In this video interview, you are going to witness, learn something amazing. It’s called “The Paper Clip Project”.

When you go to B-Schools you learn  real world skills, attitude and sales expertise. Nesha learnt negotiation skills from a classroom, then utilized those skills to trade a Paper Clip ($1) for a Washer Dryer ($500).

Here’s a quick background about Nesha

  • B.E. Civil Engineering
  • Work Experience – 9.5 years in India (Real Estate Background)
  • Planned to Study – 3  Years
  • Applied to one university

So, I was curious to know why she came to study Executive MBA at University of Texas at San Antonio and what inspired her to come to the U.S.A with her family. I asked her with a straight face, “What was that one inspiring moment and tipping point where you decide I’m going to Study in the U.S.” and a lot more personal questions that’s making you think and find inspiration.

Watch the Full Interview Here

Interview Summary

  • Why study in U.S.A after 9.5 years of work experience in Real Estate Development
  • Why was the tipping point to move to the U.S.
  • Why did you apply to one university?
  • Why did you choose to apply to the University of Texas at San Antonio?
  • Why she started her application process 10 months before the deadline?
  • MBA Admission interview experience
  • What makes her humble about classmates, course and academics in general?
  • After 1 year at EMBA program, what could have she done better in Real Estate Development Job
  • Is it ok to study MBA with less than 2 years experience?
  • How she learned negotiation skills using which she traded a paper clip for a washer and dryer.
  • Campus Safety
  • Admission Requirements at UTSA
  • How she got a scholarship, In-State Fees at EMBA program
  • Cities and Places visited around the U.S. and a long road trip experience.

UTSA offers several programs from Bachelors, Masters, MBA and PhD.  Click Here to Get More Information About University of Texas at San Antonio.


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