay with my husband who is in H1b. Now my husband has applied for his visa extension after completing his 3 years of stay here. But I also want either to study or work here. I have completed my masters in pharmacy with pharmaceutics as my specialization from West Bengal,India. Please suggest me what
    and how to proceed for the next step. I
    want to stay here in columbus and do something. Please tell me whether I have any option to do something from Ohio State University. I will be highly obliged if you show me a way and help me to have a good career here in US.

      1. Hi Sir,

        I need to contact you on some queries for H4 visa holder. Please provide me a contact number

        Aakanksha Anand

  84. I am in h4 visa and I am staying here in US since 2009. My hubby applied for GC . I have my GRE score . It will be helpful if you can suggest some university names with no Toefl score.

  85. Hi Raghu,

    Thanks for your blog.

    I am currently staying in USA on H4 visa. And I have completed B.E. in India and having 12 years of Experience in IT field. And I wanted to continue my career and so applied for H4 to H1 Visa conversion this year. Like others I am also waiting for the results. As days goes my faith towards getting H1B visa is reduced.

    Anyway I do not want to stop my attempts. Want to get H1 B visa through OPT (from F1 visa). But I am not clear with process. It would be great help if you could clarify them

    My intention is to get Working Visa. My husband company has no policy of processing GC. so i can not go through H4 EAD rule.

    1. In that case what would be the best option for me to get work visa?
    2. What is the minimum duration course I could go for to make me eligible for OPT option.
    3. Do I need to complete TOEFL or GRE exam to get myself enrolled into some university?
    4. Like u said in the post even my kids depend on me and I prefer to study from home. Is there any option available like that?

  86. Hi Raghu, First things first. Thanks a lot for creating a platform to address the concerns and also where we can collaborate with each other.

    I filed my H1 B this year and like many people, no update yet.
    So checking the other options. I have a BSc(Computer Science) and there is an Education Evaluation done already for the H1 B filing. I heard we got to do some bridge course to do an MS. Is that so? (even after Education evaluation done ?)
    Will our experience count ? I have around 10 yrs of experience as a System Analyst in IBM.

    I did check the in-state and out-state stuff too. Appreciate if you can give some inputs. Thanks!


    1. I have seen RFE.l from 4 year degree from India from for H1. But experience also counts. Your r scenario is something needs to be handled by attorney.
      But if you plan to get MS or MBA go for it.

      1. Experience counts for MS degree ? And what about bridge course ?

        For H1, one of my friend got an email today that her’s is selected. So I better think that there is still some hope.

  87. Hi Raghu,

    My husband has got H1 status cleared in the lottery system. I am an HR – Recruiter here in India having close to 5 years of experience.

    As per all these comments and your blog, getting a Job in US is not possible with H4 and even if I opt for study it will take ample amount of time of around 2 years.

    Would it be better option to take L1 and I can come on L2 visa which allows working on job. As his company is ready to give either of the Visa’s.

    What are the chances to get full-time job in HR role, as I assume HR has different functions for US compare to India.?


    1. Would they go Green Card in either case?

      Is it L1A or L1B?

      Will they revoke H1B if you come in L1?

      1. As for now my husband just got a confirmation by his employer of being selected in H1B lottery.

        Green card is something is not sure and we have not thought of taking it.

        L1 – L1B is something they will can offer.

        Yes, it would be only L1 and not H1B.

        Please, help me in finding if there is any way in respect to new rule for H4 visa holder, where I can be able to take work visa if H1B is something we choose.

        1. It’s possible to get h1 from non profit companies. You can learn about the experience at H1b plan b course.

          1. Hi,

            What is “H1b plan b course”.
            It would be great if you can help me finding about this.

            Also, as I have written in my first post about my experience in HR. I have 5 years of experience in HR with MBA degree.

            Will this experience can help me in getting job in US? Because if I understand new rule for H4 dependents work permit : it is not for new H4’s.

            Please help me in finding the solution to the problem and situation, as I do not want to give a stop to my career.

          2. Navya, I can provide limited support via comments.

            Check under products tab above for H1b plan b course and if you like to know above career options please schedule a consulting call ( link is in Products page).

  88. Can you please let me know if GMAT/GRE and TOEFL can be waived off for H4 visa holders who want to do higher studies?Also once the EAD comes in this month , can H4 visa holder work partime along with studies.(currently only F1 visa holders can work partime). What about full time work and partime studies for H4 after EAD comes into effect this month?

      1. Unfortunately i cant see anywhere in the Q&A where it specifies if GMAT or GRE is compulsory for PG admission for H4 visa holders.Is there any way a person on H4 visa can get PG admission without GMAT or GRE. Request you to kindly clarify this.

        Thank you.

        1. There’s no universal answer for GRE/GMAT requirements.

          MGIM program that my wife is graduating (tomorrow) used to require GRE, but they made it optional last year. If she applied for MS in CS then GRE is mandatory in NC State.

          If you need a plan mapped out for you based on your location, please schedule a consulting call. I can set things straight for you.

  89. Hi Raghuram,

    Your blog is very informative. I got answers for few queries which I was having, Still having some doubts. I would be thankful to you if you could help me out.
    I am pursuing MSCS degree from university in california. I am on H4 visa and I did completed my first semester in this month. Now I want to convert from H4 to F1. I have already applied for I-20 change of status form. But I am very confused with the process. What should I do Once i get I-20 form . Do any consultancy help to get F1 visa OR I have to do it by myself , Because my college doesn’t do it.
    And one thing I am very much concerned about is that , where I am still eligible to work on CPT /OPT once F1 visa gets approved ? Because my first semester is over being on H4 . and How long does it take to get F1 visa approved ? I got low TOEFL score but passed ESL exam in college .Does low TOEFL marks causes denial of F1 visa?

    Kindly help.Thank You.


  90. hello sir,

    it was awesome blog.i need your help, i not able to take decision.
    currently am on h4 visa ,i got admit in university ,now i want to apply for change of status (h4 to f1) .my spouse came to usa on xxx company and we had a visa upto may 2016,now he want to shift to another company,i am traveling to India for f1 stamping on august. will it affect to my f1 visa stamping.

  91. Hi Raghu

    Thanks for all the information. This is of very great help.
    My scenario is my wife got H1B and she will be travelling in a week. I got my H4 stamped. I have 3+ years of expreience in India in IT. Now I am willing to travell to US. I am confuse on what should i focus to be in US.
    Could you please suggest what should i do in order to get in US and get a job there?

    Please show some path forward.

    Awaiting reply.


  92. Hi Raghu, awesome post. I have a question though. My husband’s I-140 will probably get approve in 7-8 months if everything goes fine and the H4 EAD rule will get effective in 4-5 months. My question is should I convert myself to F1 visa, as I can come back to H4 visa even if the F1 visa doesnt work for me. I am just concerned that I am not missing any drawbacks of changing my visa to F1. Please provide your feedback. Thanks.

  93. Hey Raghuram,
    I am applying to colleges in California particularly in bay area. Since I am keen to do cpt and opt I was thinking of applying as f1. But I am not sure of the chances of acceptance are more for f1 or h4. I will be applying for Software Engineering but my earlier background was Chemical Engineering. So have to measure the risks involved

  94. Hi Raghu,
    Thanks for your informative blogs. Need one suggestion.Currently I am in H4 . I have 7 years of IT exp. in India. I don’t want to pursue IT career. But I want to do some jobs. What kind of job can I do ? Pls. suggest.

  95. Hi Raghu,

    Thank you for blog. It is of great help. I need your ssuggestion. I am a H1b visa holder in India and have my daughter _ 20 years old studying B.Tech 3rd year on H4. If I plan to go to take up my job in US, and take my daughter with me now, what are the best options. I am concerned about visa that my daughter will lose at 21 years. Is there an option of transfer to undergrad school, and are any other options pls advise. Thank you.

  96. Hi Raghu Ram..this blog is jus awesome..thanks for solving a lot of questions…
    My question is Iam on h4..I stay in Missouri..a university in Missouri helps in transferring h4 to f1..if I want to study and apply for any job when can I go for that..either in first year or second year..thank you

  97. Hi, I will be reaching US on h4 in April. I’m planning to do M.S. there while being on H4. I have no plans of converting my visa status to F1. My question is, after completing MS on h4, will I be eligible for special category MS students for H1B application? Or do I have to apply only in the general category?

  98. I am currently a student of GGC. I am a non-immigrant holding H4 visa and also resident of Georgia as I am residing here for more than a Year. I want to get separated with my husband who is on H1 visa. I will loose my H4 status once i get separated from him, before that i wanted to apply for f1 visa so that I can complete my education here. So please let me know the process so that I can start applying as soon as possible. Please tell me whom I can contact for further information regarding this process.

  99. Your post was awesome, it
    would great if guide me too. I want my wife to study
    in any university here as she got excellent academic record in INdai. So we are
    not thinking about Job but what I would like to know is without having GRE/ToFEL
    score can she join in to any university???

    1. Rajesh – It’s possible in some scenario and requires some effort on your part. Sign-up for Hello America Course, it comes with 15 minutes one on one call and compete guide for Admission.

  100. Hi.. The information provided in the post was very helpful and I loved the way you have explained the scenarios.. I would appreciate if u provide me with some guidance.. I have been staying in California for last one year on h4 visa.. I have completed my masters in business administration from India and have five years of work experience. Since I have a three year old kid, I plan to take up some online course to get a job. Can you tell me if the providers of online courses can convert my h4 visa to f1 as the duration of my course should be anywhere from nine months to one year. I plan to take up an online course of medical assistant. Thanking you in advance

      1. Hi..
        I am currently on h4 visa. If I am applying for f1 visa from USA do I need to go back to my home country to apply ? And Is there any chances of getting my h4 visa or f1 visa rejection while coming back( or during stamping )?

  101. I am currently in my second semester of Masters at Uconn. With the information from various blogs I too thought that I will be paying out – of – state fees on F1. So I started on H4 and then got to know that as I am resident of connecticut for more than an year I will be paying instate fees either on h4 or f1.I had plans to go to India after my first sem. So, I had my F1 visa approved in india and now on F1 visa and doing TA this sem. So, it all depends on the university, so try to contact the university and any indians at your university who are in the same boat.

  102. Hi Raghuram,

    The information you provided in the post is Very helpful. My query is, currently I am on h4 and planning to get an admission for Master’s study. I want to study on F1 visa but i got to know that COS H4 to f1 takes very long processing time. I am planning to visit my home country India in november. so I thought to get my f1 visa stamping instead of ‘H4 to F1 transfer’ while returning back from India. Since it involve risk of rejection of F1 visa, could you please suggest me which would be the best option Among two –
    1. COS h4 to F1 in first semester of studies
    2. apply for f1 visa during india visit and come back on F1 instead of h4 visa.

    I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

    1. NOTE: 1. I came on F2 last year and got my H4 recently. Since I haven’t visited India since then, I dont have my H4 stamping yet.
      2. I already have acceptance from University for MS program.

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