USA University Rankings : NRC Rankings

Link to List of Universities in USA by States

US university rankings is published by National Research Council rankings as per 2010. NRC rankings are publishes once per decade.

Here’s link to several Rankings of Research based schools.


Physical and Mathematics Sciences

Business School

Biological and Health Sciences


  • American Studies
  • Classics
  • Comparative Literature
  • English and American Literature
  • French Language and Literature
  • Germanic Studies
  • Art History, Architecture and Archaeology
  • Languages, Societies and Cultures
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Theatre and Performance Studies

Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • Anthropology
  • Communication
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Linguistics
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration, Public Health
  • Sociology

Agricultural Sciences

  • Animal Sciences
  • Entomology
  • Food Science
  • Forest Science
  • Nutrition
  • Plant Sciences

Tables in the ranking will show a range for each university for R-Rank and S-Rank.

  • S Rank (for survey-based rankings) are based on how faculty weighted—or assigned importance to—20 characteristics that the study committee determined to be factors contributing to program quality. The weights of characteristics vary by field based on faculty survey responses in each of those fields. Programs in a field rank higher if they demonstrate strength in the characteristics carrying greater weights.
  • R Rank (for regression-based rankings) depend on the weights calculated from faculty ratings of a sample of programs in their field. These ratings were related, through a multiple regression and principal components analysis, to the 20 characteristics that the committee had determined to be factors of program quality. The resulting weights were then applied to data corresponding to those characteristics for each of the programs in the field.

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  1. Hi

    This is Nikitha , can u help me to get top 50 ms university college in US and information about fee structure , scholarship, GRE, TOEFL rankings.

  2. Hi,

    Please could you provide a link for the rankings for Public Policy/ Public Administration/ Public Affairs? I cannot see one in the above post.

  3. presently i m doing bsc from sikkim manipal university (distance education) and i stay in gulf.course name is bsc in medical radiography.

    how good is sikkim manipal university.i check in internet b4 doing not found any bad reviews if you can higlighten some

  4. hi raghu i like your blog and it’s very helpful. raghu i want to know about USA work study program at coleman university and lincoln university is this good program and is this university are good for mba..?? reply me as soon as possible i am waiting your reply.

    have a good day !!!!

  5. hiii… can you tell me out of RIT & NJIT which is better for ms in ee in terms of job scenario and all???

  6. Hi,

    I am willing to join the Wilmington University in Delaware. I am interested in the MS in IM course. Please suggest about the university and the course as well. I prefer this university as I stay in Delaware.

  7. Hult international b-school is good one or not?what about it’s Masters in international business program?what about it’s san-fransico campus and it’s placements?

  8. My GRE score is Q-156; v-135,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, total -291, can i get admission , in Lamar University, texas……………..or othersssssss

  9. hi i am lakshmi and my GRE score is 303. My b.tech percentage is 83% in ECE branch. any one can help me which university is better to my qualification. i want to do M.S in U.S.A. can u please help me

  10. Hi,
    Im currently doing A-levels in kitwe zambia but am looking forward to taking the SAT in october/november.what is the likelihood of getting a scholarship in the US given excellent SAT scores?Whisch are the best universities to register for in the US,for law or say actuarial science or economics? Please help

  11. hey can any1 please tell me with the GRE score of 310 and TOEFL 104 and engineering avg 58% in which university i can apply for m.s in embedded systems.

  12. which one among florida international unniversity ans kent state university is better for a bachelors in journalism? pls reply as soon as possible…

  13. Virginia International University,University of Advancing Technology at Tempe, Arizona,

    California university of mgmt & sciences located atAnaheim, California

  14. This is ashwin. I am a engineering graduate in electronics and communication. A 2009 pass out. I have been working for past three years and now I am interested in doing my MBA in US. But due to my work schedule, I am not able to prepare for GMAT test. So can anybody help me out with a list of universities which accepts applications without a GMAT score. I am looking for a spring 2013 intake. Also list of courses available in MBA and how to choose the best possible university with regards to my requirement.

  15. hi there,
    my name is anu mehta and i got admission in three universities fo MS in electrical engg.
    1. southern illinois university carbondale
    2. wichita state university
    3. New Heaven university with 50% scholarship
    can anyone tell me which university is best for visa I mean i go to US embassy with which university out of these three.
    Plz reply as soon as possible

  16. Please kindly notify me of universities in the US accepting 930 aggregate GRE with fin aids or scholarships for ms in the biological sciences or cell and molecular biology

  17. Which is better university for computer science for MS SUNY at Binghamton or CSU-Chico?
    Please reply.

  18. Hi,

    Can anyone please tell me cost of living for LA if admitted to USC

    also I have got admit from UT Dallas is it a good university?

    My GRE score: 314/340
    TOEFL: 102/120
    Experience: 2 years in Accenture
    BE: 65% last year and 59.27% overall

    1. UTD is a good university only. with ur GRE score, u can get it. but ur BE overall percentage of marks is low. usually first class graduates are admitted in US universities

  19. Hi, its ashwin here,

    I have received acceptance from Kansas state University, SanJose State University and New Jersey Institute of Technology for computer science and In Illinois Institute of Technology for Computer Engineering. I am confused which one to choose among these.. Could you please suggest which one of the above has good record for computer science/Engineering.

    Awaiting feedbacks.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. i am a student of ECE completed 3rd year but got a year back.. so im completing engineering in 5 years. will i get admission in american universities sfter writing gre?

  21. M a student of b.pharm 3rd year..want to do my MS IN PHARMACEUtics .. Plz suggest me clgs with all scholarship chances…n directions to prepare for gre… Is my decision better to opt for doing MS FROM US rather than persuing M.PHARM In Pharmaceutics from India ? Dear frnds please help..

  22. i have just scored 303 in new gre format (159- Quants & 144-verbal). Suggest me some good university for M.S. in Computer Science. I have also presented research paper in the International Journal also.

  23. What can i do after completing my MSc- Software Engineering?
    my friends and relatives suggest me to do MS…
    But i have a doubt that Can i apply directly for PhD?
    Please guide me….

  24. I want to apply for offshore or ocean engineering.
    I have some publication in this field, and GPA=16.50 out 20
    TOEFL iBT =86

    Would you offer me some universities that you think I am fitted for those?
    Thank you for your feedback.


  25. hi i’ve complted my batchlor in 2011. i m planning for ms(ee or cs) which one is better and this month ending i am gng to write ielts, next mnth ending gre. when should i apply for universities to get good university with funding.

  26. sir i am a pharmacy student pursuring my finalyear……
    i had my GRE and i got the 283 score in newpatter…………..
    and i am planning to take ILTES in jan-2012 i want to submit my ILTES SCORE in place of gre, i am also planning to apply for canada with this score.
    plzzzzzzzzz suggest me the right colleges to my score.
    i have 75% in my bphm nd 87% in 12th standard………
    iam intrested to do my MS in pharmacology, plz sir suggest some colleges……………………

  27. I’m a 4th yr Architecture student planning to do M.Arch(Urban Planning) in the US. My cgpa is 8.2 (on 10 scale upto the 6th semester). Yet to finish 4 semesters. I’m expecting cgpa of 8.5-8.7 by the 8th semester.
    I’m looking out for good universities which provide Urban Planning Masters.
    Please do suggest some universities.

  28. hi……..i am snehal. i am doing Bsc IT. I looking forward admission into us for masters degree in information technology . plz can you suggest me universities name and some points and the stuff that is needed before i apply for these university.
    thank you

  29. Hi HSB,

    I’ve scored 310 in GRE …My TOEFL is on 3rd Dec. Please suggest some suitable universities for MS in Electrical Engineering for FAll 2012. Please review my profile. Your feedback will be appreciated

    B-Tech : 74.7%
    A few presentations in National Seminars
    Training programs in IIT Kanpur

    I’ve Searched some universities. Do I have chances of admit in these?

    University of Connecticut
    University of Missouri – Kansas City
    University of Arkansas
    Illinois Institute of Technology
    University of Utah

  30. Hey,
    I have completed my Master’s in England. Would Love to pursue PhD in USA.
    But I have no idea how to start with. Can you clarify few things for me?
    1) Would scholarship be granted from the beginning. Cuz I have already spent quite a lot for my masters; hence I would like to get a scholarship for my PhD.
    2) Can you suggest some good universities in the field of Communications engineering(Wireless Communications?)


  31. i’m planning to study bachelor of health sciences in University of Bridgeport.
    i have IELTS score 6.5.
    +2 level-71%
    school leve-83%
    will i get scholarship from UB?
    please reply it urgently
    Thank you!

  32. I got 6 in IELTS exam. can I do my Master degree any university in connecticut or NY. please mentions some name of universities who accept EILTS in CT or NY.

  33. Hi i’ve got 1050 and 90 in gre and toefl can i get admission in santaclara university and university of texas arlington,arizona state university

  34. If any one has suggestions regarding scholarships then please send me.
    because I’m looking for scholarships in various universities like
    university of north texas
    lousiana state university
    NYU polytechnic
    new jersey institiute of technology etc.

  35. Hi, I have given GRE and TOEFL, my scores are-
    Verbal- 750-800
    Quant- 750-800
    TOEFL- 118
    There is confusion as to whether to apply for Ph.D or MS. Please help.

    1. MS better option….u can get back to wrk or continue to PHD eventually….as the course progresses u know wat suits u more…and evolve as u want to..no chains ๐Ÿ˜›

    2. Depends on your field….if its a professional field like engg/architecture ….a PhD would not confer much advantage unless you are genuinely interested in academics…. however, if you are into basic sciences or biomedical sciences or even medicine , a Doctoral degree of some form is absolutely essential if you want to earn a decent salary irrespective of whether you are interested in research or not !! Hope this helps to resolve your confusion.

  36. Hey.. my gre score is verbal(330-430) and quant(710-800).. and my grad avg in telecommunications up till now is 80.6%.. what are my chances of getting into a good university in the US for MS in electronics? shld i give my gre again? havnt given TOEFL yet.. pls suggest a few universities in the top 30 where i cud possibly get.. thanks!

  37. hello!
    i have just given my GRE and scored
    verbal:- 330-430
    quant:- 690-790

    can you please tell me that will i get a good university on this score.

    my b.tech(ECE)- 72%
    12th- 70%
    10th- 77%

    i want to pursue MS from USA in computer science.
    please help me…. its urgent

  38. Hi,
    I am Chandru..I got admit in following universities for my masters
    1. IT&M in IIT-chicago,
    2.MIS in NJIT,
    3.MIS in Univ of illinois at springfield,
    4.CS in univ of texas at san antonio,
    5.CS in George Washington University.plz suggest me which one is good based on campus placements,part time jobs in that location.thank you.

  39. Please come for higher studies in USA with an open mind and do not load yourself with huge expectations. Do not take Rankings seriously. It is perfectly normal here to complete Masters / Ph.D. from a high ranking University and then not finding any job. Here in USA, it is not like India where high ranking institutes like IIT / IIM have companies lined up for campus interview. Here getting a job is your responsibility, no campus interview. It is upto you to find jobs so dont think that you got admission in high ranked university and you will get a great job.

  40. I have done my bachelor’s in Electrical from India. I have a CGPA of 2.81. I have gre score of

    750-800 Quant
    620-720 Verbal

    Which universities can i apply for Master’s in Electrical?

  41. hi

    my GRE score is 1040(q-730,v-310)

    toefl- 79

    my graduation degree is 72.39% B.tech-ECE

    12th โ€“ 73.55%

    10th- 69.76%

    in which universities I can apply for MS in electronics and communication engineering

    plz reply


    narendra naidu

  42. Hey HSB! Got a question. Is (C)GPA absolutely necessary for PhD? We didn’t have the credit system 2 years back..when completed Master’s. Been working on a Research Project since (wondering if that’s a plus point?!). Want to pursue PhD Abroad. Need a few pointers. Thanks.

    1. Yes and Yes!
      no matter whatever marking system u follow, ur grad univ will convert it. n in ur SOP, write abt ur research properly n mk sure u apply to a field related to it

  43. Hello Sir,
    I m pursuing Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science.I hv given my GRE and TOEFL scoring 1390(770-Q and 620-V) and 96 respectively. My current aggregate is 69% with no backlogs.
    Can you pls tell me some differences between MIS and Computer Programming?

  44. Hello sir,
    Im an Aeronautical engineering student, & i want to pursue my Masters in the same.
    My percentage BE- 57%
    ย PU- 53.
    sslc= 83%
    & my GRE will in dis october,
    U can see the of my percentage decrease in my profile.
    Plz suggest me , will i get an admission to a good university in US.
    plz help…

  45. Hello sir,
    Im an Aeronautical engineering student, & i want to pursue my Masters in the same.
    My percentage BE- 57%
    ย PU- 53.
    sslc= 83%
    & my GRE will in dis october,
    U can see the of my percentage decrease in my profile.
    Plz suggest me , will i get an admission to a good university in US.
    plz help…

  46. Hello sir,
    Im an Aeronautical engineering student, & i want to pursue my Masters in the same.
    My percentage BE- 57%
    ย PU- 53.
    sslc= 83%
    & my GRE will in dis october,
    U can see the of my percentage decrease in my profile.
    Plz suggest me , will i get an admission to a good university in US.
    plz help…

  47. hello sirย  I am electronics and communication student and i want to pursue my master in nanotechnology and computer science. Plz suggest me suitable college from were i can do both master and Phd

  48. hello sir i am from instrumentation d d control background so their is no spacial course like MS in automation, robotics or in process instrumentation please give me the info on that,thank full of HSB

  49. Hai sir
    I have applied for m.s in mechanical engineering to the University of bridgeport. I have not done GRE and TOEFL. i have got the i 20.so will there be any problem for my visa interview.Will i get rejected.

  50. please do provide the list of accredited universities in USA… please its too important
    HSB please do provide the list

  51. Hi guys,
    I hav got 1160 in GRE ( Quants-730 Verbal- 430)…TOEFL not yet given
    My avg BE percentage is 77%
    Will i get admit to some good universty in US??
    can some1 plz suggest me some univrsties (with lil low tuition fee) for such profile?? If poss also send me the list of univrsities….thnks

  52. Hi,
    I am starting study for GRE.
    I am a doctor.
    I am thinking to do ms in clinical research.
    So plz guide me how I will start my study?

    1. Dude I used to be a clinical microbiologist / faculty in India before joining a PhD in Infectious Diseases. Take the MLE …..u can substitute it for GRE do the MS in Clin Research as a starting point n then apply for a residency which I think u ll do neways after ur masters…. so y waste effort….and if ur genuinely interested in clinical research n do not want to pursue clinical medicine at all …. sorry for the unwarranted comment….

      But for GRE – big book …for word list….. pinceton review and kaplan and barrons for math …take lots of tests …..make a graph to monitor ur performance ….dive ryt into test taking … use the grebible software ….it is inaccurate sometimes …. but its a great help …in prepz ….cuts down the time to prepare drastically …

  53. hello frn’s wht is te BE percentage required to get admission in top 10 univa’s!! Pls replie me

  54. Hey guys
    GRE: 1440 (Quant:800 Verbal:640 AWA 3.5)
    TOEFL pending
    UG (up to 6th sem Avg) 70.17 % (SPCE Mechanical)
    co-curricular: Participated in ROBOCON 2011 competition as the team leader for my college team; our college was placed 20th in the country.
    no work exp
    Applying for fall 2012, MS in Aerospace Engineering.
    What univ should i apply to and what are the chances of getting a scholarship…should i opt for a MS+PHD program?

    1. I’m in a similar position GRE 1430(800+630 AWA: 3.5), CGPA 7.1(71%) and TOEFL pending only difference is that I want to apply for MS Chemical Engineering applying for fall 2012.

      I guess you should check out the university websites and see which research options you would like to opt for and also funding etc. It’s tough to get into PhD if you want to get into great grad school because they expect you to be 85-90% that too from IIT’s and also have sufficient research experience during you undergrad program (there are only a handful of those guys). There’s rarely any scholarship for MS program.

      Try to go for MS in a good public school having a great Aerospace program, they won’t offer scholarship though you can apply for federal loans or national fellowships and also their tuition fee is lesser.

  55. can i get admission in top 10 universities with good gmat score and toefel score having
    65 % aggregate in b.tech?what is the b.tech percentege required for getting admission in top 10 universities for mba program?

  56. what is the b.tech percencentage required for getting admission in top 10 universities in us?also please send me the complte eligibities of top 10 or 20 universities in US for getting admisssion in mba program?

  57. hello,
    i have a poor academics like,
    10th = 81% ; 12th = 62% ; BE = 56%
    so with this, can i get a admission in good universities even if my gre & toefl score is good?

  58. Hello,

    My GRE score is 1060 (Q: 570 ; V : 490) and TOEFL 85 (writing : 26; reading/listening : 26; speaking : 18), 10th : 73.33%, 12th : 83.33% ; BE (Comp Sci) : 60.20% .

    Im planning to apply for Spring 2012…

    I would want to know if I’ll get an admit into UTD or UTA.

    Which other universities would you suggest ?

  59. my gre is 1060 toffel 99 BE Computer science distinction with 69% applied for USC,SAN DIAGO,STEVENS and NJIT for masters in computer science for fall 2011. got I20 from last two uni. selected STEVENS and applied for visa but rejected. i was very confident in the interview my papers were perfect then was uni. the reason for rejection.? should i retry for the same in aug? or select other uni and try for spring 2012 ? very confused plz guide me. i will be highly oblidged.

  60. Hi

    I hav b.tech aggregate of 77.33 ,gre and toelf scores are 1110 and 80. I hav merit certificates in technical events and sports at national level.

    I need list of schools good at biomedical engg(bio materials).

  61. hi

    unfortunately I had a problem for education and my grade was very low (12.83/20 in BS) but in good university in Iran(sharif university of Technology)

    i am studying electronic materials(Ms) in the same university

    please guide me that how to apply?

    what work I must do for apply on 2013?





    i need to guide strongly!


  62. hi ,plz tell anyone ans this question

    I'm mohd hussain.I have completed MBA finance in 2010 and i want study in u.s.a ,so plz tell me can i do double mba and other courses also refer me.

  63. i passed out my BE from automobile engineering…

    and my future planing will do MS in aerospace engineering….

    So, my qus is can i join aerospace engineering?

    pls suggest me for best colleges in germany and USA to join MS….

  64. Can some one give some information on IIT chicago's applied mathematics program. Is it a good university to apply? I have GRE Score of 1270(q:790, V:480) and Toefl Score 115. Can you suggest some good universities in US for PHD in mathematics where I can apply according to my score ?

    1. I got admit for fall 2011 IIT (MSEE) with what ever research i have done about the unv till now… i fell the unv is pretty good for all engg departments…

  65. Hi,I am pursuing my B.tech degree in electrical engineering.Will be very obliged to know if i can switch over to pure mathematics at any of the leading universities with my engineering background.

    Thanking you in advance,


  66. Hi,I am pursuing my B.tech degree in electrical engineering.Will be very obliged to know if i can switch over to pure mathematics at any of the leading universities with my engineering background.

    Thanking you in advance,


  67. hi

    my GRE score is 1100(q-740,v-360)

    toefl- 78

    my graduation degree is 71.39% BE-IT

    12th – 67.55%

    10th- 85%

    in which universities I can apply for MS in computer science

    plz reply



  68. hi caun u tell me how i admite in m s for engineering.

    would u send me list of university low cost?

    would u send me information of penssylvenia state university and bostan university?


  69. which university is good?

    i want to complete my M.S. with low cost.

    can u please tell me the universities?

    thank you for happyschoolsblog.com for providing such a good website.

    1. before u ask such questions make sure "that ur ques makes some sense , without full details how do u expect hsb to answer ur ques (put ur % branch etc etc,,,)

  70. hi,

    I got admit from Univ of texas, arlington and Wayne state university for MS in Mech engg.

    which univ is good?

    1. both are equally good… do some research on the how funding is because i heard in Univ of texas, arlington there is not much…. but later for job placements its good ,, so look out if i was u maybe i would have gone for Texas…

      hope it was helpful , all the best:)

      1. hey hi varun,

        your advise was really helpful. iam also thinking about UTA but they have given me the admission on probation i.e. their condition is that i must get atleast B grade in the first sem.

        So iam little bit confused to go with it or not? is it risky?

        1. ho!! common yar… you will be doing your masters spending so much and you say that you not confident of scoring a B, we Indians are pretty smart compared to their way of education so be confident you will do good.. ๐Ÿ™‚ if grades are your problem i would say ' just go ahead you will do well" if other factors then do some more research and then decide….:-)

          1. hey Varun, thanks! it was really encouraging and helpful. Actually someone told me that its tough in the first sem thats why i was worried. but now i think i will go with it.

  71. I got my first admit letter from New Jersey Institute of Technology for the Fall 2011 semester (MSEE) , "THANK YOU HSB ๐Ÿ™‚ "

    when i started to think about my masters i absolutely had no idea of how i should go ahead , i use to daily read the comments ,gre tips , so many other stuff ,,, all this helped me a lot

    along with njit i have also applied for few more university and waiting for their response… so im sure my thanking to HSB wont stop here ,, there are loads to come, i will always contribute my possible share to HSB.

    Thank you again:)

  72. hi dis is divya, i have completed btech biotechnology. cud u plz give me a list of U.S STATE UNIVERSITIES offering MS in BIOTECHNOLOGY………..

  73. Notify me of rankings and deadlines of Universities which offer a Master's in Public Policy/ Public Administration/ Public Affairs

  74. i'm at faculty of engineering in cairo – egypt , at communications departement at the second year after the freshman year , and i want to make transfer admission at this university , but first i want to know the conditions and all fees for studying , and also scolarships that are allowed for me ,, thanks very much

    Mohamed Ashraf Abdul-Fattah El-abnoudy

    1. The scholarship opportunities for International students for under graduate studies are very less with those compared to graduate studies… Just check out some scholarships the university will be offering or "GOOGLE" for scholarships… You should be fine.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  75. I did MCA . I want furthure to do MS in computer science in USA Universities. can i know what is the minimal GRE score required to get admission in universities with scholarship and funds?

    And what are the universities offering me that course??

  76. I am applying for the genetic counseling programs in US.

    How can i judge the universities?l On what basis should I decide among the options? Is John hopkins the best option or Northwestern university as good?

    There are some good universities , the mentioned above and Michigan, Minnesota, UCI, Mt Sinai Medical Scool. How do I decide between these?

    Please let me know. Thank you

  77. hi dis is preethi.i have a gre score of 1000 (260 in verbal n 740 n quant).which universities do i get to my score.can u suggest some of the best universities for my score.

  78. I m looking for nanotechnology in top universities of the world. And i am still searching so if u can list top uiversities offering P.G Nanotechnology specification(Mater degree) as ME(Master of engg). And now i am in final year of my BE Electronics and Instrumentation

  79. Which university is best suited for studying capability approach in education at phd level……………………………………good guidance will be very much appreciated

  80. Hi! This is HUSSIEN . Could you answering my following question?

    Which schools are better studying Plant biotechnology Science?

    Please reply me via current email!

    1. Hi! This is HUSSIEN . Could you answering my following question?

      Which schools are better studying Plant biotechnology Science?

      Please reply me via current email!

  81. I have completed my b-tech in electronics and communication engineering and i am interested in going my MS. I would like to know the streams that i could take up within electronics. Also i would like to know the colleges that offer MS in electronics and communication subjects

  82. How can I manage a scholarship to pursue my integrated ms and PhD that will be associated with biomedical science/biotechnology as a graduate from genetic engineering and biotechnology dept.,Bangladesh prior to commencing my study in USA.

  83. Hi! This is Skyple. Could you answering my following question?

    Which schools are better studying Agricultural Science?

    Please reply me via current email!

  84. Hi….I need to pursue my MASTERS in US.I am planning for SPRING 2012..

    So what would be the main impact by going in SPRING rather than FALL..what are the chances of getting internship..and hat about courses?

  85. can any 1 help me out with this???

    i have applied for MIS in FSU but it says that it is Online distance learning…

  86. Hi ,

    Could you please tell me what would be a better option in terms of jobs – Masters in Supply Chain management or Industrial engineering.

    I have a bachelors in Mech eng and 1 1/2 years of exp in Supply chain mang.

  87. Hi HSB,
    I have got the acceptance from USC,Syracuse, NYUPOLY and Northeastern University. I have got 50% scholarship from Syracuse and 25% from NYUPOLY but not from USC.
    So I am confused which university should I select. Since I have to pick up a huge loan if I go for USC, otherwise as per rankings and other facilities USC is the one I prefer.
    Please guide meโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ.

      1. Thank you.

        I applied for MS in EE (VLSI).

        My GRE score was just 1110 but since I have good academics which I think helped a lot.

  88. if could please complete the microbiology graduate program. It will be lot of help for my applying to US for higher studies.

    thank you

  89. i would like to know about the universities providing health care management/administration/public health and there ranking.

  90. thanx for the info… i am waiting for Petroleum Engr. list. and can u plz guide me some universities who offer MS in Petroleum Engr and range in 1000-1100 GRE scores.

  91. thanks HSB

    for a very informative post.

    sir/madam, i am a prospective student for MS in MIS (in the US) and thus looking for pertinent rankings. Could you possibly upload the MIS rankings as well.


  92. There is no link from food science. I have got a GRE score of 1230(quant:750 and verbal:480) and toefl score of 99,but i wish to apply in PhD programs . Could please help me in finding some safe universities for me. I would really appreciate your help in this matter

  93. i would like to apply for master in petroleum engineering (upstream). can anyone help me with the rankings of universities which offer's this course

  94. I wish to apply to University of Maryland College University for MS in Technology mangement. Can anyone help me with the rankings for the same. Also which are other good universities to apply for the same course.

    1. google it, you may find some info about the problems faced for that university during your visa interview, it doesn't depend on what university you apply, all that matters is what you study, that's it. So be confident and everythings gonna be alright! adios

  95. hi,

    I'm heena.I want to do my masters in pharmaceutics or pharmaceutical science from usa.I gave toefl and gre exam in which i scored 92 and 970.i want to know that is there any chances for me getting the admission for these courses in any us universities for fall 2011.If there are chances then could you please suggest me the name of those universities.

    1. hai heena this is Rajarajan, me too going to apply for pharmaceutics only but for PhD yaar, select some good colleges like university of florida, arizona, southern california…

  96. hi,
    i'm ramya. i want to do my MS in US and would like to know the approximate expenses that would take place during the entire course (2 years). also would like like to know about the part time jobs.

  97. hai my name is chaitanya.I am planning to do my MS in US,but i don't know which subject i should pick up for studying.my background sub is computer science.please tell me all the subjects that are offered in doing MS,and more over please tell me about management engineering that kind of subjects too……thank you

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