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Are Paying for H1B Visa 2018 Sponsors? Read This Warning First

  • Are your H1B Visa 2018 sponsors a consulting company?
  • Are you paying for H1B Visa Application?

If your answer is Yes and Yes. Then continue to read this blog post. You would understand the problems you could face when applying for H1B Visa via a consulting company and paying for your H1B Visa? Before we get started, read this comment:

h1b visa 2018 sponsors paying fees for aplication

This article is intended for H-1B Visa applicants who are planning to pay an H1B Visa 2018 sponsors (typically a consultant) and apply for H1B Visa. I’m not here to argue you should or shouldn’t do pay for H1B Visa processing. I’m here to warn you about potential loss of money (and sleepless nights) if you don’t do your homework.

[x_alert heading=”WARNING!” type=”danger”]Consider this as a Warning message for what’s in front of you in the coming months. Something like sort of  warning posted on the roads “Dangerous Curve Ahead”.[/x_alert]

USCIS will start accepting H1B Visa 2018 applications starting in the month of April.  I’m expecting there will be lottery this year (2017) as well. I want to make sure you are warned about what to expect, if you fall under the following category of people applying for H1B Visa.

  • Are you planning to apply for H-1B Visa via a Consultant based in the U.S.A.?
  • Are you planning to apply from India or other countries? (Located outside U.S.A.)
  • Are you paying a boat load of money to a consultant to apply for H1B Visa?

If your answer is Yes to one or all the questions, then read this blog post, before you continue with the application process or maybe searching for H1B Visa sponsors who are could file your petition with USCIS.

Here’s what potentially awaits you on the other side of the process: Frustration and Disappointment. I hope, you will not be on the receiving end of bad deals with any H1B visa sponsors. But, I need to warn you.

New H1B Visa 2018 Sponsors and Season to Begin

I have been providing H-1B visa news and updates about cap count, quota updates, new laws and breaking news here in the blog since April of 2008. And I have gone through an H-1B Visa process myself even before that. Back then, there was no lottery and I was able to get into Advanced Degree Cap in the month of June.

I have read, answered several thousands of questions from applicants who applied for

  • H-1B  with Change of Status
  • Without Change of Status (COS)
  • First Time applicant from outside U.S.A.
  • H-4 Visa to H1b
  • L-1A or L-1B to H1B
  • Nonprofit H1B
  • General Cap
  • Premium or Regular Processing
  • Advanced Degree Cap

What does my experience mean to you? I know a thing or two about the H1B Visa journey that you are about the embark, especially if you are a first time applicant. I would be happy to help you reach your goal of getting the H1B visa selected in the lottery (that’s my prediction for this year). Around December and Janurary before the H1B Visa season begins, there’s several questions from the readers looking for H1B Visa 2018 sponsors.

Have you been on Roller Coaster Ride? I have been once before (and I get that brutal head spinning and humming noise that follows me entire day). One thing is guaranteed  for sure, if there is a lottery and you are applying for H1B Visa for the first time, you are going to get the same feeling as riding a roller coaster. Only difference, is that feeling of your head spinning would follow you for months.

H1B Visa Application vs IT Consulting Company

What I’m going to say here in the blog post is a TRUE Story and was recently shared with me by a member who purchased HB Visa Lottery guide. If you are paying for them to apply H1B Visa, then prepare for the worst case scenario and hope for the best.  So, here we go:

1. In March 2014, I have submitted documents to a local Hyderabad based consultant (Name removed here).

2. I had received a phone call (foreign) at night and the person interviewed me for 10 minutes. They said the call from an employer for interview before filing H-1B Visa. Sweet. I was excited.

3. The consultant told me that employer had selected me. But there is no offer letter received by me till now (Jan 2015).

4. Consultant communicated to me in May 2014 that my H-1B Visa petition has been picked in the lottery and he will share further Receipt number.

5. But Consultant keeps giving some reasons for not sharing any document of H1B petition Receipt Number. It’s January 2015 and he has not shared any information about my status of H1B Visa application.

6. Consultant wanted me to sign an agreement on Rs 100 stamp paper stating that, after getting a job and visa stamping, I shall pay three months salary to consultant on installment basis. But, I said without receiving an H-1B receipt number or offer letter I cannot sign the agreement or pay any money. So, agreed to that.

7. They are kept telling me that my case is in “Acceptance” status and not moved. But some people who applied along with me got emails that their H-1B decision has been approved.

8. They got the status update within 10 days filing for H1B Visa application with USCIS. It is for general cap applicants who got decision, approval message from Hyderabad consultant and it was not filed with premium process candidates.

9. But whatever it is, no one (me and co-applicants) got their documents or any visa interview schedule.

10. The consultant keeps on postponing dates for receipt of documents. Recently, he said that we shall get documents by End of January 2015.

11. Whenever I asked them about the status of my H-1B Visa application, visa interview, they are saying that my case is in “Acceptance” stage for past one year (almost). And they are saying that they will get my I-797 in a few days and I can attend the H1B visa interview, though my status is in “Acceptance” and my I-129 has been approved and for others they have shown approved I-129 (4 pages in pdf format).

12. No one trusts this h1b visa sponsor and almost everyone applied via his are sure that the company is a fraudster by collecting H1B Visa fees of Rs.30, 000 towards fraud verification money from 200 individuals and he is about to lift the camp and run away. But still they are there in the same premises.

13. I have also lost hopes and almost about to forget it and I’m getting ready to apply for fresh H1B Visa cap season.

So, that was the update from last week (Third Week of January).

Here’s the latest update from last week of January

I’m happy to share that my H-1B sponsor informed me through email that my I-797 has been received and he will show me I-797 document, but he gave that document only at the time of H1B visa interview. I like to know the answers to the following  questions

  • How to check my I-797 or any of H-1B details on USA official website.
  • How to confirm whether I-797 document is genuine or morphed document.
  • Is there any source to cross check with my name, passport details in any US official website.

So, you have it. That was the real story of an H1B applicant who applied from India during April 2014). Now, your experience about applying for H1B Visa, getting selected in the lottery process, attending H1B Visa interview might not be the exact same, but you get an idea.

Here’s another example:

paid h1b visa fees consultant lost money

H1B Visa Application and Sponsors Side of the Story

Also, you have to think in terms of employers who filed your H1B petition. Why do you think this claim of fraudster, cheating consultants comes into to the picture?

The answer is Simple.  Lack of knowledge about how H-1B Visa sponsors (consulting companies) work and operate. People who are living in the U.S.A. tend to have a better understanding about this process and set expectations.


They have contacts with someone who have gone through the process. They chit chat with other friends. It comes down to the exposure to the H1B application process.

Whereas, you on the other hand, don’t have lots of friends to talk about this.

Consider an H4 visa holder. Their spouse will be an H-1B visa holder.  Their friends’ circle will include other H-4 visa spouses and H-1B Visa workers.

With F1 Visa students, they have a friend circle from their university, seniors and friends from other universities and their contacts. So, they have a network.

Even, well connected people run into issues when working with H1B sponsors. Direct Full Time hire’s will not (typically) have such problems.

When you located in India (or other country) and applying for H-1B visa, you may not have a similar set of contacts, unless you personally know someone who have gone through such a lottery process.  Even then, your only way to communicate with your employer is via phone or email.

If they don’t respond, you would start calling them cheat and fraud.

There are good H-1B visa sponsoring employers. But, you need to understand how this logistics and business of H-1B Visa is working. So, consider that you have been warned about the upcoming H1B Visa season and hope I have set a tone for what awaits you in this journey.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t apply for H-1B this coming season and that’s not my intention here. But, getting into this process without understanding and expectations can lead to pain and suffering.

How to Avoid These Situations?

Get Educated About The H1B Visa Process. If you are applying for H1B Visa through consultant’s and planning to play money, then please educate yourself about the process.

Check out H1B Visa 101 Guide (under Products). There are 3 courses related to H1B Visa Processing. They should give the required information and what you can do if things doesn’t go as planned (like loosing money).

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  1. Hi Raghu,

    Do you know of any genuine consultancy for H1-B sponsorship?
    I have an offer from a US based consultant (owned by an Indian). The company is 10 years old and have good reviews on glassdoor.com. They have filed many H1 visas as per myvisajobs.com.

    The consultant initially refused to file my Visa, saying that their quota for this year is full, but when he learned that I work for one of his biggest clients, he agreed to file my Visa. He then took a brief telephonic interview when I asked for more salary, in which I did well.

    He says he will be sharing my Visa tracking number after filing, and before I make the visa fees, there will be a written contract signed b/w us. However, I will get paid only after I secure a project, which will happen within 2-3 weeks after I reach US. Do you think he is a genuine consultant?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. I have absolutely no idea and I can’t recommend one. Read the latest Memo blog Post from USCIS. There’s no way to find out if they would actually file. Receipt number will not have your name. These days, applying for India and without a project is pretty much impossible to get approvals. Even if you manage to get approval, getting a visa or letting your employer fly to USA will be a challenge.

  2. Hello Raghu,

    I am currently on H4 visa and planning to apply for H1B. Can you suggest any good consultant? Also I am trying to find the H1b 101 course and I couldn’t find it. Please help.


  3. Hi Raghu,

    My employer Company A has filed my H1 for the 2018 FY, now I’m getting better offer from Company B. Can I join Company B and if my H1 gets approved, can I transfer to Company B after October 2017?

  4. Hi Raghu,

    My employer Company A has filed my H1 for the 2018 FY, now I’m getting better offer from Company B. Can I join Company B and if my H1 gets approved, can I transfer to Company B after October 2017?

  5. So, you are no different from those fraud consultancies! You don’t have a genuine nature of helping people with their H1B filing, but you are asking them to buy your course. Pathetic man. Get a life !

    1. FYI – Experience and Information matters! I have sample contracts of desi consultants that you are likely to sign and how they would get you and real examples of people who lost thousands of dollars. And real H4 visa holders who did not know what they re getting into. You can sit and argue here of selling a course. Ask those who lost money!

  6. These stupid cheap people paying for H1B and really they don’t know about anything of IT. I have experience with my co-worker Stupid TAMIL guy hold H1 as developer, the a**h*le have 0% knowledge of IT. He just buttering white guy & offer good food invite home for mutton etc food to white guys, I am vegiterian, After 6months he asked my onsite manager to hire his cousins & some friends from his employer, now I lost my contract due to these guys. They don’t know anything but they have someone in India, they solve issues for them & these guys doing practice here. Even one of the white guy know about them but he can’t speak if he speak he will loss job. So, they holding H1 becasue their FRIEND own that consulting company. STOP THESE STUPID PEOPLE PLEASE.

  7. Hi Radhu,

    I am looking for H1b sponsor companies who can file for my h1 this April.Just wanted to know if you provide list of Consulting companies who sponsor h1b?

    Thanks in Advance

  8. Hi Raghu,

    I tried to purchase your 101 guide, but looks like your payment gateway is not working. I tried with multiple cards multiple time. Please check.


    1. I saw multiple payment failed message. Here’s the message “Payment declined by customer’s bank” and last two attempts was Blocked by your bank. I had other members buy the course today. Can you check with your bank?

    2. Are you paying for H1B 101 Guide, are you serious? it’s not required. Don’t pay for visa or any 101 preparation. Google it FREE material.

  9. My wife’s company was sending her to US for long term and filed H1B for her in 2013. As we did not want to loose the opportunity and did not want to disturb family as well, we decided that we will file the visa for myself. I applied with various companies and mentioned that I was looking for H1B. A company named IBS-Consulting(Ms Shylaja) approached me and asked for the money (2 lakh India rupee) for visa expenditure. With out limited resources/knowledge, we decided to go for it. We thought that if my name will not come in lottery then I will get most of the money back and if I will be failed during interview, then its my luck and made our mind ready for the loss.

    IBS informed me that I passed thru the lottery system and gave ref no # EAC1313854659. With this number, we can see the progress of the application at the visa status site but we can not see anybody’s name. It made me worry as I could not see my name. After 5-6 months of waiting, I got to know that my application got rejected and reason was that the company was not able to provide documents related to projects, client location and clarity on payments during my stay.

    Since it was not my fault I felt cheated. I spoke to John Ayyachami of the company and after much chasing and follow-up, he told that he applied for the Visa again through the company names Crescens Consulting and gave me ref no WAC1414250801 and after 5-6 months of waiting, my application got rejected again. John did not tell the reason this time.

    As we can not see the name on the visa site using this ID, I am not sure whether he applied for the visa or not. And since it failed as company itself was not eligible, so I should not pay for their failure. What should I do now.

    Company name –
    IBS-Consulting (Internaltion Business Solutions)
    255, Old New Brunswick Road
    Suite N230-A, Piscataway, NJ 08854

    Crescens Consulting Services Private Limited
    22, Gnanam Building, 3rd floor
    Tirunelveli – 627 005

    1. Unfortunately it’s difficult to overcome this. You should talk to an attorney for due course of action. It includes filing a compliant with DOL and so on.

  10. What’s the difference between you and those fraud consultancy ..
    Even you are selling your 101 course and they too .
    Only difference is you are marketing differently .

    If you were so serious in helping others why would you sell your tips here … ?

    1. Srinivas – There are about 3000 articles in this blog. I have covered H1B from 2007. Probably answered over 20,000 questions about just H1B. Some blog posts have 5000 comments with answers to H1B questions. I bet you did not read more than 50 comments on this article. Plus, I can decide how and when to promote my product and service. If you are serious about getting information, why not pay for it instead of trying to be a freeloader? USCIS is not issuing visa for free nor your attorney is filing your application for free. I think you have to grow-up and learn how the world works.
      Let me ask you this – are you working for free for your employer?

  11. Hello Raghu

    I am planning to apply for H1B from India through consultancy next year. I would like to purchase 101 course. But i cannot find link to buy. Can you please share me the same/

  12. Hello,
    I entered US on Jan 13 2013 with Company A – H1B Visa
    [ H1b Visa Stamp / I-94 ( valid till April 2015) ]

    In Nov 2013 I changed my job to Company B – H1B Transfer Petition filed on Nov 18th 2013
    Approved on March 14th 2014 I got new H1b extension and
    [ H1B 1-797A / I-94 approved for 11/18/2013 – 11/17/2016]
    [LCA approved till 11/17/2016 , Collin County, Texas]

    On March 29th 2013 I was working with Company B and left for good from USA to home country India

    Paystabs / W2 – all available for the period I stayed/worked in USA [ Jan 2013 – March 2014]

    Now I want to return to USA before the H1b expiry 11/17/2016
    I need to go for Visa stamping but

    Option 1)
    Can a new employer Company C , file my H1b transfer, obviously premium processing?
    a) Job in same county / outside county .. what documents employer or I have to provide to get successful petition approval ?
    b) if H1b petition is approved, will I get extended date ( later than 11/17/2016) ?
    c) only once I get petition approved, I can go for Visa stamping with new petition and client letter/ job offer letters? or can I use previous CompanyB i-797A notice & CompanyC petition filed for going into stamping ?

    Option 2)
    Can I go for Visa stamping with same employer – Company B ?
    a) Job in same county / outside county .. what documents employer or I have to provide to get successful petition approval ?
    b) H1b amendment and extension needed before going for stamping?
    c) Can I just go for stamping with a client letter & offer letter if Company B provide me these docs ?

    My Visa stamping interview is scheduled for September 14th 2016 . Please guide me at the earliest

    I’m giving interviews and want to know which is the best way to get Visa stamping before time runs out

    Thank you

    1. Comments section is not a place to get help with your Visa Stamping questions that could affect your visa approval!

  13. Hi
    First of all thanks for this blog. It’s really useful. My question s I got reciept no and I checking it often. It’s case recieved ly. I accept that it needs time in regular processing. I also got the soft copy of the reciept from my consultant. All I wanted to know s can I cross check the reciept no whether it s originally the reciept is filed for me or not. Cos the consultant s not picking my call. Kindly revert.

  14. Hi, anyone applied your H1B VISA via a company called “HTC Global Services”, Chennai? If yes, kindly let me know?


  15. hi sir i dont understand what is the meaning of H1B visa 101 course ..i want to get the name and full details of consultancy which is genuine and doing the visa through a proper manner with no hidden things . pls give the that such details.

    1. Let me put it in another way.

      You are at Point A (and want to go to Point B (reliable consultant who want to apply for H1B).

      But, vast majority of people don’t realize It’s not just A to B. It’s A to X, Y and Z. People get burned by agents. I’m not going to hand over a list of consultants and take the blame later. But, I can educate you how not to get cheated and what sort of games they play, so you can be better prepared.

      H1B Visa 101 is a Video course that I offer to educate people who are desperately looking for a consultant to sponsor H1B.

  16. Hi Raghu,

    I have a question, hoping you will answer.

    I’m currently on H4 and talks with consultant to file H1B for current year. They have agreed to do, but, one guy is saying 4000 USD and the other guy says 5500 USD. I have heard from my friends, that sometimes(hoping not) these consultants do not even file the petition, but collect the money and tell us(the applicant) that it has been filed. And if the guy who has applied does not get selected, they return the UCSIC fee(but not the consultanat fee, even without applying.

    My question is, is there any way possible to check the petition has been genuinely filed by the consultant. Could we check the same any where?

    Pls answer the above as it could help many of us and i really hope you dont ask me to refer any other link or course.

    Thanks in advance, great job, cheers!

    1. I have answered this multiple times over last 8 years 🙂 search around the blog.

      Most people at this time look only for 2 things.

      1. Consultant who can file 2. Are they reliable

      But, most problems come after you file. Especially if you are H4, get ready for more problems down the lane.

      Most of the problems are discussed at H1B Visa 101 course.

    2. thanks raghu,

      could you please send the details of the work permit for H4 and the list of consultants pls

      thanks for your help raghu, hats off man

  17. Hello Raghuram,

    I rephrased my question.

    can you share when the following fee is paid by employer when filing the petition for 2017? I’m reading there are certain fees which need to be paid to UCSIC only if the petition is picked in the lottery.

    Say these are the fees which needs to be paid , Base H1B filing fee – 325$ I’m sure this need to be paid on petition submission.

    Were these paid to USCIS after the application is picked in lottery or during petition submission? The breakdown of when and how will be helpful for everyone who are planning this year.

    H1B ACWIA fee – 1500$ (if MNC)
    Fraud Prevention and Detection fee – 500$.
    Public Law 111-230 – 2000$ or 4000$

    1. @Shiv – H1B Visa can be split into two broad options – Application Fee + Attorney Fee. If H1B is not picked in the lottery, then Attorney Fee ( service fee) will be gone. Application Fee ( everything else) will be returned. But, if consultant gonna return the fee is the question. It will be not easy to get the money back. Trust Me. Why? You can watch the H1B Visa 101 course to learn more.

  18. Hello Raghuram,can someone share how much $ will the employer pay when filing the petition for 2017? I’m reading there are certain fees which need to be paid to UCSIC only if the petition is picked in the lottery.

    The breakdown of when and how much $ will be helpful for everyone who are planning this year.

  19. Hi Raghu ,

    I’m currently in USA with H4 visa . Last year couple of my freinds applied through consultants and they haven’t heard back from them till date and they lost lots of money . I’m scared to apply for h1b through consultants and also its very diff to find one . Please let us know if u are aware of any genuine consultancies in USA who sponsor H1b . It would be of great help !!

    1. Yes, I do know. If you are in IT domain and buy H1b Visa 101 course, I can refer you. Why buy the course? The the exact same reason you have listed…
      people lost money ( and that’s not the end of problems) I have more listed in the course.

      1. Hi Raghu,

        I am currently in USA on H4. I have 40 month of experience in IT field. Planning to file H1B visa in coming year. please suggest me any reliable consultancies or any company who can file this for me (obviously if i am worth to them).
        Can you please prvide a rough estimation of total cost which i need to pay to file H1B in FY2017 (including Consultancies charges also).

  20. Hi Raghu

    I am Currently on H4 Visa . I am a CPA. Do u know any consultant that applies H1b for finance field.

  21. Hi Raghu, i am currently in India and has H1.I will be moving to US in april, 2016 on H4 and want to apply for H1 visa. I have 9 yrs of exp in IT with reputed MNC’s. Can you please help me in contact for any good consultancy who can apply for visa for me.

    Any help is highly appreciated.


    1. If you can move in March, then it may be easy for you to apply for H1B and finding a consultant is easy if you are already within USA.

  22. Hi Raghu,

    I want to apply H1B this year 2016 from India, but I have few F1 rejections in past and also H1B rejected couple of years ago, So I am wondering if it is worth applying H1B this year or do I wait for couple of more years (were I can renewal my passport after 2 years), I am in impression that the new passport would not have any previous history. Please clear my confusion.

    1. Seriously? New passport will not have your rejection history? That record is not going anywhere and it will out live our generations and maybe more.

  23. Hi Raghu,

    Please could you tell whether an applicant, presently on H4 visa, can apply two applications through two different consultants for H1- Bvisa


  24. Hi,
    Could you please help me to know the terms to file H1B in the year 2016?
    I contacted a consultancy in hyderabad for which I was asked to pay the fees early by end of Jan.

    Thank you.

  25. Hi Raghu,
    Could please let me know good consultancies in USA for sponsoring H1 B visa 2016 cap.

    Your help is really Appreciated.

  26. If I change my work location on the first day, whether H1b amendment is required? Seattle and Texas falls under different MSA may be. Immediately after filing can I work from Texas immediately or should I wait for approval of amendment. To file H1b amendment, does it need pay stubs or can be done immediately? Also, please confirm whether new LCA for Texas is required.

  27. I read comments here and it seems that people are finding h1b sponsoring companies or consulting companies very easily. I am sending my CV to hundreds of companies but receive no response. I am RF engineer with 10+ experience. Can anyone recommend real, effective way how to file h1B visa with the help of consulting company, where can I find those companies? thanks a lot

    1. It’s not easy to find one. You have to know someone who can refer you to a company. And you have to know what you are getting into while applying via consultants.

      1. Thank you for your quick responce. How do I find a person who can refer me to the company? I am not applying from India. We do not have h1b consulting companies in my country. I try to communicate online with consulting companies in USA but they never respond.

  28. I got a call from one consultancy and they are asking for $3000 to sponsor H1B. This consultancy is based in Trichy(Tamil Nadu). Please help me in finding if this consultancy is genuine or not. I can message the name and address of the consultancy.

    Sunny Anand

    1. Spend few dollars to learn the trick and tips about H1B process from H1B Visa 101 course before you spend $3000

    2. Thank you for your quick responce. How do I find a person who can refer me to the company? I am not applying from India. We do not have h1b consulting companies in my country. I try to communicate online with consulting companies in USA but they never respond.

      1. It’s going to be really tough and it will be a big challenge to find one.
        Check out the H1B Visa 101 course to learn what you are getting into.

  29. Would like to apply for 2016 i.e 2016 April Lottery (so it is for 2016-17) Could you please suggest a good consultant for processing.

  30. Hi Raghu,

    Can you please verify about ConsultAdd consultancy. And please let me know appropriate time i should apply for H1b.

  31. Hi,

    I got offer from one consultancy for sponsoring H1B. But they are asking $2000 as deposit and if am not selected in H1B lottery they will repay me 75% amount. This consultancy got 68 H1B certified at this year. Can i trust them? Please help me.

    1. Can you let me know the name of the consultancy ? May be I can help you in find if they are genuine.

  32. Hi,

    I got offer one consultancy for sponsoring H1B. But they are asking $2000 as deposit and if am not selected in H1B lottery they will repay me 75% amount. This consultancy got 68 H1B certified at this year. Can i trust them? Please help me.

    1. Could you please share the consultancy name via personal message to check whether they are reliable or not that would help to cross verify.


      1. Hi Surya,

        Please let me also know the name of consultancy , may be i can also help you in verifying process. But in the end it’s upto person to person. I better recommend you to check with any of your friend in usa.

  33. Am a non IT professional currently working in insurance field as a cluster manager in Chennai,india.I have experiance of 10 years.
    I would like to work in the USA and need to get detailsfor the same.

  34. Hi Raghu,

    Thanks for the good article, I have couple of questions
    I applied H1 this year (2015) luckily got selected in lottery and got RFE, at the time of filling H1 I do not have job that time, so they file on some in-house project (expected to start from Oct 1st) but now I have job .
    after getting RFE they are not willing to reply with requested documents, giving bullshit reason .

    Can I reply that RFE with different employer?
    What legal action can I take against employer if he withdraw my case ?

    1. “Unsubscribe”


      [Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: 220px-Om_svg] regards, n.r.naik, MRS- IV, E & S.T.Dept.- HMD.
      (L) 0261-2835841 (M) 9998011408 [Description: cid:_1_07CE93FC07CE8CF00022009565257457][Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: cid:[email protected]]

  35. Thank you for sharing very informative emails and I am sure each piece of info is indeed helpful for people like me.

    Furthermore, I have a query on how soon an F1 visa holder undergoing studies can start their OPT/CPT while continuing full time studies. Is it from the 1st semester or ONLY after completion of certain years/ semester at college.

    Thank you in advance.

  36. Once H1B is approved. Can we take up interview in Japan.
    I am living in japan for past 4 years. I am an indian.

    Do i still need to go back to india for Inverview?

    Please advice…

    1. You should be able to take it from Japan. I have seen people do it from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong.

  37. Hi Raghu,
    Hope you are doing well,I have a simple query,was there any problem for new H1B filing if have any employment gap(1 year) in middle of the employment career experience since starting to till date ?Please advice as your response is much appreciated.

  38. Hi Raghu

    My OPT started from July 20, 2015. I grduated in last May in CS. Still could not manage an offer. Thereofre, I started voluntary work in company which is not e-verified. My question are:
    1. Is the job ok to prove me that I was not unemployed? I need it so I don’t finish my 90 day OPT unemployment cap.

    2. My company has already applied for registration to e-verification. However, the process has still not finished. If they eventually get approved, will there be any trouble to apply for my STEM extension for next 17 months?

    Highly appreciate your judicious feedback. Thanks

  39. Hi, My H1B was filed on March 31, 2015 from H4->H1.
    Now when i heard news of lottery being done, i waited until end June 2015 just to not hear anything back from my consultant (US).
    When I emailed more than a couple of times, the consultant didn’t seem to give a straight yes/No.
    Should i be bothered? It’s July end and I still dont know if my application didnt get picked up in lottery 🙁
    Is there a way i can check things myelf?

    1. Hi Hema,

      If you have not gotten any ereceipt from USCIS by this time, it means that you were not selected in the lottery. USCIS already gave an update that if your papers are not back yet by end of July 2015, the company should follow up with the immigration lawyer that they work with.

  40. Hello Raghuram,

    My h1b petition got selected in Lottery. I need to update my SSC certificate as it has incorrect date of birth and it was due to clerical error. I have changed it and now my DOB matches with what i have on my passport. How could I get it changed. I am awaiting for Receipt number from my employer.

    Will my case will be rejected or will be in RFE ?

  41. Hi ,
    My name has been selected for lottery for 2015 but now 25 june I got RFE .

    My Employer is not welling to disclose the reason for RFE he keep saying just check the status on USCIS site.

    My Question is How long it will take to answer the RFE and if employer is not welling to discolse the reason is that suspicious.


    1. Hi Pranay,

      It depends, are you on premium processing or regular processing? If you are on premium processing, typically USCIS will give a month or two for your employer and immigration lawyer to reply to the RFE- USCIS gives a deadline, if they don’t reply given the deadline, automatically your application will be denied. If you are on premium processing and your employer/immigration sent the necessary papers regarding your RFE, USCIS will reply within 15 days, maximum of 1 month. If regular processing, it will take 3 to 7 months. This is according to my experience. I work with a lot of H1bs ever since 2010.

      1. Hi Roe,
        I hope here i can ask few question regarding the H1B. One of the employer is interested in my profile and they are saying they can assist me for this year.
        1. Once it gets selected in the lottery what is the next process and where i need to check the status about my application online without an employer assistance.

        2. what is RFE and what are all the further process needs to be done from my end.

        Plesae share some steps of process that will be very useful for everyone. It will exposure to understand the process so that the resource won’t be cheated by fraud employer.

  42. I am an Indian citizen working in a university in Singapore. If I apply for a similar role in a university in US, am I exempted from H1B cap? I have never applied to H1B. Are there people who have been exempted from H1B cap to work in universities?

    Most employers ask the following question “Are you presently legally authorized to work in the US?” If I choose “No”, does it mean that the employer won’t take a look at my application?

    1. Faculty jobs and several other jobs in the university are cam-exempt.

      Refer to H1B Visa Cap Exempt Job and H1B Visa 101 course for more info.

  43. I am an Indian citizen working in a university in Singapore. If I apply for a similar role in a university in US, am I exempted from H1B cap? I have never applied to H1B. Are there people who have been exempted from H1B cap to work in universities?

    Besides, most employers ask the following question “Are you presently legally authorized to work in the US?” If I choose “No”, does it mean that the employer won’t take a look at my application?

  44. Hi Raghu,

    i am in a different situation.i applied 2 h1b s,to day i came to know that both got selected.
    one i paid the money ,2 nd one i got it from as a job offer
    the first one is like they are taking me as in house project,2 nd one also more or similar like previous

    please advice me ,what aare the chances of
    1)getting rfe
    2)both get rejected
    3)both get approved

    i am thinking of with drawing one application.it will have any advntage.please let me know

    1. I can’t speak about RFE and approval chances. I don’t think USCIS is reallocating the applications back to the pool (or we don’t have official info on what happens when cap counted petition is withdrawn.

  45. Hi,

    I stay in USA and I would like to apply for H1 B visa for my sister who is working as HR lead in Indian company. she is MBA in HR and has 3 year of experience. She wants to stay in Non IT field. Is it easy to file H1 B for her or what do you suggest ?


  46. Hello Raghu – I received a receipt number for the Easter Adjudication Center from my consultant and that number still isn’t showing in the USCIS portal Case Status Page. I get the following error:

    Validation Error(s)
    You must correct the following error(s) before proceeding:

    My Case Status does not recognize the receipt number entered. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance, please call the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.

    I tried reaching out on this number to there seems no human intervention to this number.

    Can you give me some direction as to what should I do. Can I reach to some other attorney and find out if this is morphed etc.

    Can you give me some contacts – amit1sharma(at)hotmail(dot)com

  47. Dear Sir,
    Good morning. I hope that you are well. I wants to be work in your country. If you help for any kinds of work visa. Sir my child 8 years old he is suffering from defected eye side. If I get work visa so that my child treatment have done.May GOD blese you and your family. Please help my dear child Sir.

    1. You have to learn about H1B Visa, then find a job, then employer should sponsor visa for you.

  48. hi raghu, my employer applied for my H1B visa extension with regular processing in april 2015 and received the receipt number on 11may2015. I have few questions on my application and would be really helpful if anyone can clear the questions.
    1. is it normal to receive the receipt numbers after a month of my application date?
    2. now that i received the receipt number on 11may2015, will the processing clock start from the date of receipt number generation or does it start from the date of application?
    3. I plan to travel to india in july2015, and was suggested not to leave USA while the extension processing is in progress. so, I would like to know the probability of receiving a result on my visa extension before my travel.

    It would be of great help to me if i can get an idea on the visa processing, as it can help me in deciding whether to go for premium processing or just wait for the result.

  49. Hi Raghu , If someone accidentally comes to know about my H1 receipt number can that person misuse it,

  50. Hi Raghu, If someone has accidentally come to know my H1 receipt number,can that person somehow misuse it?

    1. I don’t think so. You can randomly enter the number and get receipt for so many people. But other supporting documents are required.

  51. Hi Raghu,

    I would like to know on H1B visa processing through a consultancy in India. I have been to US in 2014 was there for 4 months through an Indian MNC. My petition was selected in 2013 lottery. Due to health issue I had to travel back to India. Later I quit the company in Sep 2014 due to health issue. I had H1B visa valid till Jan 2015. I lost the golden opportunity. Feeling very bad about this. Now I have recovered and I am willing to travel to US at any cost.

    I heard that if I file a fresh petition it will exempted from Lottery.

    Pleease guide me how can I proceed further in getting a job in US, should I approach Indian or American consultancies?

    Right now unemployed since 7 months.

    Appreciate your suggestions on this.


    1. Jeet, you will not come under h1 cap for 3 more years. Now the challenge is to find an employer who can reapply for H1 and then you can get stamping and travel to US.

  52. Hi,

    I would like to ask a question. If name is selected in lottery and then we want a correction in some document, can we resend that document again? Or we have to wait for denial or RFE?


  53. Hi Ragu,
    I have got my visa stamped on 2014 and my I129 has XXX as my client and my worksite location is parsippany NJ and then later my employer changed the LCA for Texas Austin for the same client and then due to some reasons i could not travel … right now I have got opportunity to travel for the same client to parsippany NJ ; do my employer need to file an amendment because the current LCA holds Austin Texas as worksite location.

    Please help.

  54. I finished my masters in houston in 2010. My f1 status is expired. If I apply h1b next year it will br arregular or advance degree. .Please help me out. Need an expert advice

  55. Hi Raghu
    Would need your help , I have couple of questions where I would need your advice/expertise solution. Could you answer my questions.
    I am on L1B and valid till Aug 2015 ( close to 2 years July 2015) and at the same time new H1B is selected in the lottery this year. I do not want to leave US between July-Sep End). For this I would like to apply L1B Extension and the decision may take after 2-3 months and I can fill this gap with my extension process . Here I have two questions.
    1. Can I apply L1B extension while the H1B is in progress ( H1B from different company and yet to be approved and its regular quota)
    2. Incase If my L1B approved in Dec then does my status will change from H1B( it will start from Oct 1 incase if its approved Oct 1st ) to L1B or Will I still be on new H1B

    I would really appreciate your response and valuable time


    Kindly answer these questions.

      1. Raghuram,

        Could you tell me how to buy the 101 book from you to know every process in detail?
        Can you send me an detailed email to surya64943(at)gmail(dot)com.

  56. I have a query related to H1-B, I got stamped and been to USA in the year 2008 without payroll I was there around 7 month and then due to precision and I was back to India the year 2008 Nov.
    Still by that time I had valid visa. Now it was expired and I have EAD.

    My question is that can I process my Visa again under CAP without going to fresh application,lucky dip etc. Please let me know.


    1. hi ram,

      i had exact similar situation. The answer to your questions is NO you dont need to go through the lottery
      your case will be a case of H1 transfer,
      so just find a good employer who can transfer your H1 and you should be all set !!

  57. I paid money to a consultancy for filing my H-1B visa.
    1) How can I know whether my consultant is filed my application or not?
    2) If my application is picked and after if I lost the visa interview will my consultant get the amount back or not? if he gets amount back then how much amount he will gets back?

    1. The only way you can come to know that your consulting company filled your h1 is if you do not get your H1 picked up in lottery the consultant will get a notice from USCIS mentioning your name stating that this case was received but not selected in random processing.

      If you mess up the interview after getting a H1 approval. The consulting company does not get any money back. and most likely will not pay you anything back.

  58. The only best ways to apply for h1 visa are with big companies like infosys, Cognizant, Wipro etc.. If you go with a small time guy is sheer luck to get h1 after that your hell start in USA they do not pay you properly they will have two or 3 companies and will issue you h1 through one company and pay through another company and will not give you pay slip etc. They basically make your life hell then you will get employed for sometime if you switch to an american employer then you are lucky if you stick with Indian employer your life will become hell non doubt. Indians only know to squeeze and pull you down they are least interested in your career . They are interested only in your money and nothing else. Never support India employer just ditch them.

  59. I have noticed that 50% of the candidates are selected in every lottery for almost all the companies. Do any one has a comment on it ?

    One of my friend last year got selected in H1B lottery and as per his employer 95% of Premium VISA’s as per him is selected in last two years ? Any expert please comment on it ….

          1. Hi Raghu

            Let me ask again

            I have noticed that every company get at least of some of lottery selection ratio. Like small consultants who filed for 8 candidates their selection ratio is also around some of them get selected. I never saw any small companies where there is no selection in lottery.

            Any expert comments on it ? I think the Lottery the selection software must take care that at least every company get some percentage.

          2. There’s absolutely no information available about details on lottery process.

      1. How do u get advanced degree approval rate as 80%. nowhere have they published advance degree applications received

  60. I applied through HTC Global soulutions, chennai.
    When Can I expect a update regarding this, it’s already 2days gone.

    1. Hi Yuvaraj posted on April 2, 2015. Kindly let me know what happen to ur visa applied via HTC global services since I have applied the same this year.

  61. Please let me know how to subscribe your mails on H1 and read your articles in H1b visa 101 course. Thanks

  62. Raghuram,

    I stumbled into your website and can’t stop reading. There is a lot of information helpful for students at USA in regarding to H1 process. Thanks!

    I pursued my MBA at a profit institution on USA and I am currently on my OPT which expires in May,2015. I have read from sources that degrees obtained from Private(profit) institutions will not fall under Master’s cap. Is that correct?

    My employer (consulting company) is applying for my H1 in general quota. Since the chances are slim for my H1 to be picked up in lottery, I am applying for schools again for 2nd degree. My question is can I do CPT again on my 2nd master’s? I already used up full CPT and OPT on my 1st masters. I read from your site that OPT is not allowed for 2nd master’s, but is CPT allowed? I can’t seem to get a reliable information about CPT anywhere. Please guide!!

    1. There’s ton of information about H1B Visa here int eh blog. Around this time of the year, I get ton of questions about CPT, OPT, what happens if H1B visa is not selected in the lottery. I created a course H1B Visa Plan B and it has ton of answers for people who don’t get selected in the lottery. Give me 2 days to get the course added to Courses list.

  63. Hi Raghu,

    Thanks for the article and all the work you do to help the students. I need a suggestion from you. I am currently a full time employee in an IT company which applied for H1 in masters cap last year and like many other unlucky people, my case also did not get picked up in the lottery. This time again, the employer is planning to apply. But I was thinking to have an additional employer (so called desi consultants) also apply for my H1. What do you recommend? Your advice is much appreciated.

    1. Two questions here. 1. Can you apply via multiple employers? Yes you can, unless there’s any change from USCIS.
      2. Should you apply? That’s something you have to decide after analyzing the pros and cons.

    2. Hey Asif,

      I’m in the same boat, what you up to? are you going with two employers? Do you think the lottery goes by petition name or it has own unique ID?


  64. Hi,

    I am currently working in US on h1B. And I am applying H1b for my fiance through a consultancy in April 2015, he is a mechanical engineer. Conultant says he cannot guarantee for mechanical jobs but can confirm in IT. My fiance is also ready to switch to IT in worst condition. but I want to know how long can he stay here without job.

      1. Im Planning to Apply H1-B 2016 CAP what is the Procedure
        I Have Done my Mca

        Currently working in Saudi Arabia in IT field

        Kindly Help

  65. Hi Raghu,
    Thanks for the H1B article, a good overview and caveats on choosing the employers. A few suggestions from me on your writings, please arrange your paragraphs well indented and keep the content together. It’s a bit confusing as there are empty white spaces between multiple lines, may be because of the width constraint. Also, shorter sentences could be better than longer sentences. While reading the article, I see lots of juggling between first person and third person point of view which can confuse the readers. Don’t take it wrong, It’s just an observation and I hope you will look into them. Keep posting.


    1. Hey Shashi,

      Don’t get me wrong but that’s how most of the blogs or articles are written here in US. I have been following Raghu for past few years and find his articles very informative and to the point. Since H1B petition involves too many jargon and fine prints one needs to elaborate to convey the right message.


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