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University List: Universities for Computer Science (CS) For GRE Score of 300

Many students have been posting their profiles and asking for suitable lists of universities. However, it will be difficult for me to reply to every specific query.

So I decided to write in general for different profiles and possible U.S. universities where students might get admission.

I’m listing a few universities where students with the following profiles will likely to get admission. There are so many universities in the U.S. so I’m listing several possible combinations of GRE scores.

Feel free to write your comment if the list of universities you have has some similarities to your profile.

GRE Score:

  • Verbal: 400
  • Quantitative: 710
  • AWA: 4.5.

Percentage: 70% from Madras University (or Anna University).

List of universities for computer science

The following is the list of universities where admission is likely (80% or more chances to get admission)

  1. Temple University – CIS
  2. University of Memphis – CS
  3. University of Missouri, Rolla – CS
  4. University of Texas, El Paso – CS
  5. Illinois Institute of Technology – CS

If you have similar profiles and have different sets of listed universities, post a reply to this article.

I will evaluate the university and will give your chances for admission. And of course, I will cover profiles with different combinations and lists of universities in future articles.

Next – Look at the List of universities for computer science based on NRC Rankings

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  1. Hi,

    I took GRE on 30 April 2014 and scored 303 (Quant: 158, Verbal: 144)
    I am yet to give TOEFL but would expect above 90 for sure.
    10th- 70.13%
    12th- 80%
    U.G. – B.E. – 63% (Computer Engg. From Mumbai University)

    Work Experience: 2 years in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

    Can anyone suggest me some top universities for MS in Computer Science for my score. I am planning for Fall 2015.

    Thanks in advance…

  2. Hi my gre is core is 312(verb-148,quants-164,awa-3.0);have taken toefl,scores yet to come,expecting abt 85-90…

    what are my chances of getting admitted in the following univs??(for MS in Comp Science):

    1)Univ of Cincinatti
    2)Ohio State Univ
    3)Ohio Univ
    4)Univ of Kentucky
    5)Univ of Toledo
    6)Rochester Institute of Tech
    7)George Mason Univ
    8)Univ of TExas,Dallas

    plz reply asap..


  3. Hi,

    quant: 166
    verbal: 152
    Toefl: 109
    Work ex: above 2 years in IT

    UG: ECE,

    Interested in MS in computer science.

    Universities interested in:

    Georgia tech
    University of Illinois -Urbana Champaign
    Boston University

  4. Hello, I got gre score 294(verbal 136, quants 158) awa 2.5
    I completed my btech with79%,
    tenth 92%,
    inter 97%.
    Please suggest what top universities I may have choice for getting admission into my program computer science .
    Iam planning for spring 2013.
    Please suggest me some universities iam applying for..
    Thank u..

  5. hi brother,
    GRE score : 299 (quant : 159 , verbal :140)
    b tech : 64.5 %
    intermediate : 74%
    10th :78%

    can u please give the best universities that suits me and give admits to me in COMPUTER SCIENCE ,,, i was confused in selecting universities … 🙁 please help me )

  6. Gre Quant – 760
    Verbal – 600

    UG% = 65%

    what are my chances in following universities

    San Jose State University
    San Francisco State University
    San Diego State University
    University of Nevada
    California State University Long Beach

    please also state if there is any chance of scholarship

    1. you have not mentioned the branch of study.however all theuniversites youhave chosen are sure admits.It looks youhave taken the list form a consultant.

      1. Thanks balaji for replying….

        Branch of study = CS

        I have not taken this list from any consultant .this is based on research by me and my brother.

  7. hai,I have a gre score of Verbal 400 and Quants 600 and have an undergrad degree in Computer science engg..I want to get into SJSU as i have limited options.What are my chances of getting into SJSU?

  8. im rohit
    i was applying for fall 2012,my GRE is…1300 (q-710,v-590)..for MS in CS… my BE(CS) aggr is 80.06% and my 10 – 89% , my 12th- 85% ….but my toefl is 88(worried..)
    for which universities can i apply??
    pl kindly suggest few universities tat i could really worried bout my quant n toefl..

  9. I got 790 in quant and 280 in verbal and 3 in AWA.
    My acdemic results are 80% in BCA(Bachelor of Computer Application) and got 8.76/10 score in MCA (Master of Computer Application) SEM 1. Result of SEM 2 is pending.

    So can i got admission in good universities of USA???
    If yes then which universities?? Plz List them…
    Plz reply…
    Thanks in advance…..

    1. University of Southern California I think. My own scores were 750 Quantitative and 560 verbal. 1410 is kind of a magic number for USC. If you’re going for CS, then 550 is an above average verbal score.

  10. I gave GRE on 7th july 2011. My GRE score is 1480 but

    I am a Computer Engineering student from K.J Somaiya College of Engineering which is affiliated to the University of Mumbai.
    I have an aggregate percentage of 67.57% in the first five semesters of university examinations and i am awaiting the results of the sixth. I intend to do an M.S in Computer Science.
    Kindly evaluate my profile and recommend me a few appropriate universities for my score.

  11. Hello
    I have a gre score of 1290(q:740,v-550)
    B.E upto 6th semester-9.37(on a scale of 10)
    Please suggest me universities that i could apply for MS in CS

    1. 10th-90%
      toefl-yet to give
      Please suggest universities i could apply for MS in CS
      thank you!

  12. Hi,
    I have similar scores in GRE

    Q – 720 75th percentile
    V – 560 78th percentile
    AWA – 4.0 45th percentile

    UG B.Tech IT (Anna univ affl college) – 80%
    12th State board – 88%
    10th CBSE – 83%
    Final year project based on Java and 8051 microprocessor – direction finding system
    Work exp – 1.7 yrs at TCS as Software Developer

    Applying for MS CS Fall 2012 in US universities.

    Please suggest me a list of unis with safe and moderate chances of admissions.
    I have in mind the following unis:
    USC, UFL, University of Utah, SUNY Buffalo, University of Colorado Boulder, ASU, Twin Cities -Minnesota, Georgia Tech, Rutgers -NY

    please tell me what i can include or exclude from the above list.

    1. hey varsha….im rohit
      i was applying for fall 2012 as well,my GRE is almost as same as urs…1300 (q-710,v-590)..applying for fall 2012 for MS in CS… my BE(CS) aggr is 80.06% and my 10 – 89% , my 12th 85% ….but my toefl is 88(worried..)
      for which universities are u applying??
      wud be glad to hear 4m u….as i know its really confusing to select a university…

  13. I am applying for Fall/2012 MS Computer Science with GRE:1130 Q620 V510 and TOEFL: 100 UG 65% No backlogs UG University:JNTUK

    My Secondary school percentage is 84% With 2nd in class and my intermediate is 86%.

    I am currently pursuing UG in ECE but I want to apply for CS.
    Suggest me some universities please and also Please let me know If i can make it through
    I am considering
    Marquette University
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    university of southern Mississippi
    san jose state univ
    san diego state univ
    Calif state univ-long beach/san Francisco
    univ of maryland-baltimore
    illinois institute of technology
    univ of illinois chicago
    rochester institute of technology
    syracuse university
    suny buffalo
    north eastern university
    univ of texas dallas
    univ of texas arlington
    Arizona state university

    I am slightly apprehensive of the quant score

  14. i got gre score of 1010(verbal 350 and quant 660)
    btech computer science and engineering i got 74.56%,10th i got 81.3% and in intermediate i got 87.6%
    can you help me sir to make me aware from which universities can i get i20

  15. Sir, first of all, I would like to thank you and others who try to help out students and provide vital information about admissions. Please keep up the good work.
    Now coming to the issue, I wrote GRE on 19th Apr '11 and scored 520 in verbal & 650 in quants, totaling 1170 (73%). I completed my Elec. & Comm. Engg. in Nov '10, with First class 63%. I have planned to do MS in Networking in the following univs.
    Univ. of South Florida, Univ. of Central Florida, Univ. of Toledo(Ohio), Univ. of Florida(Gainesville). Could you please let me know if I have got very good chances of getting admission into any of the 4 univs. Otherwise, please provide me with a list of universities where my chances of admission are very good, for my academics and GRE score. Awaiting your reply. Thank you.

  16. Verbal-400


    Percenatge -55%(4 yr aggregate) Mumbai university

    i am interested in MS in CS

    Which are the university were i can get admission?

    In which university i can get a financial aid?

  17. Hello,

    I have taken my GRE in the month of October and landed up with a score of 1050 (Q-690 , V-350 ).

    My Acads : B-Tech EEE 8.2/10 CGPA ; XII – 94.5 ; X-89.1

    Having 3 Yrs of Work Exp in Software MNC

    TOEFL – Yet to take

    Planning to apply for some univ’s from the below list . Please suggest upon the same – scope of univ can be mentioned ( moderate , safe , risky ) and quality ( best/average/low profile )

    University Of Texas, Dallas –

    Polytechnic Institute of NYU –

    IIT Chicago –

    Northeastern University –

    Mississippi state university –

    University Of Kentucky , Lexington –

    University Of Central Florida, Orlando –

    Texas Technological Univ, Lubbock –

    University Of Oklahoma, Norman –

    If possible , please suggest some good univs from your end

  18. hi sir,

    I have given gre for 3times , and even after third attempt i got only 1060 (400-verbal, and 660-maths). I am really tensed and confused as to what to do next. I don't want to take gre again , but at the same time i want to get into a good university in US to pursue my ms in the field of biological sciences. In my BE Biotech (undergrad) i have scored 82%. Plz guide me, i will be really greatful. Plz

  19. Hi,

    My GRE is a 1130 (Quant 710 + Verbal 420)., with an Analytical of 4.5.

    I am looking at Masters in Mechanical Engineering, with 2 years of work experience.

    1. Could you suggest some good universities where I could possibly get a look in?

    (Say a list of 6-8)

    2. What are my chances at Michigan State Univ?

    My Engineering percentage stands at 68%.

  20. Hi.. I have scored 1160(Q-750,V-410).Yet to receive TOEFL score. I have an aggregate of 8.5/10 in college(BE CSE)..and 1.5yrs of Work Experience @ a reputed IT firm.I pursue my MS in Computer Science.I have come up with a list of Univs.I want u to evaluate my profile and tell me which univs a suitable and also suggest some univs.
    University of Texas,Dallas
    SUNY, Bufalo
    Arizona State University
    University of Florida, Gainesville
    Texas A&M University
    University of Houston

    1. Hey! have u submitted ur application in A&M and Houston? Do u get any response from them? i am also trying for the same unis, my GRE score is 1140….

  21. hey hi

    gre-1220 verbal 490 quants-730 BE academic -80% TOEFl – 100

    wat chances of me geeting in..






  22. MY GRE SCORE 1180(Q-700 V-480) ACADEMICS 73%

    these are the list of universities am expecting can u suggest from this List of universities



    3>University of Delaware

    4>Michigan State University

    5>University of Missouri – Rolla

    6>University of Central Florida

    7>University of Indianapolis

    8>University of Texas-Arlington

    9>Illinois Institute of Technology

    10>Ohio University –Athens

    11>university of indiapolis

  23. Hello sir,
    I am a student of 4th in Electronics Eng. my GPA upto this sem is 3.6/4. yesterday I gave GRE in which I got 1280 (710 – Q, 570 – V). I have two IEEE paper publications and adding it I have presented two IEEE international Conf. papers in India as well as in Europe. I have one book on my own that consists of my summer project, which I have done in Indian Space Research Organisation, being published by one of the German publishers (LAP Publishers). Also for my last year degree project I will be doing at IISC banglore.
    After doing so much, I am really feeling frustrated after seeing my Q score, it's really not tolerable for me. The whole hard work that has been put in for my MS education has vanished within 45 min.
    Sir, can you please tell me which Universities are there for me.

  24. GRE SCORE 1010

    verbal : 320

    Math : 690

    GPA : 3.5 / 4

    Target: Good Universities in INDUSTRIAL Engg. or Automation Engg… Mainly want to got for techno-managerial courses. Which Universities are preferable????

    Is IIT CHICAGO good for industrial Engg?

  25. gre score:1180

    (q 800 + v 380)

    not yet taken toefl




    please send me list of universities for computer science which i can get through.
    also i heard that some universities will have verbal section cut-off and it will be above this true..

  26. hi i got gre 860 ( verbal 260 , quants 600 , awa 2.0 ) and toefl 81, is there any chances to get admitted in san jose state university ( Software Engineering / Computer Engineering ) , please reply me as soon as possible

  27. I got 1210 in my GRE
    U.G aggregate 70%
    What are the universities i can apply for MS in Computer Science

  28. hi
    my mark is 1100(660 quants + 440 verbal) Awa is 3
    12 th mark is 82.16%
    B.E. is 70.04%
    going to apply for Management information System(MIS)
    to which university i can apply would be safe
    PLEASE guide me
    Thank you….

  29. hi iii

    i have got 1180 score in GRE.

    my 10th aggregate is 87%

    12th aggregate is 89%

    and my aggregate is 77%

    my TOEFL scorecard is yet to come.i am interested in doing masters in pharmaceutical sciences mainly pharmacology and pharmaceutics.

    can u please help me out in getting into better universities in u.s.

    also plz send me the ranking of the universities that i would like to get with my score.

    1. hi,

      as u have written GRE before TOEFL as i have heard that ETS sends our scores to 5 universities with out any cost..does it have any time limit for giving list of universities v want to send..or can v giv them the university list after getting our TOEFL brief can u please say how is the process of applying to universities after writing GRE and TOEFL

      1. You can send the scores to the universities even after writing GRE and TOEFL, which many of us do. Once you take the test the scores are avilable in ETS database. So you have to a pay $23 so that ETS can send your scores to the required university. For more information create an account with ETS GRE and Toefl and go through the site.

  30. Hi, I got 1150 in GRE(Verbal 450, Quant 700) and toefl 97

    I have two years of work experience in india and I also have a couple of certifications in hand (DB2 and SQL certification(first level of OCA)). my engg percentage in computer science is 77.77

    could you please suggest universities for my profile in Computer science.

    Appreciate your help.

    Thanks in advance,


  31. Hello,

    My GRE score is exactly 1100 (700 in quants + 400 in verbal). My AWA is 2.5. I am having a GPA of around 9 on 10. I scored 90% in my HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) examination. I am planning to pursue an MS in Electrical Engineering.

    Could you please list out the top 10 universities which suit my profile?

    Waiting for your kind response….

  32. Scored 1150… GRE….

    Verbal- 390

    Quant- 760

    AWA- 3

    I am in 4th yr BE Electrical….

    Tof- 95

    pls suggest some universities having masters in electrical engg. (I am interested in field of Control Engg. or Power Engg.)

  33. hey wat is da propability of getting admission inwest virginia university with a score of 1020 and a tofel score of 106

    1. To which department you want to apply? What is your academic %? Please note that GRE is only one of the factors for getting admission.

      With best wishes,


      1. my gre score 1010 and academisc 65%.i want to apply for SJSU for cs for fall 2011 how many possibility that i get admission??

  34. hi. i got a gre score of 1180. 760 in quantz and 420 in verbal. can u plz temme a list f US univ for pursuing MS in electrical engg?

  35. gre score:1190

    (q 690 + v 500)

    not yet taken toefl



    btech(it):9.05/10 gpa

    please send me list of universities for computer science which i can get through

  36. Does AWA score matters a lot while taking admission in above universities???and if one get 2.5 to 3.0 out of 6.0 in AWA then is he/she eligible to apply for above universities ????what is the fees of above listed universities???

  37. Hi, thank u for this blog.

    Please suggest me how to know whether an University for ms in cs in us accepts students with backlogs. I hav 10 backlogs. my scores are 1120 and 96. Can u please give me a list of universities accepting my profile? Plese help me by some means.

  38. My Gre Score-1260

    BE in Civil Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering

    Aggregate: 66%

    Should I retake GRE because I want to apply only in The top 20 universities of US. and I cant go without scholarship.

    Please help guys.

      1. Higher GRE scores will definitely help you to get admission in top univs. There are only 3 types of assistantships are available for international students, GA, TA & RA.

        With best wishes, Balaji..

  39. hi,

    my profile: GRE- verbal470 +quant 790


    i'm thinking of applying Kansas state university

    university of missouri, colmbia

    university of missouri, kansas city

    waht dou you suggest

    1. Hi,

      I just want to ask what is your stream and your grad percentage. because my score is also the same.

  40. I have got 1120(V-370,Q-750) score in GRE & 83 in TOEFL. I am planning for MS in CS for spring 2011.Can u please suggest me list of universities? also do u think I should reappear for either of exams? Is there any chances of getting admission in good univ & financial aid? I have received several (state, regional)awards for my diploma project & some other prizes.

  41. my 10th and 12% bit much low around 54 & 57

    but my percentage in engg improoved a lot till now i am clearing each sem with the percentage of 65%,72%, 74%, 78% in my 4th sem exam respectively and after compleating engineering wishing to go for MS in Biotechnology or PSM in same. is there be any effect of my 10 and 12th class percentage in GRE

    plz reply i am very confused

  42. Hi,

    I scored a 410 in my verbal and a 730 in my quant. I got a 105 in my Toefl. I have a 75.1% aggregate uptil now.I am presently pursuing my 7th semester. I am under the VTU,belgam university. Can you please suggest me which are the best universities I can successfully enroll in for my masters in Electronics and Communication Engg.

    1. Hello Srinivas,

      I hav scored a 370 in my verbal and a 730 in my quants…Have a aggregate of 73% and doing my E&C under VTU,Belguam.Need ur guidance as u were in a similar kind of situation last year.Kindly oblige….

      plz mention the universities that are good,not so expensive and where i can get admission!

  43. i have my gre score as 1230 (verbal -430 and quant- 800) and toefl-91 having sectional scores as r-23, l-23, s-23, w-22.
    my btech cgpa-8 . I am workin gin opera software right now since 6 months.
    I am interested to apply for fall 2010 for masters in computer science. can you please suggest me some universities?

  44. Hello!

    I have a GRE score of 1190 – 730Q + 460V.
    Plus excellent extra curriculars, good acads, a project at IISC, an Internship and several prizes. And, Strong References.

    What are the average GRE scores for USC(Viterbi), LA ?

    I intend to apply for Ms in EE/ Electrical and Computer Science in:
    ** USC ( VITERBI)
    ** CMU, Pittsburg
    ** Texas A&M
    ** Pennsylvania State University, University Park

    Any idea on my chances of getting an admit in any of these? Also, any others i should be looking at applying to?

    Thanks! 🙂

  45. Hello Sir,

    I want to apply for MS CS for Fall 2010.

    I would like to know what are my chances of getting into Moderate to Good Schools.

    My Profile:


    BE Computer Engineering from Mumbai University. Aggregate 66%.

    (Last year was sick so gave exams next semester).

    Diploma Computer Technology from Mumbai.


    Over 4 years of experience as Senior Software Engineer.

    1 year at Onsite Siemens, Germany.

    Sun Certified Java Programmer 96%, Sun Certified Web Component Developer 97%.

    GRE: 1320 (590 Verbal, 730 Quants).

    I am worried with Quants score.

    TOEFL: 103.

    Thanks in advance.



  46. My gre score is 1020 (quant = 720, verbal = 300)

    i want to apply in computer science as majors and specialization in databases and data mining.

    which universities are more appropriate where can i apply with this score. plz write down the name of the university aa well as the tutition fee if u knw

  47. Hi

    i am vijay, my gre score is 1210(460 verbal, 750 quant) and my toelf score is 103, i have gpa of 8.78, 12th % of 87.6 and 10th 80.2, i have an ieee publication and i have done my final year project in drdo and also i have done lots of projects related to digital signal processing

    I have applied for

    Georgia tech

    U of texas , dallas

    Rice universiy

    polytechnic inst of ny university

    university of florida

    ohio state university

    for fall 2010

    please assess my chances in getting addmissions in any of these univeristies

  48. hello sr…

    i got Q-740, V-330 in gre

    gpa 3.5(B.pharm)

    12th 75 %, 10th 84 %,

    3 international paper publications in journals n 2 national.

    can u pls tell me that which uni should i apply for gud funding and branch for my field

    Thanks in anticipation sir….

  49. hi sr…

    got Q-740, V-330

    i m B.pharm student & desires for the M.S.for uni like Texas,Temple n idaho…pls guide me for the which branch should i take for masters..that should b having scope in India aft 3-4 yrs….

    also suggest some uni for it…

  50. hello sir ,,,i got 1260 score in gre (740 -Q, 520 -v)
    and i represented our college team and indian team in NASA great moonbuggy race (held in alabama) ..i am working on one paper on robotics ,,have aggregate of 65 % in BE( NSIT/du)in manufacturing engineering
    12th – 90 % (topped in school)
    10th – 84%
    … ..i m planning to apply in
    1) IOWA state university
    2) texas AMU
    could u please tell me what are my chances in these universities ,,esp iowa state university …and in what other universities i can apply..

  51. plz help me ………..

    my GRE score is 1110(790 Quant & 320 verbal)
    my aggregate upto 7th semister is 72% with an impressing profile.
    can i admit to McGill university in Canada in SCHOOL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE

  52. i have attempted GRE twice.. 1st time i scored 1180 (420 v + 760 q + 3.0 AWA) and 2nd time i scored 1290 (490 v + 800 q + 3.0 AWA)

    and i am expecting my toefl score in the range of 90-100..

    which universities i would get?? and does my low AWA score will affect my admission to good grad schools?? which score will be considered for my admission?

    I am a Chemical Engg. and seeking to pursue MS in the same.. i have always been in top 5 in my class and have completed my BTech with distinction 75%.. please reply..

  53. hello sir,

    My GRE marks are verbal 340 and Quanta 740 and i m from Bio-medical back ground i have passed my engineering with 70.34%

    12th – 65% and 10th – 70%.

    So sir which universities will be best for me plz help me out i m very much confused.

  54. Hi sir,

    My GRE score is

    verbal: 300

    quant 790

    10th: 81%

    12th: 82%

    engineering: 72%

    I am from Computer science background. I am intrested in doing MS.

    Please help in suggesting some colleges.

  55. my GRE score is 990 and toefl is 85. can anybody tell me ill get admission in TEXAS TECH or SUNYIT? my overall G.P is 2.92 and in major 3.6.

  56. I got v370,q710.Got admit from university of north texas…MS comp engg

    (real time systems).

    University of tennessee (EE)has accepted students with 320 v and 770 quants.

  57. my gre score is 1180(750q+430v)

    iam doing bpharm3rd yr

    my percent in academics is 84

    can u please suggest me any coll

    i havent yet taken toefel

    do u think i should again take gre

  58. HI.

    i got a GRE score of 1190 , verbal 420 quant : 770 . i am from mechanical background. and i am a GB certified professional.

    enng : 86% university topper passed out in 2007

    inter : 95%

    tenth : 85%

    i am working for 2 years in my relative field in a top mnc of US. i have few papers at NIT , OSmania duirng my college.

    can u tel me universites for fall2009

    it might be in mechanical , aerospace, engineerring managent, industrail engg etc . but with possible AID/ scholorship

  59. I got my gre score: 1180

    verbal : 400

    quant : 780

    AWA : 2.5

    10th :75% (CBSE)

    12th : 91%

    Actually I want to do my MS. I am from computer science background. Will my prospects be affected bcoz of AWA score.

    please list of the universities in which i may get addmission

  60. evaluvate my name is jayaraman
    gre 3 ATTEMPTS 1080 in last….q-710 v-370
    toel ibt 102(r26 l28 s26 w22)
    B.E CSE 75.1% 2 backlogs-not now.
    two papers, 7 national level prizes for them.
    one project
    a course on embedded systems progamming 4months
    I want to apply or fall 09 help me with suggesting universities oering comp engg with embedded systems specialization
    Im interested in univ o tennessee,knoxville
    univ o missouri,rolla
    kansas state univ

  61. hi thr.
    my score is 720Q nd 320 V, what are universities in which i can apply for MS in Automobile or MS in mechanical .please help me picking up the universities

  62. Can i know which univ. to apply to….actually my profile is slightly better than the one mentioned above……
    GRE 1210 (780+430)
    TOEFL 108
    ACADS 70% (mumbai univ.)
    always among top 3-4% in college……….

  63. Hi,

    My score is Quantitative 800, Verbal 400. 1st class honor in Engineering course (4 years ago). Do you think i can get admission to any master course with teaching/research assistantship for actuary science in US? Any university will do. Thanks a lot!

  64. I would like apply for Ms in Industrial Engg.

    I have short listed some univ. based on previous students profile.I would like to know how do i segregate these univ. into moderate,ambitious and sure short.??????

    My greatest fear is that what if I apply to those univ. and dont get an acceptance letter at all???????

    Please help………

  65. GRE:1260






    engg.(till date):77%(no backlogs)

    can u list the universities for MS programme that suits my profile?

  66. Raghu,

    GRE Scores:

    Verbal – 640

    Quantitative – 450

    AWA – 4.5

    I'm interested in going to:

    Temple University

    University of Michigan

    McGill University (in Montreal, Canada)

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions on other schools or if these might work.

  67. GRE 1150(770/380)
    AWA 3.5
    TOEFL 104


  68. my percentage 10 class was 54%, in 12th =70%, B.Sc. Biotechnology = 65% and in M.Sc. it was 64.13%.. m i eligible to get admission in US Universities. still i have to give GRE..

    waiting for reply..

  69. Raghu sir,

    Today(25/10/08) i received my GRE(general) score report and i'm shocked to see my AWA score, i got 2.5/6.0, my Quants-640;Verbal-460=1100, and i's expecting my AWA to be around 3.5-4.0/6.0, but 2.5 is really low as per my expectations, will this low AWA score affect my prospects of being admitted into PhD program in the U.S.A.? i'm planning for a revaluation of my AWA. For ur information my is 62% in Microbiology and i've 1year research experience in a reputed Research center in India and expecting a research publication. I'm aiming for top 50-100(USnews) in the U.S. for PhD program.

    I'm regular to happyschools and the postings are really helping me understand the processes involved in apping. Waiting for a reply.

  70. hi…please let me know which universities can i get into

    GRE-1160(q-800 AND V-360)

    TOFEL 106

    B-TECH-8.58(CGPA) ON a scale of 10

  71. hi…please let me know which universities can i get into

    GRE-1160(q-800 AND V-360)

    TOFEL 106

    B-TECH-8.58(CGPA) ON a scale of 10

  72. hiii.pllzzz let me the know the universities which i can get with these profile..

    GRE–990(Q-720 v-270)



    and one national level paper presentation…

  73. hii,, i gt a gre score of 1330(730+600) AWA 2.5, toefl 95, acads 71%,,,,, wid this profile gt a reject frm a univ named utah state university as my awa was low,, bt i wish they reconsider my appl. wut r my chances??,,, is there a possibility for a reject app to be reconsidered and given admit

  74. hi

    i have completed b.pharm frm a college in tirupathi with 68%



    can you suggest colleges in US for M.S in pharmacy

  75. gave gre got 1090 (verbal-360+quanata-730)

    acads- 72%(NO backlogs)

    toefl – 90

    10th – 77%

    12th – 76%

    plzzz suggest me the universities in electrical branch…

  76. Hi my GRE score is 1050 (Verbal 270 + Quant 780)

    Academics 10th –> 80%

    12 th —> 87 percent

    B.Tech —> 7.57/10(IIT Roorkee) Electrical Eng

    I have one years of experience in Telecomunication.

    I dont know which univ to apply

    Is there any chances of getting addmission is average univ??

    help me guys

  77. HI …I had scored 1020 in GRE .( Quant-680 , Verbal-340 ) and 92 in Toefl ibt …My undergrad aggreagte is 63 % …Kindly get me a list of universities for MIS and Telecommunication …

  78. Hi my GRE score is 1490(Quant 790+ Verbal 700) and my aggregate is 56% (upto 6th semester) with no live backlogs from Pune University. I want to pursue MS in CS or Financial Engeering.I am also planning to give Subject Test scheduled in November.

    1.Will this subject test improve my chances of getting into some better University.

    2.I m highly confused whether should I apply for fall 2009 or fall 2010 after completing my B.E as I think that i'm going to improve my academics this year as

    in pune university only average of 7th and 8th sem marks are considered as Final marks.

    3.Does US universities considers aggregate of 8 sems or only my Final yr result will be considered.

    4.What are the chances of getting in Spring 2010.I have heard that only few colleges accepts Spring admissions.

    5.Kindly suggest some universities if i apply for fall 2009.

    So Sir kindly clear my doubts.Your valuable suggestion will be highly appreciated.

  79. @Rahul Singh: You can get admission, but Visa will be difficult. I would say you can take GRE again. You can apply to schools that accept low GRE scores.

  80. Hi my GRE score is 1000 (Verbal 660 + Quant 340)

    Academics 10th –> 81%

    12 th —> 75 percent

    B.E. —> 68 % (No backlogs)

    I have around three years of experience in IT in Mindtree.

    I dont know which univ to apply for because my score is pathetically low 🙁

    Is there any chances of getting addmission is average univ??

    help me guys

  81. hello. i’ve got 1170(800q+370v).
    acads: 10 std–>90%
    intermediate–>92%,ece–>63%(till 6th semester).
    i want do ms in vlsi or embedded systems,plz do suggest some univ..plz..

  82. Hi,

    i have a gre score of 1270.



    and i have agrre of 65% in VTU. so please help me in selecting universities.

  83. hi frnds.desperately nee some help frm u guys

    can u sugest which univ 2 apply for

    gre———1290(780 q….510 v)……….awa 4


    graduation——–62%( mumbai univ)

    planning to apply for ms in industrial engg

  84. i did my own research in the internet and also asked a few of my frnds. about those univs. is it a good choice?

  85. sir, i am planning to apply for MS in CS.

    i have a GRE score of 1040

    quants – 640

    verbal – 400

    academic percentage (B.E)- 76 % (no backlogs ) – first class with distinction.

    i am plannin to apply to 5 univs :

    1. NJIT

    2.Wayne state univ.

    3) UTD

    4) Polytechnic univ of NYU

    5) IIT, chicago.

    Have i made a good choice?….can you pls. suggest me some nice universities of your choice that suits my profile?

  86. @RUPA…

    i think University of Texas Arlington , Rochester Institute of Technology are the two unis where u got good chance..its better if you make a list of ten or fifteen and then start makin ur decision.

  87. hey…. my gre score is 1170(760 in quants and 410 in english) I had 2 backlogs, Could you tell me which universities will give me an admit

  88. hi,
    pls help me in choosing univ. I am solely relying on help. My problem is that i had 11 arrears, i clkeared them all one year after the date of passing. Plz help me, i dont knw which univ i can apply to

    GRE 1020 Q-680; V -340

    B.Tech I.T. 62% (11 BACKLOGS, cleared, passed out in 2006, cleared all arrears in 2007)

    Working in Technical BPO for nearly 2 years, Best employee award, early promotion.

    But which univ wud accept my application… help me… i will list a few univ. Tell your opinions. It is already too late. Hav to apply within a week. M.S. C.S. Fall 2008

    1. Univ of Texas at Arlington
    2. Texas tech
    3. Illinois inst of tech
    4. San diego state univ
    5. LAMAR univ
    6. Univ of New haven
    7. Univ of north texas
    8. Univ of Louisville

    Plz reply as soon as possible. I am relying on u guys… thank you

    1. hi, same profile as yours. from which universitie did u get i20's.

      please help me bro. planning for spring 2011.

      Can anyone help me … plz..

      1. hi, like HSB a lot. My bro has the same profile. can u guyz please help him.

        please suggest him wat to do. and which unversities he'll get accepted.

        and why didnt HSB reply to this….

        1. @Sri – I don't provide profile evaluation or university selection. You would have to use the blog articles to select universities.

  89. nice work wid all columns,,,

    can u post wid same score & for mechanical branch..

    also, post a topic about FINANCIAL ENGINEERING SUBJECT..

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