Why I Decided to Study in USA After Working 5 Years in India – with Vaibhav Shukla

Vaibhav Shukla open up his hear to share his journey to USA. This interview is about 50 minutes long.

You can watch the video below or download the MP3 file.

Here is quick summary of topics we discussed on this video

  • About UTD – Pros and Cons
  • Work Experience
  • Why Study in USA After 5 Years of work experience
  • How to find motivation to study after working for few years
  • Test Prep
    • GRE Test Prep (while working in IT field)
    • TOEFL Test Prep
  • List of Universities Applied
  • Why UTD
  • How to get Visa after working for few years
  • Travel Experience
  • First week in USA (accommodation, airport pickup, roommates)
  • How to select courses and major
  • First semester experience (after being out of school for 5 years)
  • Handing pressure, course work.
  • Hectic Schedule
  • Felt sick and missed to attend final exam (lack of sleep)
  • Impact of food on day to day  life
  • Cooking Turns, Roommates
  • Travel to San Francisco
  • My car story
  • Closed loop with Indian Students
  • How to select universities
  • Do you still value  University Rankings?
  • Advise to future application based on my experience so far


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  1. Dear Mr, Ragu, I am fine how are you. I am aged 55. My younger son is doing M.S. Net working in U.S. at Wichita state university. Let me know the job opportunity and salary level for the freshers .Then second question is my first son also interested to study M.S. in us. He is B.E ECE and work in leading IT company and drawing only 28,000’pm. In this condition I am not able to decide, Pl help me to decide. Can I motivate him or not. Is it useful to spend the huge amount.Is it the way for his betterment or not?

  2. The best thing I find about this blog is that it has a button for downloading the audio. No need to sit in front of computer, you can download the audio and later listen to it in mobile phone.

  3. Hi Raghu,
    Awesome interview…. Keep doing more such interviews!

    Did you start your MS in Spring semester and not Fall? Why so? Please share with us.. 🙂 Thanks..

  4. thanks for the video…i got the real feeling how hectic the coursework can be. and also hw is the life in US …great work ..

    Abhijeet Chausalkar

  5. I agree 100% to that “doing repeatedly the same thing at office”. I have been at work for just 2 months now in a famous German company but I can see that I will be bored to death in many be couple of more months. But I have a devised a way out which would be beneficial both for your knowledge and for your aspirations to study abroad. I would share it in an article and if Raghu gives a node I would write an article on it!!! What say Raghu??

  6. Hello Raghuram Sukumar –

    I really loved your latest post on “Why I Decided to Study in USA After Working 5 Years in India – with Vaibhav Shukla”. I have gone ahead and added “Happy Schools Blog” to my Flipboard. Keep writing awesome stuff, and I will keep reading it.

    Thanks again,

    Dante Smith

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