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Don't Be a Dumb Decision Maker About Higher Education

A Crash Course on Decision making about Studying Abroad by Priyank Shrivastava in response to 3 Options After MS in USA – Job, Studies or Go Home.

Decision Making


Phew..This one has really heated up… I would rather say that one should not deviate from the decision one takes about higher education in a foreign land. I mean a single article shouldn’t really affect your goals and aspiration..And if it does, then you ain’t a decision maker at all..!!
Now for those, who think they are God in their own yard,,,You guyz have no business at all to say what’s right or what’s not.

The sole purpose of this wonderful blog is to project real picture of a world that every student dreams of, but hasn’t seen or experienced. It has some Pros and some cons. And people here are encouraged here to openly express their views.

So what’s the BIG Deal.. Why to be at war with it…

If you know so much about what’s right and what’s wrong about Education in USA, then you better open a Education counseling center, trust’ll make good bucks with it..thus you won’t need to go to US to earn good money..!!

Decision Making

Now to the point…. One single (or subsequent) post shouldn’t really change your decision… Planning for education abroad isn’t a thing that you plan one day before, or after hearing about Mr XYZ studying abroad.

It really demands a lot of introspection and logical thinking.

It’s a process that takes almost a year to materialize.

And if at the end of this process you read an article and then think of changing your opinion,,sounds crap to me.. Guyz…this is a life changing moment, You’ve got to back your decision..and to do so..

Studies in USA or Job in India?

You have to be clear on every front,,I specifically mean on the financial front…

Foreign education is not a rosy picture…At All…And for those who say that HSB promotes this…think again man,,there have been a lot of post on this forum, which duly discuss about the dis advantages of foreign education, specially in the US.

I for one, personally didn’t want to come to US for my MS.

I started reading this blog in august 2011. I should really thank HSB for such a wonderful initiative. This blog has really helped me in not coming to US for my MS…But I never complained, not did I write anything against anyone.

That’s because I’ve backed my decision. And I thank every bit of it to HSB for also highlighting the negatives of US education system.

For those who are curious to know where have landed up..Well I’ve got an admit from Ecole Poytechniqe – ParisTech. in France and also from Grenoble INP – France.

I’m sure only a few of you might’ve heard about the above said universities, but these universities are among the top in France and have extensive research going on in Smart Grids.

This Crazy Decision is Going To Change My Future

The point that I want to specify here is that different people have different opinion.

One should not gauge what is right or wrong based on the no of successful people who have an opinion.

If your opinion matches with others, it’s good for you..go ahead with your decision, and if it doesn’t, then back yourself to go with your opinion.. But please just don’t start changing your opinion after reading just one article.

Talk with your friends who have studied abroad,, they will tell you that life is very different there, from one in India.

You have to really prove yourself to get a job (I mean permanent job) there. You’ve got to back yourself.

Success or Failure depends upon how good you are dealing with circumstances. It depends upon how much amount of handwork you put in.
So if you have decided to go to XYZ country to study, back yourself and move ahead. there’s no room for confusion my friends..

As i say “World is a laboratory for an inquiring mind”.

Keep posting such articles . I’m a fan of yours. And thanks again for providing such a wonderful experience sharing forum, It has really helped me in pursuit of my MS education.

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  1. sir , i am a student of and persuing final year , i want to do m.s from abraod as in india the companies do not offer good salaries. i am just thinking that once i get my m.s and apply in good companies they would offer me a good salary as compared to india . now reading articles and people haerings i am confused that whether i should go abroad or not and would it be benificial for me there ?

    plz reply

  2. Dear HSB,
    I am an Engineer working in ISRO. I have a very much passionate for Research and would like to do my masters in some well reputed universities in US. I have got a very good Academic back ground and extra curricular records. But I came to know some news that people who have worked in ISRO and such fields are not given VISA for higher studies even if they resign . I was totally worried since it will destroy my dreams. I searched for details a lot in internet ,but couldnt get any credible information. I need an advice on this.. Please HSB, Please Help.
    Thank you HSB

  3. Whether u go to US, UK ,Canada or Germany, these countries not going to knock you door and give jobs offer letter to you. Your skill, knowledge, efforts, exposure and confident level only going to pay back to you. Instead of blaming this country is not good or bad!!! Find the country, which suit and opt to you. It is up to you to decide it. Do much research on this. Contact your friends or relative in those countries; get their feedback regarding the course and cost of living. Plan according to it, Please don’t rely on one person advice (even it is HSB). At least check with more than 10 ppl . Check the pros and cons of each and every thing. Take a firm decision. Please have a back up option for everything. Take risk!!! . I got admission for US, UK and Germany. But due to my personal issues, I planned to go Germany. But this doesn’t mean that US and Canada is not worth to do MS. Thousands of students applying each year to these countries. Do you think they are fools!! Please don’t justify, that US or Canada is bad to do MS. Each and every people have their own reasons to blame others because they are not belong to that.

  4. Dear HSB,
    I am an Engineer working in ISRO. I have a very much passionate for Research and would like to do my masters in some well reputed universities in US. I have got a very good Academic back ground and extra curricular records. But I came to know some news that people who have worked in ISRO and such fields are not given VISA for higher studies even if they resign . I was totally worried since it will destroy my dreams. I searched for details a lot in internet ,but couldnt get any credible information. I need an advice on this.. Please HSB, Please Help.
    Thank you HSB

  5. Thumbs Up to HSB for showing both sides of the coin. Happy School Blog is not complete without showing pros and cons. Now it is up to students to decide what their priorities are? HSB is trying to help us in showing whole process of applying for admission in US universities as well as what students may face after MS.

  6. hi every one
    I am planning to have my MBA in UK and I have got admission in Coventry university. I dont have any problem even in financial way, but many suggest me not to have my MBA in UK since we dont have any placement option. I have to confirm in next month. So any one can help me what to do. Is it better way of option to have my MBA since I am leaving my job and planning to fly out. Is UK is not good for placements . Plz solve this problem so I can decide what to do and what not to.

    1. Whats your goal in life ? why are you doing MBA in UK? After MBA, you will come back to India and try to find job. In UK I have seen Indian MBA students working at car wash, waiters to earn some money while studying. You are already working right? After MBA in UK and you come back to india, how much rise in your salary are you expecting? Do your research. If you think you will get huge salary in india – (forget working in UK, post study work visa is very difficult to get)go for it otherwise do MBA at a good institute in India.

  7. hello HSB!!!
    It would be really nice if you could post information that are useful to people who are leaving to other countries on studies..

    for example, shopping checklist, how many days prior are we supposed to be there, how to approach for RA or TA( very important) etc

    Looking forward for your reply!

  8. I really don’t know understand the gist of this post or why it is posted.
    Its just an opinion about a guy and his own personal experience.

    Yes, nobody makes a dumb decision about their higher education.
    People will never change their opinion with one post. Neither this post does that.

    What people actually look here is some tips and real scenario about the process behind higher education and living abroad.
    They just wanted an idea. People don’t make life-changing decisions going through a post or something.
    One post can never speak on the behalf of the foreign students as a whole.
    Each one has one different experience.. some good some are bad.
    Higher decision is always about one’s interest, financial support and one’s own life situation. Only,one himself knows if its worth the shot.

    For me,some posts seem scary and some seem inspiring. But ,what do I do?
    I calculate the pros and cons and start planning(considering my educational interest and money factor. I don’t really consider the guy who is failure or a hit.). While planning,I should pass all the steps involved(Preparing a test,taking one,Good scores,Application,Financial forms,I-20,Visa and so on). So,even while going through this phase one can really analyze him/herself how much they deserve it.

    (If not)No worries.It our life. Even if we lose,its good, at least we have tried.We shouldn’t make things a big deal. Just cut ’em slack.

    So,as a whole,I wanted to tell the person who wrote this post. There is no real thing that people change decisions based on a single post. People planning to go abroad, don’t really make a dumb decision.

    1. Ofcourse! Most people do their research before landing into some college or grad school in a foreign land. But the kind of heated discussions that were going on in this blog since the past few days was unnecessary. It didn’t seem like those were educated people discussing some pros and cons. Instead seemed liked if those people were in front of each other there would have been physical violence! I am sure the blogger didn’t have that in mind when he started discussions which urged people to discuss their views on education abroad. No offense but someone really needed to put an end to that. I am glad that this post has somewhat achieved that.

    2. @manasa: Yeahh..! you’re absolutely right. My post was in fact a comment in response to a guy who had posted like this ” 3 things to do after MS…”. While reading through that post, a lot of people wrote that..” I’m glad I’m not applying to US univ”. and some had even said..” I’m better off in India than in US.” My post was in response to them..
      I completely second you, that guyz tht people research a lot before going to a foreign land…But i see a lot of comments from people saying that ” We’re glad..we’re not going to US because Mr xyz disdn’t geta job there”… or I’m going to US because one of my cousin also went there and he got a good job.” and comments like that..
      Now how many people are really sure why do they want to go abroad. I think only a few.. and I believe you are one of the few, coz you have criticized this post. I was expecting someone would do that. Sp the point here is that people esp in India get influenced very easily. Without knowing much about what really do they want to do in their life ahead,, they just want to hit the tab of MS from Abroad..!!!
      I hope i didn’t offend anyone out here. It was just a comment to a post by someone on HSB.

      1. Uhh!!..nope.. its not offensive.
        I got my answer why you posted it…..
        Hope,I didn’t sound harsh ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. I totally agree with Manasa,
      I donโ€™t really consider the guy who is failure or a hit, While planning,I should pass all the steps involved(Preparing a test,taking one,Good scores,Application,Financial forms,I-20,Visa and so on). So,even while going through this phase one can really analyze him/herself how much they deserve it.

  9. USA is havin nothin 4 students persuing sum sort of degree ova derr…. its betta 2 land in germany, NZ etc rather den heading on2 US and UK…… they r changing laws 4 foreign students evry now n den whch seems 2 b more rigid wen compared wid nyotha nation…after all expenses do matter n cn be compensated conviniently in otha nations….!!

    1. Now how do you know that..???
      If USA doesn’t offer anything to anyone, Do you think thousand’s of students who go there every year are stupid, blind, dumb heads…
      Agreed, there visa process is becoming difficult and difficult…but accept it that way..
      How can changes in laws be related to education and standards..!!.. A country where no of foreign students equal the no the domestic students, is bound to do that..
      Imagine a similar situation in your native land…then would you justify it or not..!!
      And yes,,expenses do matter, but that being a reason for believing that US has nothing to offer is so gross… You can’t make a generalization based on that..!!
      Be careful with such comments..!!

  10. @HSB: good picture again. One has to pick the shoe which serves a purpose, not the best shoe which looks good.
    What I would say is,” One has to look at the shoe to make a run into the future, not the girl”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Yahan like aur dislike button kyun nahi hai ! Itni bakwaas karne se achha ek button dabao aur aage chalo !! Let us only post our experiences here and refrain from being statisticians or decision makers for others. Everyone got their opinions, career goals and desires and they will go with them anyway. For instance, I am a ISM Dhanbad passout, 2 years work experience, have 5 admits in my kitty but unfortunately no funding. Still, I believe in myself and inspite of all the negativity spread here, am willing to move ahead in life to pursue my ambitions. Even if I do not secure a H1 visa or a job in US or whatever, I can get a life post MS. I would be more qualified and would still be eligible for the income i am getting in hand at this time. There is nothing to be in frenzy about. I just wish to give myself a shot and it might provide me wonders or may not bear fruits. Atleast, I won’t regret I didn’t try.

    Best Wishes to all the aspirants. Hear yourself, not someone you don’t even know. Aren’t you learned enough?

    1. HSB doesnt have a like option
      otherwise iwould have liked ur comment..
      #follow ur dreams
      aim high to fly high ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. The really agree to the view points of HSB tht US MS degree is not worth it unless u do it from an ivy league university…Its been 6 months since I am in US doing my MS from university of Houston(EE). Coming to US has ben the worst nightmare of my life..There is no funding for international students. 1 out of 1000 companies sponsor international grads as the laws have been made more tough for us. almost every uni has raised its fees to 25% .So we, as student spend all our savings and put ourselves in to debts and in the end wat we r getting is nothing..Thats Bullshit ! We are the one swho are giving fuel to their economy and wat we r getting in return is nuthing except regret for the rest of our lives…I think its high time tht we should look for other options than US bcoz there is way too much on stake…I have some of my friends studying in Germany, Ireland and they are getting good education there too without spending much money…I think people will realise this very soon………….atleast I hope soo……

    1. I heard you have good funding at the University of Houston. You have a lot of campus jobs that give you instate funding etc. Is that not true?

      1. instate funding is out of question…even if they hire you .they will keep u fr 19 hrs … make u ineligible for instate….funding basically comes with phds…

  13. I started reading this blog from my second year in Engg. I loved it as there were lot of info regarding how to apply n such stuffs. When I was packing my bags to the US, I had printed the travel check list for men given in some earlier article in the blog, n took it around while shopping. Each post was more n more useful than the other. I had asked every junior of mine in college who approached me regarding gre to go to HSB as u can find every info. I loved it in short.
    Earlier too HSB has posted the real picture only, like that only a small % will get assistantships and so on. But now its moving more to an extreme. Telling that n telling, you are doomed if you dont get a job are different. N the way its said really irks me.
    Yea now you will come and comment, this is the truth, this is the actual picture etc.. do whatever you want, it’s ur blog. Just that if it was at this stage i saw this blog I wouldn’t have been a fan of it. I no more find it helpful to any aspirant. When we are 18 we want advice on how to live an 18 year olds life, not 90 year olds advice like ‘when u die you wont take anything so go to the himalayas n be a yogi’ – Hope you can relate. N i wont be following this blog

    1. Can you expand on this – But now its moving more to an extreme. Telling that n telling, you are doomed if you dont get a job are different. N the way its said really irks me.

      Its not clear.

      1. Like, now you will scare any new guy, say some one who is still doing his undergrad n just started to explore n weigh CAT, MAT, GRE, GMAT and checking which is the best. When i was in that stage this blog only motivated towards GRE and MS. Reading the recent articles will make such a fellow think this is too risky an option only. You can look in to the articles you used to write those days n now. Thy too did show both sides of the coin but were encouraging plus there were a hell lot useful info.
        May be, a few years before, it was jus the time u were just out of school or something and you could relate well to ppl who were in ur stage n who were still getting there.

        1. HSB personally don’t like the US anymore that is why he is writing all the cons of US education. But guys to earn an American dream you have to work hard it is not an easy walk. So no matter how strict the regulations become, if you are confident that you are here to succeed then don’t give a shit to what others say. All the best guys

          1. Yes Divin, its not a cake walk. Right from preparing for gre, registration, toefl, application, sending them, getting admitted,i20, preparing financial documents, mailing that this, immunization, interview, comming here itselfs a lot of effort. N the studies are not easy also :D(that was my lesson learnt ๐Ÿ˜€ I was a last minute learner in btech, n was a master at it !, it doesn work here). But each step at a time we will make it. Let not any negative comments discourage you. I agree with you, totally.

      2. i have a problem
        i can’t access the archives
        which are listed monthly
        when i click on those it just takes me to the home page
        please check this as i’m in the process of reading all articles and gathering the info i need

    2. Hey George,

      can you provide the link to the shopping checklist if possible. I am planning for this Fall 2012.


    3. hey george..
      You are right i must say…i mean i have sent my applications but reading these blog posts i AM having second thoughts like taking a job here in India….Its because I have funding for my First year only…i am just hoping to get some scholarships or RAs TAs…to support myself for second year….or a part time to atleast waive some cost….what do you suggest i do?

      1. Its good u have funding for the first year…I came with no funding, I printed out several copies of my resume and knocked many doors for GA and RA. I eventually got an RA. Now what i’d ve done is that i’d have checked the possibilty of an RA/GA/TA in that univ via the Indian Student Association or something. Like are there absolutely no asstnships or is there a chance. If its even slightly positive i’d have taken d admission. In the worst case think wetr u can somehow afford the second year’s fee.(if you don’t get an asstnship u’l be probly doing a non-thesis option n u can comfortably finish in 2yrs).
        Hope this helped. I’l be happy to help you with ny other info within my ltd experience

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